IT industry faces three challenges due to emerging technologies: IBM

IBM's regional director said that the IT industry faces three challenges, and some might call it an opportunity, but it does not matter if it exists or not.

Hossam Seif El-Din, Vice President for IBM Middle East and Africa, said at the IBM Think Summit in Dubai, firstly, technology itself is progressing at a much faster pace than ever, and not just the speed of new technology adoption, but also the complexity and the number.

"We hear every cloud, blockchain and AI meeting. We hear about quantum computers. Which, when, where and how and how to connect them for the maximum benefit. It's a question that needs to be addressed, "he said.

Apart from that, he added that 5G will come for businesses and that will bring many opportunities as data and computers are brought to the edge of the network called edge computing.

The second challenge is consumer behavior and customers would appreciate the technology.

"We see technology as a trailblazer and accept it. Businesses are feeling the heat of integrating this movement – by adding AI to different processes they have – and ensuring that they change culture to change behavior. Consumers want to be served around the clock. They want to enjoy intimacy, "he said.

Businesses need to change their corporate culture and processes, systems and applications to align with their customers, he said. However, this would not be an easy task and they would have to do this continuously.

skills gap

The third challenge is the skills gap, El-Din said.

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"When you think about how to bring the technologies together for your customers, this is not an easy task. You need a lot of people, developers, architects, business administrators and data scientists and the list can go on and on.

"The big question is where to find them, and even if you find them, you have to activate, train, and keep them continuously. It's a challenge every company faces today to cope with the technology, "he said.

All of this puts pressure on every organization, he said. How do I prepare myself?

"I believe that an open strategy, thinking outside the box, agility and speed will solve part of the problem, but you need a strong partner," he said.

El-Din claims that IBM can handle the three challenges and has invested massively in all technologies such as AI, hybrid cloud and quantum computing, adding that the company has enough use cases to link the boxes to the maximum Take advantage of them to draw different technologies.

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