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The Meater Block is a hub for a quartet of wireless meat probes. It does not need a smartphone to work, thanks to the integrated touch screen. However, this is not without frustration, especially with regard to unreliable connections via Wi-Fi and the difficulty in distinguishing the difference between the probes. Without these problems, the Meater Block would be an essential kitchen kit; in its current form, the Meater Block remains useful, guaranteeing perfectly cooked dishes every time.


  • Guided kitchen
  • Touch controls
  • Unlimited range via the cloud

The inconvenients

  • Micro-USB charger not included
  • Expensive
  • Probes may lose connection

Key specifications

  • Price of the opinion: $229
  • Requires 4 AA batteries
  • Integrated stand
  • 157 x 132 x 39mm

Temperature sensor users rarely come back to the kitchen only by intuition and the timer – once you have tasted the pleasure of a perfectly roasted chicken or tender meat, why would you regress? However, there is a problem with the probes: it is likely that you only have one, which means that only one person will receive this perfectly cooked mid-rare steak.

That’s probably why Wireless probe thermometer is now available as a Meater Block. Its four probes are monitored via a thick wooden pedestal that alerts you when the dishes are done. You do not have to take your smartphone or tablet to the kitchen or look at the oven like a hawk.

Meater Block Design – The built-in screen avoids carrying your tablet or phone in the kitchen, but it has not yet reached perfection

Meater Block Review 1

The block allows you to configure and control your probes without a smartphone

On paper, the idea of ​​Meater Block is fantastic: not only does it store and charge four wireless thermometers, but it also includes an OLED touch screen that you use to set up and monitor each one. It displays the temperature of each, indicating that your meat has reached the point where it is ready to come out of the dish or oven. Unfortunately, in this standalone mode – without connecting it via a Wi-Fi network to a device and the Meater app – some things have dropped.

Meater Block Review 2

Once you have inserted the probes, it can be hard to remember which one is the one that

The first is that each Meater probe looks the same. It may be difficult to remember values ​​1, 2, 3 or 4 when they are all used simultaneously. I put two in a pair of steaks that I cooked and, although I put them under different angles to try to differentiate them, by the time the steaks had been flipped over several times, I thought. I had forgotten what steak was supposed to be average and that a rare way.

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As such, when Meater Block declared that it was time to remove one from the set, it was only riddles. Both steaks had a fairly similar appearance to the interior (and reached temperatures of 54 ° C and 55 ° C before starting to cool).

This confusion leads us to wonder why manufacturers have not opted for different colors at each end, or at least a numbering engraved on each probe. Moreover, when sitting in the block itself, it is difficult to know if Probe 1 is the first one on the left or right. There must also be a built-in speaker to alert when a probe wants you to finish cooking, but the unit being checked has been silent all this time.

Another problem is to charge the probes with four AA batteries, despite the existence of a micro-USB port (note that no cable is provided to use it). Although batteries provide up to 50 hours of continuous cooking at the probes, it is a missed opportunity to minimize losses and problems.

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The probes are loaded via AA batteries, which is a missed opportunity

Meater Block Features – Planning to cook longer or barbecue? Getting and maintaining a wireless connection can be a challenge

The Meater Block standalone mode is ideal for those who do not have a smartphone or for people who do not like to erase the fat from the screen. However, to get the most out of Block, it is essential to connect to the app via Wi-Fi. It opens up a whole world of cooks assisted and sharing online, as well as tips for inserting probes and facilitates the monitoring of the probes. It will even be connected to Alexa via the Meater Cloud and will give you an infinite reach; theoretically, you could jump next to it without worrying about burning the roast.

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However, in practice, this is more difficult to achieve. I found that the Meater Block connection to my home Wi-Fi network was taking several attempts in 20 minutes, which ultimately required me to park right next to my router.

Once operational, I used one of the probes to roast a chicken, the Meater Block being located one meter from the oven and the router in an adjacent room. This should have been an appropriate configuration, as the probe can be moved away from the Meater block up to 10m and the Wi-Fi probe up to 32m away.

Several problems arose: in addition to the frequent disconnections during roasting, the application was never fixed on the remaining cooking time. It meant I did not know how long the chicken would cook. No rest time was planned either. Meater Block also continued to fall asleep and disconnect the probe.

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Should I buy Meater Block?

Although there are still problems with the functionality of the Meater Block, its operation is undeniably practical. Not only does it help you cook to perfection, but its four wireless probes also lend themselves to a multi-meat barbecue, where irregular temperatures could lead to charred or unhealthy foods.

Another advantage is that it is compact enough to fit in a kitchen drawer, but is just as elegant on the worktop. For existing Meater fans, it should be very versatile from a solo probe once the changes are made.

Unfortunately, in its current state, it is not reliable enough for novice cooks, who would be better with the original Wireless probe thermometer which connects directly to the application.

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Meater Block Review
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Although there are still problems with the functionality of the Meater Block, its operation is undeniably practical. Not only does it help you cook to perfection, but its four wireless probes also lend themselves to a multi-meat barbecue, where irregular temperatures could lead to charred or unhealthy foods.

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