Karcher WD 4 Review


The exceptionally low price marks the beginning of the good news for the Karcher WD 4. Thanks to its powerful engine and its easy passage from dry mode to wet mode, the WD 4 can easily handle any type of spill. In our tests, it was designed to deal with wet spills and do-it-yourself dust, as well as our standard tests for hard floors and carpets. If you are looking for a versatile vacuum cleaner for a variety of jobs, this model is for you.


  • Easy to move and transport
  • Results of carpet and animal hair
  • Excellent catch of water
  • No filter changeover between wet / dry
  • Use with or without bag (dry)

The inconvenients

  • The power cable could be longer

Key specifications

  • Price of the opinion: $115.10
  • Same wet and dry filter
  • Moist / dry floor nozzles
  • Filter bag made of fleece
  • 5m of power cable
  • Capacity of the 20 liter container
  • Rift tool
  • 1000 watt motor
  • 7.6 kg of weight

What is the Karcher WD 4?

Using the same filter for dry cleaning and dry cleaning, the Karcher WD 4 is a versatile cleaning tool. The neat design includes brackets that allow easy storage of accessories in the back of the body. Its powerful 1000 W motor ensures extremely powerful suction. It’s perfect for cleaning up dust, splash, sawdust and even light rubble.

The Karcher sucks up ordinary garbage like crumbs and animal hair as a chef. Becoming more of a handyman, he immediately removed wood chips and shavings, plaster rubble and brick dust. The wet pickup was flawless, the 20-liter bin being very handy, and with a price of £ 129.99, it’s a great buy.

Karcher WD 4 – What you need to know

  • Cleaning power on dry ground: He slid on carpets, rugs, parquet and tiles, easily vacuuming all visible debris. Super powerful sucking left nothing at all.
  • Wet cleaning power: The Karcher has sucked up a generous amount of water in seconds and the large bin makes it ideal for large spills and drainage.
  • Edge cleaning: Almost enough, all the test powder was cleaned with a little residue at the bottom of the cracks of the parquet.
  • Good enough for the workshop ?: Absolutely, the Karcher did a great job cleaning a half-rebuilt kitchen. Even when sucking big pieces of wood.
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Smooth running wheels and excellent suction make the Karcher WD 4 efficient and easy to use

Karcher WD 4 Review 1

Resembling one of the wicked Minions, the Karcher WD 4 is a soft, wet, bright yellow vacuum cleaner. It comes with four wheels that slide easily into the bottom of the machine and has a smooth on / off switch at the front. The cable measured just under 5m, however, so do not expect to roll the WD 4 throughout the house without exchanging the plugs.

Karcher WD 4 Review 2

Unusually, the WD 4 washable filter stays in place for dry vacuuming and wet cleaning. Ironically, Karcher made the filter super easy to remove. You simply release the filter and remove it from the robot. Switching between dry cleaning and wet cleaning is as easy as removing the fleece dust bag. You can still use the cleaner for dry use: without a bag in place, dust, dirt and even wet debris simply accumulate in the large 20 liter bin. To empty the trash, release the sturdy fasteners on each side and lift the engine block.

Karcher WD 4 Review 3

The box contains a single non woven fabric filter bag that must be vacuumed for light dusts and daily soiling around the house. The bag is super easy to slip on and off once the engine is removed. The new bags will cost you about £ 14 for a pack of four, but they are really huge. The bag also facilitates filtration. So, if you use the WD4 for dry cleaning without the bag, the filter will have to be cleaned much faster.

Karcher WD 4 Review 4

The suction hose is flexible and measures 2.2 m long. There are two plastic extension tubes that simply snap together and the main floor head has two removable attachments; rubber blades for wet pickup and fixing brushes for dry cleaning. Everything fits perfectly and there is also a practical tool for cracks in tight bends and hard-to-reach places.

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Karcher WD 4 offers an onboard tool storage, excellent construction and a powerful but not silent engine

Unlike many of its wet and dry competitors, all accessories can be stored on the machine itself. Moldings surround the base for the tubes, the crevice tool, the floor head and the handle, the hose wrapping around the body being secured by a hook clip. The same clip also serves as a support for hanging the wrapped cable. It is not very easy to organize everything properly, but a little practice and you have all this in a transportable and easy to store.

Karcher WD 4 Review 5

Around the house and garage, the WD 4 rolls easily on flat surfaces, reacting well to towing the pipe without risk of tipping over. Karcher’s usual sturdy build quality is bristling and towed into doors and obstacles has left no trace. Once in place, all accessories remain where they are placed and the unit is easy to carry with its top handle, despite the weight of its machine and its tools up to 8 kg.

Karcher WD 4 Review 6

The 1000W motor far exceeds the 800W limit for pure dry vacuum cleaners, and the WD 4 transforms all that power into suction power and noise. Our sound level meter has tipped to an average noise level of 83 dB, which is the sound of the road but is not unusual for a wet or dry industrial cleaner.

Wet or dry, dust, dirt and rubble, the performance of the Karcher WD 4 never fails to impress

After recently testing almost a dozen wet and dry cleaning products, the Karcher WD 4 has stood out in carpet, hard floors and wet cleaning. The floor head is a pretty basic design but orients well and concentrates the suction in a narrow slit. The powerful engine provides good suction pressure and fast airflow, which has helped to pick up just about anything in the hose.

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For carpet cleaning in general, the WD 4 was better than most cylinder-style vacuum cleaners we tested, with the exception of those whose rotating bars rotate in the head of the floor. The pickup at the bottom of the pile of carpet was excellent and the cleaning cleans quite close to the edge of the skating.

Karcher WD 4 Review 7

Shred heavy debris and the Karcher cleans easily behind our builder, with no problem with wood chips, brick rubble and drywall. Moving from the floor head to the rubber blades, the recovery of wet spills is equally impressive, even when the surface is heavily textured, like shredded tiles. The pooled or stored water lift was ideal, allowing you to empty small containers of fluid very quickly. Bagless, emptying is as easy as removing the engine and spilling wet or dry debris.

Karcher WD 4 Review 8

Should I buy Karcher WD 4?

The WD 4 is an exceptional dry and wet cleaner, offering excellent suction, well-designed tools and a very efficient recovery of dry and wet debris. The large capacity bin is convenient, and the filter bags are immensely large and install quickly for dry vacuuming work. Not having to change the filter between wet cleaning and dry cleaning is a real bonus and the storage of embedded tools gets a double boost from us. Factor in the asking price very reasonable and the WD 4 looks like a good deal of cleaning, whether wet or dry.

Karcher WD 4 Review
Karcher WD 4 Review 9

Factor in the asking price very reasonable and the Karcher WD 4 looks like a good deal of cleaning, whether wet or dry. Not having to change the filter between wet cleaning and dry cleaning is a real bonus and the storage of embedded tools gets a double boost from us.

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