iOS 13.2 improves Siri privacy, lets users delete history and opt out of sharing

That was not so long ago Apple apologized for sending recorded Siri calls to contractors To better train the language assistant, you are accidentally distributing confidential information. Apple has set itself the goal of resolving this through new sharing options that appear in the beta version of the latest development.

While the voice recordings were anonymised, concerns were expressed that the data provided to these contractors would make it relatively easy to identify the topics of conversation and thus their private information so that the program was halted.

iOS 13.2

In the second developer beta for iOS 13.2, released today, Apple resolved the issue by introducing the option to stop sharing recorded audio and clear all Siri history.

When upgrading to iOS 13.2, users will see a pop-up message that gives them the above-mentioned ability to turn off the option "Save and Review Audio Data for Your Interactions with Siri and Dictation by Apple".

It should also be noted that you can change this setting later in the privacy settings of your iPhone. This can be found in the "Analytics & Improvements" screen.

Control of the privacy of Siri and Dictation for audio recordings (Picture credits: MacRumors)

(Credit: MacRumors)

On the same screen, you'll see the option "Delete Siri & Dictation History", which removes all interactions currently associated with this iPhone from Apple servers. However, it is also cautioned that data has (already) been sampled Help to improve Siri & Dictation is no longer associated with this iPhone and will not be deleted. "

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As an added precaution, Apple relinquishes all use of third-party companies and limits any human interaction with audio recordings to its internal employees, as well as revising the nature of the data to which they have access.

The latest beta version of iOS 13.2 is currently available only to developers. However, we assume that a public beta and a full rollout are not too far away.

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