LG’s new 140-inch 4K laser projector is actually cheaper than its OLED TVs

For people who want the largest screen for the least amount of money, HD projectors have always been a cost effective solution – they offer plenty of screen space for little money.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to 4K projectors, who until recently have cost significantly more than their TV counterparts.

With the new 4K HDR projector from LG, which costs less than its 65-inch OLED TV, LG can change that.

The new projector – the LG HU70LA – promises a picture of up to 140 inches plus HDR support, WebOS 4.5 and TruMotion, LG motion control technology, for $ 1,799 (about 1,440 GBP, 2,600 AU $).

To put that figure in perspective, LG's new 65-inch C9 OLED costs $ 2,499 (£ 2,799, $ 5,589), which means the HU70LA 75-inches more screen for around $ 700 -Dollar offers less.

The downside is that the projector only makes about 1,500 lumens (about 400 nits of brightness if you compare it to a TV) and takes up a bit of space to reach this maximum screen size. If you want an ultra-short throw projector and higher brightness, you will need to upgrade to the new projector LG HU85LA that sells for $ 6,000 (around £ 4,860, AU $ 8,750).

How does a 4K projector behave to a 4K TV?

Both display technologies have advantages and disadvantages. The most obvious advantage, however, is that televisions tend to be brighter and more contrasty, while projectors offer a larger screen size.

Without seeing the LG HU70LA next to the LG C9 OLED, it is difficult to compare the two. Due to the technical data, however, it is very likely that the above applies also here.

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What makes this news exciting, though, is that we finally compare apples to apples in terms of price and performance. Before we could only compare 4K TVs with projectors that would cost two to three times as much, or 4K TVs with HD projectors. We have now reached a point where we can compare a 4K projector with a 4K TV.

When will we know how close the two home entertainment products come together? According to LG's website, the projector is coming soon, so we do not have to wait long.

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