Microsoft showcases an AI solution for wellbeing of horses

When technology vendors try to solve consumer and business problems with artificial intelligence, Microsoft is one step ahead and has come up with a solution for horses.

Known as "Digital Horse," a joint venture between Microsoft and its partners to promote the well-being of horses and extend their lifespan.

Speak with Trustedreviews Middle EastSayed Hashish, General Manager of Microsoft UAE, said the project was part of efforts such as AI for Good, AI for Earth, and AI for Cultural Heritage to preserve and enrich cultural heritage around the world.

With machine learning, computer vision, advanced analytics, cognitive thinking, the Internet of Things, and augmented reality, the solution creates an ecosystem that can monitor animals around the clock – from health and nutrition to sleep and exercise.

Through these technologies, he said, "We will also be able to tackle the planet's greatest challenges around the world, manage the earth's resources, supply the oceans and our oceans, air quality and pollution, and deforestation the forests.

"We have many good examples of how we use artificial intelligence to protect wildlife. These include, for example, some of the projects that we are undertaking in Africa, the use of AI to combat animal poaching, and what we are now doing in Central Asia. Snow leopard is an endangered animal, "he said.

Use data to solve problems

Similarly, in this part of the world he said that the horse is part of the regional heritage and it is as powerful as it is.

It is a fragile animal and is easily injured, he said, especially in hot climates.

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Although the solution is being tested in other parts of the world, it is now being tested in UAE data centers.

Hashish said that sensors and cameras are mounted in the barn, apart from the sensors attached to the animal itself to collect data, and added that the data is stored in the back end of the Azure cloud to detect Whether the horse moves in the stable is combined with the right temperature.

"I'm sure we'll take the amount of data we receive to the next level once the solution has been successfully and extensively implemented to better understand how we can truly nurture it. I think it's a journey we start, "he said.

When asked if there were buyers for the AI ​​solution, he said that there are a lot of people who are interested but do not reveal the names.

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