Mark Zuckerberg says cloud computing is too expensive

During a recent discussion on bio-sequencing, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg asked why cloud computing costs have become so expensive.

He specifically called Amazon's cloud computing service, AWS, and suggested it would be a good idea to call Jeff Bezos to discuss the problem further.

As early as 2015, Zuckerberg and his wife Pricilla Chan founded the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) with the aim of promoting technology research in health, social affairs and science.

During a live chat on YouTube moderated by Zuckerberg, the two Presidents of the Research Center, Dr. med. Joseph DeRisi and dr. Stephen Quake notes that scientific progress is often hindered by the high cost of cloud computing services.

Zuckerberg explained that CZI's high AWS bill is frequently discussed at its meetings:

"Our bioboard meetings, among other things, are about the cost of the calculation, and our AWS calculation, for example, is one of the specifics. Call and talk to Jeff, interesting, the bottleneck on progress in medical research At this time, much of the cost of the computer and the data is responsible, not just for the wet labs or how long it takes to perform experiments. "

Medical research

The CZI receives billions from Facebook, but Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, makes an important contribution to the research center.

But other organizations and research laboratories around the world are not so happy when it comes to investment, and Dr. Quake explained that the high cost of cloud computing services is often an obstacle that many can not overcome.

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"This is no more obvious than in developing countries or low-income resources, and the cost of sequencing and lab work is so high that you can do it almost anywhere in the world – it has become so cheap." To be able to analyze this data, they are unfortunately not available to the vast majority of those who do so. In most cases you will navigate to one of these low-income resource settings, but you will have a sequencer collecting dust because you can not count on it. Even if they can access the cloud, they can not afford it. "

At some point, governments may have to convince cloud providers to reduce their costs if medical and research advances continue to be life-saving.

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