Is Amazon Prime worth it in Australia? Amazon’s subscription service explained

UPDATE (October 4, 2019): Black Friday 2019 It might seem like a while yet, but Amazon Australia already appeals to us by offering free express shipping on international purchases. This offer is valid for a limited time only, although Amazon has not specified when this action will end. Any Prime-eligible item that you purchase in the Global Store section of the website and that is sold and shipped by Amazon US is available a few days faster and with no shipping costs, regardless of cost.

If you have not signed up as a Prime member yet, If you do so now, you will receive a free 30-day trial and save on shipping costs for items purchased from Amazon US.

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Although Amazon was launched locally in Australia in December 2017, it took a bit longer for the online retail giant's famous prime subscription service, which is already established in other markets such as the US and the UK, to arrive. About half a year later, in June 2018, Down Under finally landed, bringing with it a number of savings and benefits for Australian customers paying a monthly flat fee of $ 6.99.

So what is included? In short, when you sign up for Amazon Prime in Australia you will receive:

  • Free delivery within two days for domestic purchases
  • Free standard delivery for orders over $ 49 from the Global section (ie international purchases)
  • Access to Prime Video, Prime Reading, Prime Music and Twitch Prime
  • Early access to discounts and offers
  • Big savings on the Amazon Prime Day

What is Amazon Prime?

The primary incentive to Amazon's Prime Service is that members receive fast, free shipping and access to some of the company's streaming services on many purchases.

Prime members also receive exclusive, early access to select offers and offers, and can only participate in an annual sale for members named Prime Day.

In the US, Amazon Prime offers free shipping on millions of items, same-day delivery (or in some cases even within two hours), and access to its video and music streaming services, unlimited e-books and audiobooks, and unlimited storage of photos. However, to receive all the goods and services that Amazon promises in its Prime package, American customers pay $ 12.99 per month ($ 119 per year).

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Sadly, Australia has some limitations on what Prime members get, but it also costs us less – half of what the US pays, to be exact.

How much is the prime service in Australia?

In Australia, Amazon Prime subscriptions cost $ 6.99 per month or $ 59 per year.

As is usual with all subscription services from Amazon, a free 30-day trial is offered. If you are not satisfied with the Prime Service, you must manually cancel your membership before the 30-day trial ends. Otherwise, you will be charged the full monthly fee the following month.

Is Amazon Prime worth it in Australia? Amazon's subscription service explained 1

What do Australian Prime members get?

Amazon has delivered a promise of free delivery to its Aussie Prime members, but it is limited to domestic purchases only. If you buy from an Australian third party that sells goods to Amazon Australia, you will not be charged for the delivery, regardless of how high or low your final order cost is.

However, the limitation here is that the product must carry the "Prime Eligible" label. If this is not visible, fast delivery or delivery is not an option, even if you are a Prime member. However, if the order is over $ 49, Amazon's standard free shipping policy will automatically apply.

It is also worth noting that Prime's free delivery service in Australia is not offered the same day in the US. Locally, this is a two-day delivery promise – most likely due to the fact that Amazon has only one Australian fulfillment center in Melbourne. We hope this becomes a one-day delivery promise as the company's second fulfillment center in Sydney is now open.

For international items purchased in the new "global" section of the store, only purchases over $ 49 are free shipping. Again, the label "Prime Eligible" must be specified to qualify.

Prime members also receive exclusive early access to Lightning Deals (Amazon's time-limited offers that disappear within hours of launch).

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In addition to these shopping benefits, there are a number of additional subscriptions to digital media that are included in Prime for free:

Is Amazon Prime worth it in Australia? Amazon's subscription service explained 2

Amazon Prime Video | Free

Access to Amazon's Prime Video Streaming Service is part of the package. If you're a prime member, you can watch some excellent TV shows like American Gods and The Man at the High Castle, enjoy blockbuster movies, or opt for a classic movie theater.

Is Amazon Prime worth it in Australia? Amazon's subscription service explained 3

Amazon Prime Reading | Free

This service gives Prime members access to over a thousand books, comics and graphic novels from all sorts of genres for all ages in digital form. You do not even need a Kindle device to access these e-book titles. You can easily download the Kindle app available for iOS and Android.

Is Amazon Prime worth it in Australia? Amazon's subscription service explained 4

Twitching Prime | Free

Twitch is a video site devoted to watching live streaming games. The Prime Service offers members monthly free game content, savings on games and free games. It is also a standard part of the Prime package and a blessing for every player at no extra cost.

Is Amazon Prime worth it in Australia? Amazon's subscription service explained 5

Prime Music | Free

Amazon's music streaming service is the latest addition to the bundle package for all Prime members. The $ 6.99 monthly fee includes up to 40 hours of music per month with no commercial breaks and no skip or repeat restrictions.

Is Amazon Prime worth it in Australia? Amazon's subscription service explained 6

Main pictures | Free

Prime Photos is Amazon's free online photo storage service, which is included in the Prime package for Australian members. All you need to do is download the Prime Photos app for iOS or Android, or use a desktop web browser to back up an unlimited number of pictures and videos.

Other Amazon services in Australia

While prime members in the US receive additional perks, such as: Free access to food and restaurants, as well as a free subscription to the Washington Post (which also has Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon), the Australian Prime service is limited to the above options.

However, Amazon's repertoire in Australia goes beyond these prime offerings. There are a few other services that the company operates locally, though you need to sign up individually and pay either a monthly or an annual fee.

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These locally available Amazon subscription services include:

Is Amazon Prime worth it in Australia? Amazon's subscription service explained 7

Kindle Unlimited | $ 13.99 a month

If you are an avid reader, a Kindle Unlimited membership offers a lot of money. You can read to your heart's content with more than a million titles and read through the special Kindle app on the Amazon Kindle e-readers or on any iOS or Android device. With Kindle Unlimited, you also have access to Audible comments on the titles you are reading, so you can enjoy the book even if you have to put the physical pages aside. Kindle Unlimited costs $ 13.99 a month, but there is a free 30-day trial if you want to try the service before you spend money on it.

Is Amazon Prime worth it in Australia? Amazon's subscription service explained 8

Music unlimited | $ 11.99 a month

Music lovers will most likely enjoy Amazon's unlimited music streaming service that allows subscribers to access over 50 million songs. You can listen to music anytime, anywhere, and like other music streaming services, there are custom and family plans and an echo plan that lets you play your favorite music on your Echo device. An individual tariff costs $ 11.99 per month, while Family Packages bring you $ 17.99 per month, allowing you to set up to six separate music accounts. The echo rate is just $ 4.99 per month, and Music Unlimited comes with a 30-day free trial.

Is Amazon Prime worth it in Australia? Amazon's subscription service explained 9

audible | $ 16.45 a month

It is audible for those who love their stories, but do not always have the time (or patience) to sit down with a book. You can listen to your favorite books anywhere on the Audible app, even while driving or doing chores. Many books are told by great performers. Audible costs $ 16.45 per month for a free 30-day trial of the service.

While Amazon Prime has its advantages, you do not have to be a member to get low prices on products sold in the online marketplace.

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