Kindle Oasis Review (2019, new version)


Even if the Kindle Oasis (2019) is an absolutely fantastic device, it remains difficult to sell for anyone except the most ardent fans of e-book readers. The upgrade is definitely not worth it if you have the previous model.

With the Paperwhite offering many of the same features for almost half the price, and even the Kindle at £ 69.99 packing a front-facing display, you really need a slightly larger screen and a warm light.


  • Big and clean screen
  • The page change buttons are great
  • The new setting of the “heat” display is pleasing to the eyes

The inconvenients

  • With the Paperwhite being so good, the Oasis is a difficult sell
  • The lack of USB-C is annoying
  • Minimum updates of the previous model

Key specifications

  • Price of the opinion: $249.99
  • 300 ppi 7 inch screen
  • Raincoat
  • 6 weeks battery life
  • Physical page change buttons
  • Audible integration
  • Warm light

What is Kindle Oasis (2019)?

The latest version of Amazon on the Kindle Oasis offers a minor upgrade to the 2017 model. It features the same stalled design, physical buttons for browsing pages, as well as a large e-ink screen of 7 inches.

The only real upgrade takes the form of a “heat” setting for the display, which gives the panel an orange hue. This makes the panel more comfortable for the eyes if you read the night.

The Oasis remains an excellent electronic reader, but with the Paperwhite Now featuring many of its best features (flat display, water resistance, and audio support), the former is hard to sell. Especially at the starting price of £ 229.

Design – The Kindle Oasis (2019) is a decent material that is fun to use

The Kindle Oasis (2019) is visually identical to the outgoing model. It retains the corner design, in which the internal elements sit, with an extra-thin body and a screen that is placed further to the side.

You will find two page change buttons on the side of the device (both reagent and clickable), as well as a power button at the top. My only problem with the Paperwhite is the lack of physical pimples; I much prefer having a touch press to browse the pages above the touch of a screen.

The Kindle Oasis (2019) looks like a device designed to be used with one hand because it includes a defined area from which you should hold the device. Hold it with the thumb positioned on the top page turning knob and your fingers will naturally land in a smooth groove at the back of the device. There are no other electronic readers that seem to have been designed with the idea of ​​the Oasis, making it a really high-end device in your hands.

Kindle Oasis 2019 at the back

The back makes it easy to hold

If you prefer to hold the device with both hands, I suggest you take a suitcase, because without it, the Oasis can seem a little sharp on the edges and slightly unbalanced. Fortunately, even with the aluminum body, it is a very light device; I could read comfortably for a few hours without feeling the tension.

The seal was introduced for the first time in the Kindle range of the 2017 version of the Oasis and made this device almost as high as its price. Since then, the Paperwhite has obtained the same IPX8 rating, which means that there is more reason to pay for the feature. The IPX8 classification remains the same here, which means that it will happily survive being submerged in 2 meters of water (the Amazon called “fresh water”) for an hour.

Screen – The best screen on any electronic player, now with an adjustable heat level

At 7 inches, the Kindle Oasis has the largest screen of all Kindle readers. However, it can not quite match the Kobo Forma, which comes with a huge 8-inch panel.

It could be generously sized then, but it’s not as well large; it just feels a little more spacious than the Paperwhite. Because the text is less cluttered, you can see more on a page without reducing the font size. Although it does not make a huge difference, it’s still noticeable.

The most important and truly unique update of this new Kindle Oasis is the addition of warm light and standard 25 LED front lighting. While the front lighting makes the E Ink screen brighter, the warm light adds a variable orange hue. We’ve seen it in Kobo drives, and it’s common on phones, but it’s the first time such a feature has been built into a Kindle.

It’s also a good idea, a feature that makes the camera a lot more comfortable for reading at night. Amber tones are easier for the eyes. To be perfectly honest, I found that I preferred to keep the camera on this setting at all times because it results in a more enjoyable overall experience.

Kindle Oasis 2019 House 2

The screen is big and net

If you prefer to switch to the warm light only at a specific time, Amazon has developed a convenient planning tool that can gradually change the color from sunrise to sunset or from a specific time.

The new Oasis’s 25 LED front lighting system (compared to Paperwhite’s six) is the best on the market. It is evenly distributed throughout the display, with no areas lighter (or darker) than others, and offers a superb range of brightness levels for all environments. There is also an automatic brightness option that automatically changes the levels. It works well, but it’s a lot slower than you would expect from an automatic brightness on a phone, for example. I often found myself reaching the manual slider before it went into gear.

Software and features – The best library of the moment, Audible Integration and very little news

Amazon makes sure that all of its readers are at the same level when it comes to software. Whether you choose the old Oasis, the Paperwhite or the new Oasis (2019), you will have a very similar software experience. Aside from planning the warm light, there is nothing specific to the new model in the software.

For a long time, Kindle devices did not offer support for audio books, but since Amazon is all-in with its Audible service, this is no longer the case. If you have Audible books in your library, these will be combined with your Kindle books. If you have both versions, you can easily switch between listening and playing.

It should be noted that there are no speakers on board, however, nor headphone jack. As such, you will need to match Wireless Headset or a Bluetooth speaker with the device. This is a slight flaw, but at least the option exists.

The Oasis base includes 8GB of storage, which is great for books. However, if you plan to store many long audio books (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix weigh nearly 1GB, for example), the 32GB model would suit you better.

For those who have more money to spend, there is also a 4G connected model. This provides a “free” data connection wherever you have a signal. However, you can only download books via this method, not audio books, which will significantly affect battery life. This is a practical supplement, ideal if you are traveling frequently to areas where you do not always have access to Wi-Fi.

Kindle Oasis 2019 search

The Amazon Kindle store is awesome

Of course, the excellent bookstore is the main reason why Kindle devices remain the best electronic readers. You get not only the usual range of new releases, but also extras such as cheaper Kindle Singles, access to Kindle Unlimited subscription and free books if you are an Amazon Prime member.

For such a luxurious product, it would have been nice for Amazon to offer you a free Kindle Unlimited free pass, especially when you pay a lot for this reader. The complete Audible library is available here, too.

Battery Life – What You Expect From a Kindle

Judging the battery of a Kindle is more difficult than a phone, tablet or laptop. Amazon declares six weeks of juice per charge on its site if you read 30 minutes a day. However, read on longer, the battery will run out much faster.

During the review period, I read about two hours a day, which used up about 5% of the battery each day. It’s decent endurance. If you go on vacation for two weeks, the Kindle Oasis (2019) will probably let you through this period if you forget the charger.

In my review of the previous generation of the Kindle Oasis, I stated the following: “Amazon has also opted for micro-USB, rather than switching to the more common USB C. This is not surprising, however: Amazon has not converted to USB-C yet with any of its products. Nevertheless, for a product that should not be updated for a few years, it is disappointing. “

Two years later, Amazon is still using the old USB generation for its flagship player – and it’s a bit painful. Maybe next time?

Should I buy Kindle Oasis (2019)?

Even if the Kindle Oasis (2019) is an absolutely fantastic device, it remains difficult to sell for anyone except the most ardent fans of e-book readers. The upgrade is definitely not worth it if you have the previous model.

With the Paperwhite offering many of the same features for almost half the price, and even the £ 69.99 Light up With a screen illuminated at the front, you really need a slightly larger screen and a warm light.

If you have money, however, and want to use the best electronic reader, you will not be disappointed.


Superb display, superb design and all the usual benefits of Kindle. It’s just very expensive.

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