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Although the Pacum can not compete with the compressive power of a vacuum cleaner when using vacuum bags, it still achieves enough compression so that your clothes take up less space, so that you can fit more in your suitcase. We were less impressed by inflation, finding it too slow to cope with larger inflatables. Even in this case, if you want to make your luggage cleaner, it’s a great traveling companion.


  • Very small
  • Can operate from a powerbank
  • Decent compression ratio

The inconvenients

  • Pretty slow
  • Not ideal for inflation

Key specifications

  • Price of examination: £ 39
  • Modes of inflation and deflation
  • Ball needle, two accessories for air bag and vacuum bag

If you still have to sit on your suitcase to close it, then the Pacum might interest you. This travel pump can be powered by a USB port or a power bank. It is designed to work with vacuum bags, but it can also inflate.

Its small size and range of accessories make it an interesting product, but the Pacum can be slow, and it is not ideal for large tires.

The Pacum is tiny and has all the attachments you need

Measuring 87 x 46 x 48 mm, the Pacum is small enough to fit in a suitcase without taking up too much space. Since it’s a device designed to help you save space, it’s a good thing. With this model, there is no battery, so you can throw it in your suitcase without fear of running away.

The Pacum comes with a flexible travel pouch, large enough to hold the suction pump, powered by the USB-USB-C cable, and its accessories: a needle to inflate the balls, two adapters for inflatable tires and the accessory suction system designed to be placed on the suction bags.

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It’s great to have so many accessories, as it makes the Pacum ready to handle almost any job. You even get a single vacuum bag in the box.

Pacum Hero

The Pacum has all the accessories you need for most jobs

The Pacum is quite slow but its compression is enough to save space.

Powered via USB, the Pacum can work from a USB charger plugged into a wall outlet or into a power bank that you take with you. Once powered, you have a choice of two suction modes: Eco and Super. This seems useless: with a product like this, I want an ideal mode for the work to be done.

To test, I placed a cushion in a vacuum bag 85 mm deep. With the help of a proper vacuum cleaner, the bag was decompressed in less than 20 seconds, the cushion only measuring 20 mm deep.

With the Pacum in Super mode, the result was much slower. At the end of 4 min 10 s, there was more air extracted from the bag of the vacuum cleaner and the pillow had a depth of 30 mm. It’s worse than what I get from the vacuum, but the compression is good enough to make the difference, which saves space in your suitcase.

Compression test: Before delation (left) and after inflation (right) – move the cursor to compare

MasterSpace Pacum Review 1

The Pacum is slow to inflate, so not ideal for large tires

The Pacum also has a mode of inflation. Using one of the adapters to tackle a large unicorn float, the Pacum took 30 minutes to inflate, stopping automatically several times throughout the process. With the help of a standard £ 5 manual pump, the same tire can be pumped in minutes.

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As such, the Pacum may be useful for inflating bullets with the needle, but I would not mind using it for inflatables. In most cases, your tires are small enough to explode with your mouth or you need a more powerful pump to fight the bigger ones.

Inflatable Pacum

Although it could swell, we found the Pacum slow for large tires

Should I buy the Pacum?

The closest competition is the Atmos pump, powered by battery. However, I found that the Atmos does not reach the same level of compression as the Pacum and battery means you can not put the Atmos in your checked baggage.

The Pacum is a more orderly product: it can be stored in your checked bag, can run from a power bank if you need wearable energy, and it has provided a level of compression higher than my tests.

If you travel a lot and want to pack things in your suitcase, it’s a decent way to save space at home and when packing at the end of your vacation. Do not be too excited about the inflation mode, I found it too slow for practical use.

MasterSpace Pacum Review
MasterSpace Pacum Review 2

Verdict Although the Pacum can not compete with the compressive power of a vacuum cleaner when using vacuum bags, it still achieves enough compression so t

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