Mozilla now charges for “premium” Firefox support

As part of its efforts to further diversify its revenue streams, Mozilla launches a new premium service for enterprise customers using its open source Firefox browser.

The company's new service, called Firefox Premium Support, offers businesses a number of benefits, including the ability to file bugs privately, receive important security fixes with a service-level agreement, and contribute to the browser and roadmap for $ 10 or more future releases per user.

Users will also receive proactive notification about critical Firefox events, such as the recent introduction of DNS over HTTPS.

In addition to the paid version, Mozilla offers enterprise customers a free basic version of Premium Support, which allows them to publicly report bugs, access a self-service knowledge base, and get community support.

New sources of income

Mozilla currently earns a large part of its revenue from search agreements with Google and other search engines. However, the company is starting to explore other paid services such as Firefox Premium Support and the recently announced Firefox Private Network VPN product.

Firefox Private Network may not have the word VPN in its name, but the service provides many of the same features to Firefox users, including the ability to access a private network while connected to public WLAN, and to allow them to view their location Websites and hide ad trackers while you are online. The service is currently free, but Mozilla could offer a premium version for which users would have to pay.

Another way to explore non-search-related revenue options for Mozilla is to use Pocket, which was acquired in 2017. The service allows users to save Web items to a reading list, and the company is recommending content to Firefox users when they open a new tab.

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In recent months, Mozilla has attempted to position itself as a privacy-driven alternative to Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and other web browsers. Firefox Premium Support and Firefox Private Network could be the start of new paid services from Mozilla, as the company wants to increase its revenue beyond search agreements.

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