iOS 13 problems: how to fix issues in iOS 13.1.2

apples iOS 13 The update introduced many long-awaited features, but along with the Dark Mode and other enhancements, there are the inevitable iOS 13 issues, bugs, and other issues associated with major software changes.

Some of these iOS 13 errors are slightly annoying, while other features or even parts of the user interface are seriously disrupted. If you run into problems, chances are that someone else will have problems as well. We will try to list all.

We list all the problems that we find in the meantime, along with workarounds as Apple works on a solution. Sometimes these errors are so small that Apple waits until the release of a future version of iOS 13. However, sometimes they are so annoying that the company is releasing a new version dedicated solely to solving this problem.

iOS 13.1 was one of those updates that was released barely a week after launching iOS 13. So if you have problems, they may already be fixed. In this case, upgrading to a later version of iOS is easy: Go to Settings> General> Software Update.

Continue reading what we found. If you have encountered a problem that has not been resolved, check for workaround updates and possible fixes.

Mail app has behaved badly

Apple released iOS 13.1 a week ahead of schedule, and one of the biggest fixes was problems with its first-party mail app. Has it messed up the number of emails? Omit sender or sender addresses? Duplicate notifications? Or just not download emails? Upgrade to the latest version of iOS 13 to resolve this issue.

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If your issues are related to other email apps that are not feeding properly into or out of the mail app, make sure you're using the latest versions of those apps. If you are still not receiving emails, try changing your data retrieval settings in Settings> Passwords and Accounts> Get New Data.

Reminders are not synchronized

iOS 13 overhauled the cross-device reminders, but users reported issues such as missing reminders and lists to troubleshoot issues with notes and contacts. Some issues may be resolved by upgrading to the latest version of iOS system notesAllegedly, several issues have been fixed as of iOS 13.1.2 – others may be more harmful and require a little tinkering.

Apple is aware of these issues and the synchronization issues. has written a checklist to fix problems. First, make sure all your devices are up-to-date – because updated reminders are not compatible with previous versions of iOS and macOS, and you can not share reminders for users who did not upgrade – and switch to granular: make jobs Make sure your date and time settings are correct on all devices, that you're signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID, and that your data is kept within limits.

Problems with third-party keyboards

iOS 13 has caused some problems with third-party keyboards, including preventing it from switching back to QuickType after using an option that is not from Apple. There is also another insidious bug that has inadvertently allowed keyboards to gain unrestricted access to external services, even if you set them to run without them – Apple I know it, In all cases, upgrading to at least iOS 13.1.1 should solve all of the above issues.

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iPhone can not be recovered from the backup

Here's an issue fixed in iOS 13.1.1 – Users seem to have been prevented from restoring their iPhones from a backup. Another bug still showed the progress bar for an iCloud backup after successful backup, which was fixed in iOS 13.1.2. An upgrade should fix the problem.

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