New Google Pixel 4 promo video leak confirms nifty astrophotography mode

The Pixel 3 series from Google is one of the best camera phones that you can buy for money. The latest leak, however, may confirm earlier rumors that the next generation of Pixel smartphones will surpass Google's flagships in 2018 on the front of the camera.

The Spanish website AndroidPro has discovered an official marketing video for Google Pixel 4, which shows a feature that no other smartphone could offer yet: the capture of the stars.

According to the video, Google has improved the performance of the camera system in low light conditions, which could give Pixel 4 an astrophotography mode.

The night vision mode of the pixel already captures images with shutter speeds between two and six seconds. Detecting the Milky Way, however, usually means that the shutter remains open for 10 to 20 seconds. If Google has improved the Night Sight algorithm to eliminate motion blurs at shutter speeds of half that time, that would be a great feat. Users can capture the night sky without a tripod.

Apart from the potential for night shots, the video adds nothing new to what we already know about the Pixel 4. It confirms the arrival of the Solos gesture control called Motion Sense, which allows users to skip songs or open different apps – although this feature is not available worldwide.

It also features the next-generation superfast Google Assistant we first met at Google I / O 2019. According to the technology giant, Assistant is now ten times faster than before and can execute commands in (near) real-time.

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The video seems to confirm this – if you're asked to view photos from Tokyo, but to narrow down the set by just displaying food pictures and then emailing them to a friend, the whole process seems to be just one episode simple voice commands.

We expect the Pixel 4 range to be available in October. So it will not be long before we can try the Google-style phone.

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