LG G8X ThinQ Review

First impressions

If the dual-screen accessory has attracted you to the LG V50, you should definitely consider this model instead. It solves many problems related to the first generation unit and pleads much more in favor of the existence of the product.

According to rumors, LG would reveal the V60 to IFA but instead we have the LG G8X ThinQ, a kind of V50 and G8 mashup.

LG’s phone entries in 2019 were slightly disappointing as the G8 and V50 opted for whimsical features rather than focusing on the basics. The LG G8X is the company’s attempt to fix the wrongs while challenging the Galaxy S10, iPhone 11 and OnePlus 7T.

Dual Screen – A pseudo-foldable which is both a novelty and a utility

The most obvious upgrade from the V50 is the enhanced dual-screen display. This video screen seemed to be an attempt by LG to quickly bring a collapsible competitor to Samsung and Huawei. This second-generation unit solves many of the problems we had with its predecessor.

The first dual-screen add-on had a different aspect ratio, resolution and even screen type than the phone. This has had the effect of making it look more like a shady third-party accessory than an official phone part.

Fortunately, with the G8X, LG has solved these problems. Here, the dual-screen corresponds to the phone’s 6.4-inch quad-HD + OLED screen (including the dew-shaped notch, which seems to have no activity on the phone). Secondary screen). The hinge, too, now works more like a laptop with the ability to stop at any angle.

LG G8X ThinQ Review 1

Double light? The G8X comes in two 6.4-inch quad-HD + OLED displays

Another welcome improvement is the addition of an additional screen to the outside of the secondary panel. Now you can see the time and all notification alerts without deploying the phone.

Of course, the dual screen should not be anything other than a novelty without a decent software integration – and LG certainly has many tips built into the G8X. You can use the second screen as a dedicated controller when you play. a mirror when you take pictures; or as an extension of the multitasking skills of the phone.

LG has even added a new browser, Whale, specifically designed for the dual screen. Overall, this second release seems much more refined than the first.

The game is a good example of how this second generation dual screen is more complete than before. For example, the new hinge allows you to control the angle of the fold, which turns out to be much more comfortable. In addition, the updated screen quality means that you do not experience any strange color change when you switch from one panel to the other.

Nevertheless, these improvements are not enough to prevent the addition from continuing to feel gimmicky. With the dual screen connected, the phone is thick and heavy, and the operation seems difficult. Dual screen is not a transparent solution; Instead, it looks more like Game Boy owners who had to turn on extra light to use this device in the dark.

Design and specifications – The LG G8X looks like an LG phone, with some modern benefits

The G8X is distinctly an LG phone. It’s very similar to the G8 with its rounded sides, but its style is short. It’s functional, not too big – and it lacks the delicate finish of the Galaxy Note 10. In fact, I could imagine giving up on it, picking it up, and finding it hardly.

The notch on the display has been reduced and there is now a fingerprint sensor below the screen. It retains the IP68 rating and continues the trend of the V-Series to offer robustness to military standards.

LG G8X ThinQ Review 2

The G8X is distinctly an LG phone.

Inside is a Snapdragon 855 (not the newest, the 855+), along with 8GB of RAM and 256GB expandable storage via microSD. A 4000mAh battery is also present. The LG G8X is one of the few phones to offer support for Quick Charge 4. Wireless charging is also included.

Basically, that’s what you expect from a flagship phone 2019.

Software – LG UX 9.0 Performs Essential Visual Upgrades

LG’s Android skin has long been one of the least attractive on the market. Although Samsung, Sony and – to a certain extent – Huawei devices have all undergone substantial changes in recent years, LG’s UX has remained largely consistent.

Hope this changes here with UX 9.0. Although I could not see much of what makes it different, LG representatives noted that the software now offers much bolder fonts, the popular black night mode and default apps designed to be used easily while holding the phone in one hand.

Camera – Modes galore

On the back of the LG G8X you’ll find a camera duo. A 12 megapixel main unit with OIS adds to a 13 megapixel ultra-wide angle secondary sensor. On the front you will find a 32 megapixel sensor. Although there is nothing particularly innovative or new in this configuration, LG has added many features to the software.

The weirdest of all – and this sounds odd given that LG representatives were keen to point out that it’s a phone that avoids unnecessary gadgets – is an ASMR mode. This will focus the microphones on specific sounds when recording, which will increase the volume during the most thrilling moments.

You also have AI Shooting to reduce the number of photos when the eyes are closed and Steady Cam to reduce the shake. 4K timelapse is here too, as is the usual range of customizable Bokeh modes.

LG G8X ThinQ dual screen – early verdict

If the dual-screen accessory has attracted you to the LG V50, you should definitely consider this model instead. It solves many problems related to the first generation unit and pleads much more in favor of the existence of the product.

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