Moto E6 Plus Review

First impressions

The Moto E6 Plus is not the sexiest phone in the world, but, from what I’ve seen, it could be a solid option for parents looking for their child’s first handset or people a strict budget.

Key specifications

  • Price of the opinion: £ 99
  • HD + 6.1 inch display
  • 13 megapixel main rear camera, 2 megapixel depth
  • Built in 3000mAh battery
  • Octa-core processor
  • 2/4 GB of RAM
  • 32 / 64GB of storage

Moto E6 Plus is Motorola’s latest ultra-affordable phone. It has been unveiled alongside the mid-range Motorola One Zoom and aims to offer buyers with limited budget all the essential features they will need on a modern smartphone, but at a bargain price.

This may not appear the sexiest proposal, but after spending time with it, the Moto E6 Plus usually looks like a festival or a children’s phone. My only minor concern is that it has a pretty garish design.

Moto E6 Plus Award

The Moto E6 Plus is one of the cheapest smartphones on the market, starting at £ 100.

Moto E6 Plus release date

The Moto E6 Plus will be launched in September.

Moto E6 Plus Review 1

Moto E6 Plus specifications: most things work well, but turns have been reduced

For £ 100, you should not expect that a phone looks like a work of art. That’s why I was surprised at Motorola’s effort in designing the E6 Plus.

The phone has an incredibly bright plastic chassis, available in bright colors. These include blue, red, cranberry and graphite options. Even the graphite model that I tested gave me the impression of holding a disco ball by hand, reflecting the reflections of stray light. I was not a big fan of the finish, which turned out to be a stained and scuffed magnet, even during my brief intervention.

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That said, Motorola has done a decent job. The phone features a USB-C charger, a rear-facing fingerprint scanner, and a surprisingly discreet frame around its 6.1-inch screen that is only divided by a case front camera of dew drops.

At the back, I was also surprised to find that he has a dual camera. There is nothing special to say in the specs: it combines a 13-megapixel main sensor with a smaller two-megapixel depth camera, but at this price, it’s an unexpected and welcome luxury. I had only the chance to take some pictures in good weather, but the technology seemed sufficient to take basic portraits with a light bokeh, which would have been unheard of on a phone of this price there a few years.

Moto E6 Plus Review 2

I’m still a fan of Motorola’s smart software strategy of using original Android and avoiding double-bloatware applications. There are not many phones at this price with Android Android. A spokesperson can not confirm if the phone will be upgraded to Android Q, but a new installation should make things easier.

Under the hood, the fairs are also very good, but make the standard compromises that you will find on all smartphones at this price. The 3000mAh battery should be able to handle an average usage of a full day. The memory options of 2/4 GB and storage of 32/64 GB are quite equal for the course.

The only tradeoff is that the screen resolution is slightly duller than that of the average and that it uses a low-end MediaTek Helio P22 processor. The screen is forgivable, especially as during my opening tests, it seemed to have a solid maximum brightness, but the processor will be a problem for some users. This means that you will not be able to comfortably run demanding applications like the highest-end 3D games on the E6 Plus, but at this price, it’s not surprising.

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Moto E6 Plus Review 3

Moto E6 Plus – First verdict

The Moto E6 Plus is not the sexiest phone in the world, but, from what I’ve seen, it could be a solid option for parents looking for their child’s first handset or people a strict budget.

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