Is Apple Watch 5 the ultimate smartwatch?


The best smartwatch. Apple’s notebook continues to be one of the brand’s best products and an increasingly useful accessory.


  • The permanent display makes you feel more like a “good watch”
  • All previous straps still work
  • Great to make you want to move and be active

The inconvenients

  • No major improvement in battery life
  • No support for Android users

Key specifications

  • Price: $
  • OLED LTPO display with permanent capacity
  • WatchOS 6
  • 18 hours of autonomy
  • Sizes 44mm and 40mm
  • ECG, GRH and GPS

What is the Apple Watch 5?

The Apple Watch 5 (or 5 Series) is the best smart watch on the market – if you are an iPhone user.

Although this year’s upgrades are minimal on paper, adding a screen to display the time, whether you’re watching the watch or not, should make many people happy.

Combine this updated display with already excellent fitness tracking features, stylish design and a large number of straps options. You will have an iPhone 11 accessory really tempting.

Apple Watch 5 Screen and Design – Finally, the Apple Watch does not look like a computer on the wrist

The Apple Watch 5 Series may not be rich in improvements over its excellent predecessor. However, the big novelty is something I ask since the very first time I’ve attached an Apple Watch to my wrist: a permanent display.

Previously, every time you took away your direct view of the Apple Watch, it replaced the watch face with a blank screen, making it impossible to look subtly at the time. This made sure that the entire device looks less like the upscale watch that he was trying to be and more at a small computer sitting on your wrist

With Apple Watch Series 5, this is no longer the case. Now, when you tilt your watch, the dial loses its color but keeps a fine outline, making the time and other information constantly visible. It’s a small change that makes this product better. What instantly distinguishes this version of Wear OS versions, is that some colors are kept permanently – rather than blending into a standard digital clock.

Is Apple Watch 5 the ultimate smartwatch? 1

Apple has added this feature without sacrificing battery life – which I’ll detail in the section below – by allowing the LTPO display to dynamically change its refresh rate depending on what you’re doing. It will update quickly to display a second-hand tick, and then reduce it once per minute to display a digital clock.

The current screen retains the same OLED panel as the one used in Series 4. It’s fantastic: bright, sharp, responsive and almost edge-to-edge. As good as the screen is, I still prefer to use Digital Crown to navigate the watchOS 6 software.

Although the Apple Watch 4 retains the same LTPO screen as used here, do not expect the permanent feature to be provided through a software update of the old watches. The 5 Series features new display drivers and an updated ambient light sensor, which is essential for ongoing functionality.

The rest of the Apple Watch 5 watch is visually unchanged from the 4, aside from the introduction of some new hardware options like titanium and ceramics. I’m using the most affordable 44mm version, built in aluminum, and I always feel like a high-end watch. You can also take it in a smaller 40mm flavor. If you are updating from a 0, 1, 2 or 3 series, the 44mm format is about the same size as the original 42mm format, the 40mm format reflects the 38mm diameter.

Apple Watch 5

The 5 series looks exactly like 4

Since it’s basically the same business as any previous Apple Watch, all your previous bands – whether owned by Apple or third parties – will work perfectly, even if you may have problems with magnets.

Apple Watch 5 Battery life – Does the “Always On” screen ruin endurance?

I can only assume that Apple has been reluctant to implement a permanent screen form because of the effects it would have had on battery life. Fortunately, endurance is not compromised with this setting enabled and my tests correspond to the battery life of Apple, estimated at 18 hours.

However, this is a general observation, and the battery life varies greatly depending on whether you press GPS, fitness features, Bluetooth, or built-in cellular connectivity. Some days, I removed the watch before going to bed, I had 50% left, others, it was closer to 15%.

If you’re wondering if turning off permanent mode indicates the watch is magically lasting for days, be prepared to be disappointed. Although you may have an extra hour, the compromise is not worth it, and Apple probably agrees, because the mode is enabled by default and you must set parameters to disable it.

We are still waiting for your Apple Watch to last comfortably for several days without charging. That said, the lack of sleep tracking anyway means that I tend to remove the watch every night, so maybe we’ll see big jumps in endurance once Apple has monitored your zzz.

According to the rumor, before the launch of the iPhone 11, Apple’s new flagship phones would be able to prepare an Apple Watch 5 by placing the mobile device at the back of the device. This wireless back-up (or Powershare wireless, as Samsung calls it) is a nice feature on some competing Android phones, including the Note 10 and Huawei P30 Pro, and would have made a nice addition to Apple devices. However, it is not here. Since air power (RIP) will never arrive in stores, you will have to deal with the magnetic loading included. This is the same charger as all previous Apple watches and it takes a few hours to fully charge your watch.

Apple Watch 5 Fitness – A mobile phone that makes you want to move

The Apple Watch is not the best smart watch on the market simply because of its charming screen and its beautiful appearance. She wears this label because it remains the only laptop that really makes me want to move.

If you’re a serious marathon runner or ultra-marathon runner, high-end Garmins may defeat fitness and activity features, but for the vast majorityWhether it’s helping you achieve your three goals of daily activity (moving, playing sports, standing up), getting badges to hit targets, or just feeling good buzzing.

Apple Watch 5

The Apple Watch 5 seems to cover two key areas: health and fitness. These are the health aspects that seem to us the most interesting. Although the feature set has not really improved this year, he still has the intelligence to help you seriously when needed.

It is one of the few portable devices available over the counter in the United States and the United Kingdom with an integrated electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor. The ECG application can tell you if your heart shows signs of atrial fibrillation, a severe form of irregular heartbeat or sinus rhythm – a normal beating. Running an ECG is fast and painless and all the information collected by the watch is relayed to the Health app of your iPhone. You can then show the results to your doctor if there are any irregularities.

Fall detection was one of the major new features of Apple Watch 4 last year and is still an integral part of this update. Fall detection will alert you when you fall, slip or stumble; send an alert to emergency services and a selection of contacts if you do not move for a certain period after the fall. Some adjustments made to the modem in the cellular version of the Apple Watch 5 allow it to automatically call the emergency services (even if you do not have a data plan) when you are roaming in other countries.

Fortunately, I have never been able to turn on fall detection, but I know other people who have done it and it seems to work exactly as planned.

Other health features include the introduction of women’s natively clocked watch cycle – a constantly-requested feature that has been available for some time on Fitbit devices – and a new Noise app that alerts you when your environment is particularly noisy. These two additions are part of watchOS and are also available on previous watches.

Of course, the Apple Watch 5 offers many features to track your fitness. There are two main fitness apps, Workout and Activity, each focused on different aspects of physical activity. The activity is the most basic of the two, consisting of three rings that you are supposed to fill each day. These include “Move” “Exercise” and “Standing” and you can manually change the amount of tasks to perform to reach 100%. It is addictive to try to fill each ring and if you are a little late towards the end of the day, the watch will be annoying you to “do a 20 minute brisk walk”.

Apple Watch 5

The workout is where all your gym tracking tricks are kept. There are good options for cycling, running and swimming – as the watch is rated 5ATM, it’s perfect for swimming – with more specific workouts like HIIT (High Insensitivity Interval Training) and yoga. Some of them are better and deeper than others, like Badminton, for example, does not tell you more than calories burned.

There is also an onboard GPS and 24/7 heart rate monitoring, which I have always found accurate compared to Fitbit’s reliable competitors. The Apple Watch 5 however tends to be a little generous with the steps, always giving me more credit than other devices. If your heart rate exceeds a certain level (120 bpm), a warning is triggered on the watch. The same thing will happen if your heart rate drops below a certain level or becomes irregular.

Apple Watch 5 Performance and WatchOS 6 – A fluid experience

WatchOS 6 was launched alongside Apple Watch 5, preinstalled on the latest model and available for download for the Apple Watch Series 4 and 3 (which currently has a fantastic starting price of £ 199 / $ 199).

Apple has announced that the Series 1 and 2 watches would be updated by the end of the year, while the 0 series (or original Apple Watch) is no longer supported.

Apple Watch 5 before

The sundial

WatchOS offers the aforementioned noise monitoring and cycle tracking applications, as well as a selection of new dials. I’m a big fan of the Numerals Duo baseball face and the sundial is a good choice if you want to be full of complications. There is also a new Californian face that looks a lot like a traditional analog watch. You still can not add or upload your own custom faces.

You can also access the App Store to download applications without having to search your phone. Honestly, it’s a little tedious to navigate such a big store on such a small screen, but at least it’s there for emergencies.

Apple Watch 5 strong

The Noise app

All these applications work easily and quickly thanks to the S5 processor built into the watch. This appears to be a minor update to the S4 without any improvement in speed. The chip was not mentioned at the big launch event of Apple.

Should I buy Apple Watch 5?

Apple Watch Series 5 may be a very small upgrade, but it’s a small upgrade to an excellent laptop. If you do not take the Series 4 or if you are tempted to change your watch, you get a really good product here.

It’s not quite worthy of 5 stars. Sleep monitoring seems to be one of the main missing health issues and the lack of progress in battery life is disappointing. I would say that these two changes are the key changes in Round 6 next year.

Nevertheless, if you own an iPhone (perhaps a brand new brilliant iPhone 11 Pro) and want a smartwatch, this is the best option. It has a better operating system than any Wear OS watch and more features and integration than the Fitbit Versa 2.


The best smartwatch. Apple’s notebook continues to be one of the brand’s best products and an increasingly useful accessory.

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