iOS 13 release date, features and everything you need to know

iOS 13 is here, and right now you do not have time to work through all the new features. You just want to download it and you can do so with our simple iOS 13 download guide (unless you have time) to purchase an iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro (in which case it's preinstalled).

There are a lot of new features in this release of iOS 13. Here's a quick summary of the things you should really be interested in (and which you can revisit if you have time to work through the new upgrades in detail, as we have already used the new operating system for a while and on the new iPhone 11 Pro Max).

Everything you need to know about iOS 13 in two minutes

Compatibility: Bad news, if you use something older than an iPhone 6S, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 or iPhone SE – you will not get an iOS 13. That means owners of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 will not be lucky.

Dark mode: This mode is designed to extend battery life and darken almost the entire phone (except for some third-party apps). It is more effective and protects your eyesight at night – even the wallpaper is dimmed appropriately. You can also set the device to turn on and off at specific times.

Everything gets darker in dark mode. In the right sense.

Everything gets darker in dark mode. In the right sense.

(Image credits: Trustedreviews)

FaceTime correction: You know the thing in a FaceTime call, where you look at your screen and therefore do not look into the camera? Apple uses AI to change the line of sight. A bit scary in principle, but very useful.

Face recognition is much better: We love this feature – the field of view for unlocking your phone with your face is bigger. So, if you look at the phone on the desk, your iPhone will open without you having to pick up the phone.

iOS 13 is not on the iPad: Tricked you. iOS 13 is intended exclusively for the iPhone (and the iPod Touch). iPadOS launches on September 30 for the iPad with exclusive productivity features for the larger tablet screen.

A new QuickPath keyboard: Would you rather wipe the keyboard than to type it? It's in there now. There is no line that follows the movement of your finger, and it is a bit difficult to get used to at first, but hold on and we believe you will enjoy it.

Photo editing tools are more advanced: Now you can change things like highlights, contrast and shadows, make those adjustments to the video and not destroy your live photo video … all directly from the native photo app.

The QuickPath keyboard is very useful in our tests.

The QuickPath keyboard is very useful in our tests.

(Image credits: Trustedreviews)

"Find my iPhone" and "Find my Friends" are merged: The two apps are now in a "Find My" app, and Apple has added features that can help find offline devices from other iPhones or iPads.

iOS 13 improves battery life: By that we mean the life of the battery and not the time between charges. The new iOS 13 platform is smarter when charging and reduces power consumption at the right time.

Reminders receive a comprehensive (and useful) revision: Reminders is a clear new design that now allows attachments and better sorting. Does not sound massive, but a big jump for those who use it.

The camera gets a big upgrade: Portrait mode (if your phone supports it) provides more customizable lighting and a new "High Key Mono" mode if you want to look like you're in a Calvin Klein ad.

Siri sounds better: Siri is a refined voice with a more natural way of speaking, and it's much nicer to talk to her now.

All new memoji to play: You can add make-up, insert memoji stickers on the keyboard – if you like your own cartoon face, there is a lot to try here.

Look for this logo to get a secret email address.

Look for this logo to get a secret email address.

(Image credits: Trustedreviews)

Logging in with Apple makes the Internet more secure: If you see this icon, you can log in with your Apple ID and hide your user data from third parties.

Cards are being revised: Easier to look around at street level? Check. More detailed maps? Check. Real-time transit updates (in some cities)?: Check.

Control Wi-Fi and Bluetooth more easily: We love this: Long press (or on certain iPhone models 3D Touch) the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth buttons in the Control Center, and you can access all your connections in one easy place.

Use your PS4 or Xbox One controller on your phone: Do what it says … Now you can pair your console controller to play games in a more immersive way. Perfect for Apple Arcade, right?

OK, that's the most important thing – but if you want to learn more about the smaller features or just a little bit more about the features of your iPhone or iPad, read on:

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Date and time of release of iOS 13

  • Release date of iOS 13: It is here!
  • iPadOS will appear later: Monday, September 30th

Well, you probably already noticed, but the release date of iOS 13 is here. Just go to your settings menu to see if there is an upgrade option, connect to the mains, and off you go.

However, iOS 13 has been available in different beta (and buggy) styles since June – that's how it worked.

1. iOS 13 developer beta: This version was first released at WWDC 2019 and is limited to paid Apple developers. It is not aimed at the average consumer, but at serious app developers.

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2. Public beta for iOS 13: Apple's richer bump test began on June 24 and has gone through 8 versions that strangely culminated with a beta for iOS 13.1 (before iOS 13 is evened out).

3rd iOS 13 Golden Master: The beta version of beta 13 beta software, which is more stable and released in early September to give app developers time to optimize.

4. iOS 13 lands for everyone: On Thursday, September 19, the new software landed worldwide. It's always a bit of a jam coming through the servers, but if you're desperately looking for it – keep trying.

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Compatibility List for iOS 13

  • iOS 13 requires iPhone 6S or newer, iPad Air 2 or newer, the new iPad mini 4 and iPhone SE
  • Older devices that support iOS 12 are not supported: iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, and mini 3

Compatibility with iOS 13 requires an iPhone or iPad from the last four years (depending on device category). This means phones like the iPhone 6 will not get iOS 13. If you have one of these devices, you'll be stuck with iOS 12 forever.

iOS 13 drops several old devices (Picture credits: Apple)

iOS 13 drops several old devices (Picture credits: Apple)

(Image credits: Trustedreviews)

You need an iPhone 6S or newer, the iPad Air 2 or later, and the new iPad mini 4 or later, or the 7th generation iPod touch. No wonder the 7th Generation iPod Touch is the only device in its class to support iOS 13.

The iPhone SE fits in a weird category as it has iPhone 6 era specifications, but came out after the iPhone 6S. Do not worry, every little favorite iPhone gets iOS 13.

iOS 13 Dark Fashion

  • The overdue dark mode is available for iOS 13 and iPadOS
  • We saw that macOS got a system-wide dark fashion in 2018
  • The link to the black-dark gray user interface is located in the Control Center

Dark Mode in iOS 13 is system-wide, which means that in all supported apps the color shades are changed from light white and light gray to black and dark gray.

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iOS 13 release date, features and everything you need to know 2

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iOS 13 release date, features and everything you need to know 3

This is a nice feature if you use your iPhone at night and want to avoid bright whites shining in your face. From the iPhone X, this can extend the battery life of OLED-equipped iPhones. Apple has not talked about it at all, but we know that OLEDs essentially "turn off" pixels when rendering black.

You can turn on iOS 13 Dark mode in the Control Center using the Display slider (next to the Night Shift and True Tone switches). You can also set the mode to turn on at night after a schedule or custom time.

The yellow-toned night shift mode finally gets a bright companion, and many people could not be happier.

iOS 13 offers & # 39; FaceTime Attention Correction & # 39;

That is interesting. There is now an option for FaceTime Attention Correction, and it's as wild as it sounds.

What exactly does it do? It looks like you're looking directly into the front-facing camera during a FaceTime video call while actually looking at the adjacent screen. This distracted look could soon be a thing of the past.

iOS 13 on the iPad is iPadOS and it's a big change

Some of the biggest changes for iOS 13 on the iPad are being released in an update called iPadOS. Apple signals that the iPad needs its own platform.

This means major improvements to the iPad workflow, starting with the redesign of the home screen. Pinned widgets allow you to add widgets via the Today screen (this screen in left mode on your iPhone and iPad), as we predicted in our Rumble Summary for iOS 13. So far it is available exclusively for the iPad and not for iOS13 for the iPhone.

With Slide Over, you can open multiple apps and scroll through them like Rolodex. You can also preview the preview with a swipe gesture, similar to the New Items menu on many phones and tablets. Multitasking becomes easier.

iOS 13 release date, features and everything you need to know 4

Split view has been improved so you can open an app on both sides of the screen (this was not possible before). Apple demonstrated this by displaying Notes next to Notes. You can also pair an app with more than one app. So Safari can now be coupled with Pages in one area and Safari with Mail in another area.

App Expose is new to the iPad software so you can see all the available space. There is an App Expose icon on the dock that requires only a single press to enter the convenient summary mode.

New gestures to copy, paste and undo come on iPadOS. It was shown that three fingers were pressed down to copy text. Three fingers in the opposite direction dropped the text on the page and pushed three fingers across the screen to pick up the last action. We'll have to see how it behaves when the software lands.

Apple's keyboard can float across the screen in smaller form, and a swipe keyboard called QuickPath Typing is introduced. There are also more keyboard shortcuts (a shortage of keyboard shortcuts was a complaint we had over previous iOS versions).

There are too many iPadOS changes, which are described in detail here in the iOS 13 explanation program. Therefore, we have summarized the complete overview in a separate iPadOS release date, news and feature article.

iOS 13 has a QuickPath keyboard

On iOS 13, Apple's standard QuickType keyboard will include Swipe-to-Type, a popular way to slip words across the keyboard. We used this in previous iOS keyboard enhancements like Google's Gboard and SwiftKey.

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Here's the QuickPath keyboard in action (Photo credits: Apple)

Here's the QuickPath keyboard in action (Photo credits: Apple)

You can use the QuickType and QuickPath input methods interchangeably. Previously supported languages ​​are English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

iOS 13 presents the new app "Find My"

Apple combined Find My Friends and Find My iPhone into iOS 13 and the association allows you to find your friends and missing gadgets with a faster, more user-friendly interface.

iOS 13 Find my app

Find my iPhone and find my friends in an app (Credit: Apple)

What's really nice is that it uses a crowd-sourced encrypted Bluetooth signal to help you track down devices that are not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular. This is especially helpful for Macs, but can be helpful in rare cases for an iPhone.

The best part is that Find My Friends did not always work for us. However, Apple appears to be making greater efforts to optimize location tracking with this new iOS 13 app.

IOS 13 will make your old iPhone faster and last longer

More and more people are holding on to their iPhones longer, and that's what Apple seems to recognize – and the company is accelerating iOS 13 to record it.

The most important statistics for iOS 13: According to Apple, the app launch is up to twice as fast, and unlocking the face recognition is 30% faster than before. Apple also found a way to reduce app downloads by up to 60% on average. iOS 12 gave us a faster update and iOS 13 seems to build on it.

The battery life is also something that concerns Apple this year. The goal is to slow down the aging of the battery by reducing the time your iPhone spends charging. iOS 13 is designed to learn from your daily loading routine so it can wait for 80% to complete before you need to use it.

Memories are fundamentally revised

Of all built-in apps, Reminders has received the biggest iOS overhaul. It is better organized and contains links that make it easier to add reminders.

iOS 13 apps

Reminders has been updated the most on iOS 13 apps (Picture credits: Apple)

Large, color-coded Today, Scheduled, All, and Marked buttons give you a better view of your pressing tasks, while the keyboard in this app has a Quick Launch bar that links to it for easy adding Times, dates, places, flags, photos and scanned documents.

Make plans in news? Siri will intervene to propose reminders that can be created, like a personal assistant who gets involved at the right times.

Camera and portrait modes change

The iOS 13 introduces important changes to the camera's functionality, starting with the ability to change the light intensity in portrait mode, something we've been wanting for some time. The Portrait mode also gets a new monochromatic effect called the High-Key Mono.

iOS 13 camera app

The new "Photos" tab in the iOS 13 Photos app – Apple views them as your photo diary (Photo credits: Apple)

The photo gallery becomes Apple's "Diary of Your Life", a new registry that documents your best photos by day, month, and year. You also have more controls to zoom in and out of the photo gallery.

Now you can do what most people have been waiting for on an iPhone – change the aspect ratio of the image you take in the Camera app. That is, there are quadratic options in the settings, or even 16: 9. However, if you export the images from the phone, the files are still in the original 4: 3 format.

Photo editing has been refined with iOS 13 by adding custom controls and filters. The video editing area mirrors this almost completely: Almost every photo tool and every photo effect – including filters, rotation and cropping – is converted into videos. If you're not good at tinkering with video, there's even an auto-tune button.

New Siri voice sounds more natural

A new Siri voice starts with iOS 13 and sounds more natural than before – we've heard a sample and the sound is the same, but it sounds less robotic.

According to Apple, the advanced neuronal text-to-speech technology is used. This will be particularly noticeable when Siri says longer phrases, eg. As the reading of the Apple News or answering knowledge questions.

The timing is good, because Siri can also talk a lot more when you wear AirPods – Siri can read incoming messages and guide them through the buds, which is convenient.

Yet another Siri advantage: Your voice assistant on the HomePod understands the voices of the different family members in your home. For example, this should mean that you are asked what is in my calendar. does not call someone else's irrelevant information.

Memoji is made up, messages are shared

Apple has added more of "Me" in Memoji, allowing for a trillion configurations: new hairstyles, headgear, make-up and piercings, just to name a few categories. Examples on the WWDC stage showed that these personalized Animoji masks provide details as detailed as eye shadow, braces and even AirPods.

Memoji gets better in the second year (Picture credits: Apple)

Memoji gets better in the second year (Picture credits: Apple)

Memoji stickers are something completely new – iOS 13 brings more iPhone and iPad users into the Memoji fold, the TrueDepth camera or not. You can customize a memoji, and iOS 13 automatically creates a fun sticker pack that's in a submenu on the keyboard and can be used in news, email and third-party apps.

You can share your personalized Memoji with contacts via iMessages, but only if you grant them access. The same applies to sharing your name and photo with contacts so you can control how people see your name, for example. According to Apple, you can choose to share your profile with everyone, just your contacts, or just once.

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New HomePod features

You may not know that, but the HomePod is part of the iOS family and was also updated for iOS 13.

First, you can transfer songs from your iPhone by holding the phone closer to the HomePod speaker. You used to have to tell Siri to do that, but now this handoff function is a little easier, and you do not have to talk anymore to do that.

The HomePod also features live radio – you can ask Siri to play 100,000 channels from around the world. With the HomePod, you can identify who's talking in your family and personalize the answer – perfect for Apple Music, where the selection is based on your taste and history. It's about music, news, notes, memories and more.

Log in to Apple

iOS 13 sign in to Apple

Apple wants app developers and websites to use the sign-in feature, and there are also some benefits to users' privacy (photo credits: Apple)

Apple acquires Facebook Connect, Google, and other platforms that allow you to conveniently sign in to third-party accounts. When you sign in to Apple, protecting your privacy is more important than on Facebook and Google.

If you do not want to forward your emails to an app developer or website, Apple will create a unique random email for you and the email will be unique to that website or app.

We are still waiting for this to be introduced by the developers, but over time you will see it more regularly.

Cards are being reworked

iOS 13 Maps looks a lot better, though everyone may hate it. Will it ever be better than Google Maps? No, probably not. But for people who want Apple's preinstalled map app for iOS 13, it's much better.

iOS 13 Apple Maps

360-degree city tours to Apple Maps (Picture credits: Apple)

There are many more details when Apple creates maps from scratch. There are more realistic details for roads, beaches, parks and buildings, and you can now explore cities with a 360 degree 3D experience.

Previously favorites were part of Maps. With iOS 13, however, these saved locations can be accessed more easily with a tap. They are displayed at the top of a search menu. Sometimes that's not the case with Google Maps on iOS (but better on Android). This is one reason to keep Apple Maps installed, even if you are a Google Maps person.

Text formatting in mail

Mail gets some changes when it comes to writing properly formatted emails. You have more control over font, font size, color, alignment, indenting, and disembarking text, as well as numbered lists and bulleted lists.

What we really hope to see someday in iOS 13.1 or iOS 14 is the ability to insert a hyperlink into a text in an email. On both iOS and Android devices, this is not possible in the default e-mail clients (which we saw). You need to insert long URLs, and this is not a computer, no matter what your operating system is called.

From the Control Center, connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

That's huge – and we've been asking for it for several years. You can now select Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth accessories directly in the Control Center.

Android has been around for years and it has always been convenient to connect to new Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth earbuds without having to navigate away from your current app and plunge into five submenus for settings. Apple finally comes with iOS 13 on the market.

Support for Xbox One and PS4 game controllers

If you want to play games on your phone, you can do so with one of the two best available controllers (and possibly something you already own).

Enter PS4 and Xbox One Game Controller support for iOS 13. Apple did not say if all games support it or if it will be limited to Apple Arcade. Our PS4 controller can be used anywhere we go.

Mute unknown calls

Unpleasant spam calls drive us crazy every day, and iOS 13 wants to fix it using Siri, which checks your contacts, emails, and messages to see if you've been in contact with the caller before.

Muting Unknown Calls sounds pretty smart if you do not expect business numbers to call you for work. Those who call you and are not on your personal VIP list will be redirected directly to voicemail.

iOS 13 features exclusively for iPhone 11 phones

  • Camera UI buttons / wheel to toggle between Ultra-Wide and Tele
  • Hold down the shutter button to shoot a video (not for continuous shooting).
  • The front camera captures wide-angle selfies in landscape, 4K60fps video and "slofies"

We thought we knew everything about iOS 13 in June, but it turned out there were some new features aimed at the newly announced iPhone 11 phones.

iPhone 11 Pro max

(Image credits: Trustedreviews)

Since the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are almost exclusively concerned with the new cameras, the iOS 13 software is suitable for the new ultra-wide lens and the special night mode.

The switching between the camera lenses (two lenses on the iPhone 11 and three lenses on the iPhone 11 Pro series) should be seamless and allow a quick change between zoomed and zoomed out perspectives.

Hold down the familiar trigger in iOS 13 and start capturing video, similar to Snapchat and Instagram. Apple claims that the new mobile phones offer the highest video quality ever achieved on a smartphone, and therefore attaches great importance to how easy it is to record videos. If you press the same shutter button on another iPhone with iOS 13, you will take a series of still pictures.

The TrueDepth camera on the front of an iPhone 11 phone can take landscape-mode selfies in wide-angle mode and record videos at up to 4K60fps. Before we were all robbed with 1080p60fps selfie videos.

To be the wrath of anyone over the age of a millennium, you will begin to see "slofies". I love it or hate it (because of the name), this iPhone 11-exclusive iOS 13 feature captures epic-looking slo-mo videos from the front camera. This works best if you have long hair that you want to keep moving.

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