iPhone 11 launch liveblog: we’re reporting live from the 2019 Apple Event

It is here! It is here! That's right, the Apple event, which is geared to smartphones every year, is just around the corner and our live blog to launch the iPhone 11 will keep you up to date on all the latest news, product launches and expert analyzes.

The Apple Event 2019 started at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST (which is 4pm AEDT on 11th September in Australia). We report live from the corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California, to provide you with the latest information on stage.

We have the new Apple Watch 5, but the big win is the unveiling of the new iPhone 11 alongside the new iPhone 11 Pro

We had more with a new iPad, Apple TV Plus and Apple Arcade – so read below for more.

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11:14 – Learn more about how the iPhone 11 Pro works better with low battery power. The iPhone 11 Pro brings more than four hours more battery power than the iPhone XS. And the iPhone 11 Pro Max lasts five hours longer, and the 18W faster adapter in the box makes for faster charging. After all.

11:12 – A13 Bionic is better explained here – there are accelerators for machine learning, so everything went much faster. Over 1 trillion operations per second mean that the smart features in the phone are even faster and smarter.

9.11 – The back consists of a piece of machined glass and is newly frosted.

There is a nightgreen color, space gray, silver and a new gold version. In fact, new colors. And we're sticking to the 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch displays, and there's a new OLED display with a 2: 1 contrast ratio and a brightness of 1200 nits (which is indeed very bright for a phone) that is 15% more efficient.

(Photo credits: Apple)

It is the same experience as the Mac Pro and the iPhone. Schiller is happy about that. The display is called & # 39; Super Retina XDR Display & # 39; – that's a lot of words.

Now we will hear more about the performance of the phone.

8.11 – The iPhone 11 Pro is confirmed. I really stuck my neck out and said that the name would not come – shows how useless my instinct was.

There are two models, and Phil Schiller is on stage to discuss the "big ones".

The first phone Apple calls Pro has been designed for us all, even if we're not a pro.

6.11 – So, that's the iPhone 11. When can we get it and how much will it cost? Apple will offer it for $ 699 – that's it why it wants to make a big deal with this phone. This is cheap for Apple and cheaper than last year!

In fact, this price drop is enormous. Pretty impressive from Apple. Tim is back on stage – and he has confirmed that this is not the end.

3.11 – On battery – The iPhone XR already had the best battery in the iPhone. The new iPhone 11 lasts an hour longer – and we're done, and on a video.

The technical data screen confirmed that it is more water and dust resistant than ever before – and continues wireless charging.

It's interesting that this is Apple's new game – making the "cheaper" iPhone a flagship this year.

iPhone 11 launch liveblog: we're reporting live from the 2019 Apple Event 1

(Photo credits: Apple)

11:00 – Yang Yang of Giant Networks shows how powerful the gaming chipset is. The performance is impressive, but we see it every year …

Pascal's Wager will be in the App Store next month, and although it's impressive, it does not show how good it is – let's wait until we play it and find out.

10:59 – We get the A13 Bionic with the iPhone 11, Apple's fastest chipset yet – the & # 39; fastest CPU ever in a smartphone & # 39 ;.

And it's also the fastest GPU ever used in a smartphone – with graphics on stage, Apple shows how much faster it is.

iPhone 11 launch liveblog: we're reporting live from the 2019 Apple Event 2

(Photo credits: Apple)

10:58 – I've just seen an ad for "slow mo selfies" because you can shoot "slofies" (NO, NO ONLY) with the front-facing camera.

10:57 – The iPhone 11 has a wider TrueDepth camera with 12 megapixels. However, if you rotate it in landscape mode, it automatically switches from 7 megapixels to 12 megapixels to reach more people with the wide-angle lens.

I've just seen the "2x Optical Reduction" listed in the specifications. This means that the "normal" lens is the telephoto lens.

10:56 – Key question: Will Apple do more or less with the iPhone 11 Pro when it lands?

10:54 – Now we see the video completely on the iPhone 11 – it's impressive, though you can tell it was taken on a phone camera. Still, it shows what can be done with the right skills. The Cinematic Video Stabilization mode was more impressive as all devices were hand-held and you can switch between the normal and the ultra-wide camera during shooting.

There are 4K up to 60fps and an extended dynamic range (not HDR).

10:53 – You can take better portrait photos with both sensors, and there is a new portrait lighting effect and a new night mode.

This is automatically activated when it is dark enough to reduce noise and lighten things up. The demo looks good, but it's hard to say if it's better than the Google Pixel Camera's Night Sight.

10:51 – There is a rumor that there is a nudge where the ultra-wide effect indicates that a better picture is lying around. Interesting that the telephoto lens is not added to this "budget" iPhone here.

The Neural Engine is back and allows a wider range of camera results improvements.

iPhone 11 launch liveblog: we're reporting live from the 2019 Apple Event 3

(Photo credits: Apple)

10:50 – The iPhone 11 camera has a 36 mm, 1: 1.8 and a 13 mm ultra-wide camera instead of a telephoto lens.

10:49 – Kyann now on stage. It has a brushed aluminum body in six colors, thanks to a green, black, purple and yellow and a red. There is a 6.1-inch display as well as spatial audio to create a sound field around you, and Dolby Atmos is also supported.

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10:48 – The latest iPhone has two lenses, several colors, a square tip on the back and a notch – it's called iPhone 11.

That's interesting – the next generation of the iPhone. This definitely looks like the iPhoen XR will restart – so will we get the iPhone 11 Pro?

10:47 – So let's go. Tim talks again about how great the iPhone was from the beginning. Speaking of which, the iPhone XR is the most popular in the world and the XS and XS Max the most advanced ever.

But what are the new names?

Let's go: video time.

10:45 – Now let's watch a video about how good the Apple Watch is. From fitness to payments to music and interactions with friends. It has a lot to do and in a few chats about compasses that help to add – besides the question of how good it is to monitor your heartbeat.

"In conclusion, this watch tells the time … among other things".

Something fruity was just opened in the room. It is a very strong smell. Oh, wait, we are on the iPhone!

10:44 – Series 3 is still being sold and has a lower price of $ 199 for the GPS model. Aaaaaaaaa and Tim is back.

Today will be a long day for me crying emoji,

iPhone 11 launch liveblog: we're reporting live from the 2019 Apple Event 4

(Photo credits: Apple)

10:43 – Does not look like sleeping data collection is turned on. The price starts at 399 US dollars for GPS models and 499 US dollars for the LTE version. You can order from today and they will be in stores from the 20th of September.

10:40 – The security features include much more – an international emergency call to the mobile version of the watch when you're traveling around the world.

With aluminum in Gold, Silver and Space Gray, there are more case surfaces than ever before – and it's 100% recycled.

Steel is back, next to Titan for the new watch. There is a black brushed version and ceramic is also white again.

New Apple Watch Nike models come with new bands and faces, as well as new Hermes models. PLEASE STOP TALKING. I can not type that fast.

There is a black stainless steel Hermes strap model combined with a band. Just to let you know.

10:39 – There is a built-in compass in Series 5 – which is not so exciting, let's face it. Although it is good for hiking.

There is also a new compass app – ah, we miss that from the iPhone. Good that it is not dead.

iPhone 11 launch liveblog: we're reporting live from the 2019 Apple Event 5

(Photo credits: Apple)

10:38 – The new, constantly switched on display is LTPO – that means it can be switched from 60 Hz to 1 Hz. These include a display driver, a new light sensor and better internal energy management.

The battery life is 18 hours. Does this mean that no tracking of sleep is possible? This is a big deal for the new Apple Watch. All screens and dials – including the fitness app – are set to low brightness mode.

10:37 – New dials and motion tracking on the Apple Watch Series 5 – with ALWAYS ON display! After all!

How is this possible with battery life concerns?

10:35 – Interesting that Apple has decided to talk about it for so long – the need to consider the watch as real health benefit is clearly the key to buying.

Tim is now talking about what's next – Stan from the Apple Watch team introduces the next generation Apple Watch. VIDEO TIME!

10:33 – Tim is back on stage talking about the health benefits – and he's just invited someone on stage to talk more about health research.

My word, I also missed her name. I'm really sorry, person talking. I have a nightmare today.

However, we come across more studies on the Apple Heart Study – as Apple contributed to atrial fibrillation studies.

There is a study on hearing with the Noise App on the Clock, the Apple Women's Health Study, to obtain information on conditions such as osteoporosis, and finally the Apple Heart and Movement Study.

This partner works with the American Heart Association to find out how heart health and movement fit together. You can sign up for the Apple Research app.

It's very hard to say that this is opt-in and the privacy is absolutely guaranteed – the classic Apple. That's coming to the US later this year, this app.

iPhone 11 launch liveblog: we're reporting live from the 2019 Apple Event 6

(Photo credits: Apple)

10:32 – There's even more that the entire wearables world can do with fitness – the Apple Watch is a great entry, but learning and growing with you to be more holistic is still the goal of so many brands.

10:29 – Video Time to hear how the Apple Watch helps people. Apple chose FaceTime to educate some people on how people were rescued by the Apple Watch – including an emotional guy who fell and his watch called the 911 and his wife.

The baby of a pregnant woman has been rescued, a man has been saved from a heart attack, and a deaf man receives a notification when his child is crying.

Apple is always good at making people remember what it's like in the real world – how people use the fitness elements to get fitter and get better.

10:28 – On the Apple Watch – and we're not half an hour in.

10:25 – Apple Arcade and TV Plus are summarized as buying reason for the iPad. The free subscription is an important reason to buy.

It has the Home button with TouchID. The battery has a life of up to 10 hours and is made of 100% recycled aluminum. We want to see that from all manufacturers.

Oh, price time: It starts at $ 329. That's pretty cheap, even with the slightly lower specification. For education customers, you can purchase it for $ 299 – and order today with shipping by the end of the month.

And he's gone, back with Tim!

iPhone 11 launch liveblog: we're reporting live from the 2019 Apple Event 7

(Photo credits: Apple)

10:24 – We are now returning to the information on iPadOS. Surfing at Safaris Desktop level will once again be flaunted as a great upgrade.

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We've seen all this, though you can connect a USB flash drive and an SD card over the connection – but does the new iPad have a USB-C port?

Key questions of our time.

10:22 – Apple Vice President Greg Joswiak is here to introduce the "new seventh generation iPad". A major upgrade with many new features – and it supports Apple Pencil.

Why start today, Apple? Do not you know how many hands I have to deal with?

There is a 10.2-inch display – and it has "more pixels and brightness" than the best-selling laptop. There's the A10 Fusion chip in there-man, that's a bit old. However, it has the Smart Connector for a keyboard that is shared with the iPad Pro.

iPhone 11 launch liveblog: we're reporting live from the 2019 Apple Event 8

(Photo credits: Apple)

10:20 – "It's been a huge year for the iPad, we've redesigned our entire lineup." Does that mean that we're about to get a new one?

Also iPadOS is discussed – as it is designed on the basis of iOS 13 for the platform.

Oh, we get a new iPad. Looks like the rumors were true.

10:19 – When you buy an iPhone, Macbook or Apple TV, you get one year for free – people lose their minds about it. There was a tangible, visceral "WHOA" in here. Tim is visibly upset – although we now hear from iPad.

That's breakneck speed.

10:18 – Apple TV will be online from November 1st, with more shipments being shown in over 100 countries every month … and it costs only $ 4.99 a month. This is the roof of this Steve Jobs theater.

iPhone 11 launch liveblog: we're reporting live from the 2019 Apple Event 9

(Photo credits: Apple)

10:16 – No one can see, but then some babies are born who can totally see – and play epic music. It's hard to feel the characterization, but many people want to kill those kids to appease gods.

It looks pretty good on this trailer – and it's definitely going to be epic. It feels more like a movie than a television series, which is probably the aesthetics that Apple strives for.

10:13 – Next Apple TV Plus. We hear about the trailers – For All Mankind, Dickinson and The Morning Show. These look interesting to be fair – Tim talks about the reaction to trailers with over 100 million views.

Apparently The Morning Show is one of the most popular trailers ever – but we'll talk more about the drama & # 39; sea & # 39; see, the futuristic show in which there is no vision.

Now let's look at the trailer … oooooh. Let's look.

10:11 – Ann is back and tells us we will get a huge number of new studios in the Apple Arcade Mix and will be available in 150 countries around the world starting September 19th. And it will be $ 4.99 a month … that has a few & # 39; whoas & # 39; in the room.

There will be a one-month free trial and hundreds of new games will be released in the next few weeks – and Tim will be back.

iPhone 11 launch liveblog: we're reporting live from the 2019 Apple Event 10

(Photo credits: Apple)

10:10 – Sayonara is something … man, I can not listen. This is a mix of flying, racing and beatmatching – again it's nice, but not crazy.

Sayonara wild hearts. Just googled. You're welcome.

10.7 – I totally missed the name of this game. But it is a floating type who is the last survivor of humanity underwater. That does not sound good to us – even though we have a small drone.

Again, it's a nice game – but will this cause people to sign up? Apple Arcade needs one enormously Title to engage the people and pay each month. Frogger and this game, which I'm really mad about, gave me the name.

Oh, it's Shinsekai: To the depths. Phew.

Now the last demo: Annapurna Interactive with Kelsey Hansen on stage.

6.10 – All just laughed at a baby wearing sunglasses. This is clearly a friendly room – Frogger looks good, but it's not a big title at first. Let's hear more from Capcom with Peter Fabiano.

4.10 – Let's hear more about Apple Arcade. With the subscription, users can access a variety of exclusive games in the App Store that appeal to all family members.

We first hear from Konami, and Benhamin Kinney comes on stage. A pedestal magically rose from the stage.

"Frogger in ToyTown" will be the first game shown. It's nice in 3D, but is it really the best advertisement?

iPhone 11 launch liveblog: we're reporting live from the 2019 Apple Event 11

(Photo credits: Apple)

2.10 – Tim talks about how important it is to provide the best tools for the real work – the "fusion" of hardware, software and services.

Cook has just confirmed a huge morning with some "really big announcements" – so big that he will not update and come straight to the App Store – and talk about the Apple Arcade. Listen to Ann … I wish I could remember her last name.

iPhone 11 launch liveblog: we're reporting live from the 2019 Apple Event 12

(Photo credits: Apple)

10:00 – Lights are off. Video is started. I just got the old iPod touchwheel, the TouchID logo, a Mac, some spinning MacBooks, iPads, pens, Airpods, some notes from Siri, a HomePod, the Apple TV remote, an iPhone camera with more lenses, iOS 13 and some workouts have seen the Apple Watch. With some health elements too.

Phew, it does not stop. There is the iPhone XR – "Give some people wonderful tools and they will do wonderful things".

Tim is here. The people clap.

09:55 – Gareth is back in the driver's seat – I left my useless Twitter barrage behind to actually write on a website. Some thoughts:

1. Someone smells good in my area. It's like a woody, fruity smell. It's good.

2. The power is not working, but my laptop is running with more than 7 hours of battery. That should do, unless Tim Cook has a few things he can get off his chest.

3. I am right in front of the hand area. I'm ready. SO READY.

09:50 – While everyone finds their seats, we are spoiled with funky music via the sound system. You should hurry up, we'll start in 10 minutes.

On the stage screen is a color changing Apple logo. We've noticed some color leakage on the iPhone 11 in recent days, including a pretty reddish green tone. Could this logo be an indication that the new iPhones are available in a variety of colors?

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It does not take long to wait to find out.


09:35 – We go down the stairs to the Steve Jobs Theater. Not for long.

09:30 – So let's summarize what we expect very soon:

  • 3x new iPhones
  • Apple Watch 5
  • Release dates for iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS 10.15
  • More about Apple TV Plus
  • A new iPad?
  • A new 16-inch MacBook?

09:00 – Another hour until Tim Cook enters the stage. Are you ready? We are sure. Gareth reports live from Cupertino, and the entire Trustedreviews team in offices around the world is ready to offer you everything you need to know.

08.50 – Ah, the Steve Jobs Theater. We'll meet again.

08.40 – I see Apple Campus with my little eye!

08:30 – There is a lot of traffic on the way to the Apple Campus today. Maybe you've heard Trustedreviews is in town? (or maybe it's just rush hour)

08:00 – Apple has thrown away the plastic badges this year to get a greener cardboard. Is that a sign of coming things? The world's first cardboard smartphone? Probably not…

Also – check out The Carpet. Wowzer.

07:00 – Look, we told you he was awake. Good morning, Mr. Koch! A beautiful morning in Cupertino.

06:46 – The sunrise in Cupertino, California, and Tim Cook's eyes are opening slowly. He pushes the sheets back and extends his arms. He looks at his Apple Watch (Wait, that looks a bit different … maybe wearable in the fifth generation?), Which shows he slept well for six hours.

"Perfect," he whispers, as he swings his legs out of bed, "let's do that."

06:00 – What else can you look forward to at today's Apple event? Well, there should be good news for those who currently own an iPhone, iPad or MacBook, as Apple should give us firm release dates for the next major software updates.

We already know a lot about iOS 13 for iPhone, iPadOS for iPads and macOS 10.15 Catalina for Macs and MacBooks, but the finalized versions of the software updates still need access to devices.

We saw Apple announce software update dates on previous iPhone launch events. We therefore assume that this trend will continue this year.

05:00 – We are awake in California! Good old jet lag that keeps us sharp between the ears. With five hours left until the Apple event starts, read our Phones Staff Writer, Tom Bedford's thoughts on the iPhone 11 Pro.

Rumor has it that the 11 Pro will be equipped with Apple Pencil support so you can use the company's stylus with the handset – something that was previously only available to the newer generations of iPads.


This happens every year, just before a big start, signaling that new hardware is being announced. Apple takes its store offline and allows it to prepare the new product pages without revealing the game.

iPhone 11 launch liveblog: we're reporting live from the 2019 Apple Event 13

(Photo credits: Apple)

04:00 – Although three new iPhones are almost ready for today's market launch. However, the introduction of the Apple Watch 5 is less certain. In addition to the iPhone XS, the fourth generation of the Apple Smartwatch came onto the market in 2018, but the rumors suggest that leaks around the successor were relatively small.

James Peckham, Phone Editor, said: "So far, we know very little about the Apple Watch Series 5. It's likely that we'll hear about Apple's next generation Smartwatch today, and we expect a lot of focus on sleep tracking technology.

"It's rumored Apple will greatly improve the way it oversees your slumber, but these features are likely to end up on previous Apple Watch iterations as well, and Apple will have a surprise in the wings when it comes to it . " Encourage those who already own the Apple Watch 4 to upgrade to the 2019 version. "

03:00 – It's still in the middle of the night on the west coast of the US, and Cook and Co. We'll lie in bed dreaming of new ways to say "gorgeous," "revolutionary," and "gorgeous."

In the meantime, for those of you who are already awake – what can you expect from today's start? Well, the main event will be the announcement of new iPhone phones – and it looks like it's another trio of smartphones.

How these new iPhones are called, is still up for debate. We currently refer to them as iPhone 11R (instead of the iPhone XR), iPhone 11 (instead of the iPhone XS) and iPhone 11 Max (instead of the iPhone XS Max).

However, some rumors say the "affordable" R-Series will be called the iPhone 11, with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max as the flagship options. Then there is the school of thought, which says that Apple will stick to Roman numerals and give us the iPhone XI and Co.

It's chaotic, so let us know what you think in our Twitter poll:

02:30 – Let's start with a little song to get you in the mood. Do you have lyrics for more verses? Tweet us!

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