iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained

The iOS 12.4.1 update is live and the latest for some older iPhones and iPads that do not upgrade to iOS 13 or iPadOS.

We also have a complete list of all iOS 12 features added since the launch last September to today. iOS 12.4.1 is the last stable version of the mobile operating system before switching to iOS 13 and was a simple fix for an exploit.

While iOS 12.3.1 introduced only a few bug fixes, iOS 12.3 added a revised Apple TV app (instead of Apple TV Plus) and some behind-the-scenes bug fixes, and iOS 12.2 previously gave us the Apple News Plus subscriptions and four more Animoji ,

We saw 70 new emojis, eSIM support and Group FaceTime in iOS 12.1 iPad Pro 11 Start last October. These are all incidents between the iOS 12 of last September and the next major revision and a way to solve problems with iOS 12, as this issue with FaceTime earlier this year.

Apple's iOS versions made its software stable and competitive in 2019 after the beta release of Google Android Q and the ever-improving Google Pixel 3 camera. As iPhone sales are still declining, this is becoming increasingly important.

Download iOS 12.3.1 now or ask yourself if it's worth it? Here's everything that went into the software revision. Also, check out our updated best iPhone guide (the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR are high on the list) or, if you wait, our iPhone 11 leak site.

What's the difference between the latest phones with iOS? Take a look at our handy explainer to find out:

Release date of iOS 12.4

  • iOS 12.4 Beta 3 is now available to registered app developers
  • No reported changes, but we expect an Apple Card connection

The Apple Card is coming soon and may be introduced with the iOS 12.4 update. So far, no changes have been reported to the beta software, although Apple is converted from today for developers on iOS 12.4 Beta 3.

When is the release date of iOS 12.4? No one knows for sure, and on Monday, June 3rd, the keynote of WWDC 2019 took place without announcing a new version of iOS. Of course, iOS 13 has a lot of stage time with a bunch of new features, but we're still looking forward to the preliminary upgrades in iOS 12.4, but it's unclear when that will come.

iOS 12.3.1 Bugfixes

Shortly before WWDC 2019 Apple released iOS 12.3.1 – which was a sign that we will not receive a major update shortly. The intermediate version contained mainly bug fixes.

These included resolving issues that blocked Voice over LTE (VoLTE), and some message killer messages. For the first time, some messages have reached you, even if you have turned on the "Filter unknown senders" option, which should be fixed, while the broken link to report these bad junk messages should be fixed.

iOS 12.3 offers minor changes

  • The Apple TV Plus app debuted in late April with iOS 12.3
  • Minor bug fixes are also included in this little update

Prior to iOS 12.4, we had a very small iOS 12.3 update focused exclusively on Apple TV. It has changed the layout and added some new "Apple TV Channels" that previously included streaming extras like HBO, Showtime and Starz in the US in case you want to sign in via the iOS ecosystem instead of separately.

Under the hood, there are minor but annoying bugs in iOS 12, especially if you had problems with VoLTE calls and iMessage filters.

List of update features for iOS 12.2

  • Apple News + subscription to 300 magazines and newspapers
  • Four new Animoji masks Shark, Giraffe, Owl and Warthog
  • Very small improvements in Control Center design

Apple gave us something we did not expect from iOS 12.2 beta: Apple News +, an enhanced version of the Apple News app that includes magazines and newspapers.

Access to Apple News + includes access to over 300 publications, but requires iOS 12.2 and a monthly fee of $ 9.99 (good news that you can share with your entire family). The first month of access is free, so Apple hopes to lure iPhone, iPad and Mac users like Apple Music.

The other big change to iOS 12.2 is the addition of four new Animoji:

These four now have a total of 24 Animoji, but not all of the customizable Memoji characters you can create.

Starting with iOS 12.2, you can ask Siri to play videos from your iOS device on your Apple TV, according to official Apple release dates.

Most other minor design changes are made in the Control Center. For example, you'll notice that the screen mirroring button is no longer represented by a triangle with a floating rectangular box over it. You will now see two rectangles that overlap. That makes a lot more sense.

More useful is the fact that the Apple TV shortcut key in the Control Center results in a virtual remote control that occupies the full length of the screen. This is useful if you have an Apple TV or Apple TV 4K or AirPlay 2 compatible 4KTV and have lost your remote control.

iOS 12.1 and iOS 12.1.4

  • Over 70 new emoji – good news for redheads, curls and bald people
  • Group FaceTime for up to 32 users is part of iOS 12.1 Beta
  • Adjust photo background blur (bokeh) in real time (not just afterwards)
  • The eSIM support menus are available in beta, but support is required from the network operator
  • iOS 12.1.4 focuses primarily on bug fixes, including the Group FaceTime vulnerability

While the latest iOS 12.1.4 update is the stable version you should download, the last time we got front-facing features was iOS 12.1. It started on October 30, the day the iPad Pro 11 and the iPad Pro 12.9 were introduced.

There are four important changes for iOS 12.1:

iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 1

70+ new emoji
On October 2, Apple announced that more than 70 new emoji will be released with the iOS 12.1 developer Beta 2. According to Apple's official press release, get ready for red, gray and curly hair and bald heads. Softballs, skateboards and frisbees are here for alternative sports, while new animal and food tojays include kangaroos, lobsters (sometimes a food, always an animal), bagels and cupcakes.

Group FaceTime
First, Group FaceTime is available for up to 32 users. However, to test this, you must pair with people with iOS 12.1. Please ask them to upgrade.

Bokeh effects in portrait mode
Second, Apple has improved the bokeh (background blur) feature in portrait on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Before you could adjust the blur after taking a picture. With iOS 12.1, you can now also adjust the blur in real time while taking a photo. In this way, you can frame your portrait photos better.

eSIM support – a kind
Third, the eSIM iPhone support is live with the right setup menus. However, setting up the simulated dual SIM card has a catch: you need to wait for your mobile service provider to support the feature. This may be the case from the official release date of iOS 12.1.

iOS 12.1 fixes bugs
Fourth, the Release Notes for iOS 12.1 point out that some bugs need to be fixed. This is very good news if you have problems. Apple updates usually fix the problem. However, you might need to wait for iOS 12.2 to resolve the issues with charging the iPhone XS and XS Max.

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The top iOS 12 features

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iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 5

1. iOS 12 speeds up your old iPhone and iPad

  • Older iPhones are 40% to 70% faster for certain tasks
  • Apple wants the problematic iOS 11 behind it

iOS 12 focuses on reliability and performance in this update and supports all iPhones and iPads that iOS 11 has worked with.

Apple particularly highlights the iPhone 6 Plus, saying that iOS 12 makes this phone 40% faster when launching apps, 70% faster when launching the camera app, and 50% faster when the keyboard is displayed. Keystrokes and other routine features on older iPhones can slow down with each new iOS update, and Apple is trying to fix these vulnerabilities with iOS 12.

This makes your existing iPhone and iPad more reliable and your older devices can be used by family members or are more salable – they do not have to sit in a drawer because they are too slow.

iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 6

2. Grouped notifications

  • Grouped notifications on iOS 12 clean up each notification
  • Intelligent by app, topic, thread grouped
  • You can delete a whole group of notifications with a single swipe

Grouped notifications are part of iOS 12. This is a small but very important change (possibly the most important in the iOS 12 update), as the daily warnings on the lock screen are changed.

It links notifications to news threads and topics, making it easier to see everything at a glance. At present, individual notifications in the morning are a big problem when they pile up.

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iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 8

3. Memoji and changes to Animoji

  • Personalized "Memoji" to look like you or "the true you"
  • Four new Animoji masks: Ghost, Koala, Tiger and T-Rex
  • Animoji and Memoji clips take 30 seconds (up to 10 seconds)
  • Tongue and wink recognition for iOS 12 masks

Memoji is a customizable mask that can look like you – or like you, according to Apple. It is still in messages. You can choose hairstyles, eye colors and accessories such as earrings and sunglasses.

Like Animoji, this is a feature for newer iPhones in the X-Series because it requires Apple's TrueDepth front camera.

Animoji will not only be enhanced with new masks, but also with tongue and blink detection. Ghost, Koala, Tiger and T-Rex will join the cast of Animoji masks.

iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 9

4. Enter these annoying security codes automatically

Two-factor authentication is great, except for the tedious task of entering six digital security codes sent to you by text. iOS 12 fixes this problem.

Once a security code is sent as text to your device, it automatically appears in the suggested words on the keyboard interface. All you have to do is type in it. It only makes life a bit easier if you are excluded from Dropbox.

5. iOS 12 allows more than a face ID face

The iOS 12 face ID supports more than one face in the settings menu labeled Face ID and Passcode. Look for the Setup Alternate Appearance submenu to add a second appearance.

This is useful for two reasons: You can either grant a partner access to your iPhone or iPad with Face ID or add your alter ego to make sure Face ID unlocks your phone, no matter what you look like today, tomorrow, or tomorrow Day.

iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 10

6. Siri Shortcuts can find your lost keys more

  • With Siri Shortcuts, you can assign phrases to tasks
  • "I lost my keys" can call your Tile Tracker to find keys
  • "Heading Home" sends an ETA notification to the roommate, sets the thermostat and fan, and displays the fastest route via Apple Maps
  • Gallery and library full of pre-configured Siri Shortcuts

Siri is smarter. If you set up Siri Shortcuts, a brand new app, "I've lost my keys" means you need to call your tile tracker.

Sure, Tile is a handy gadget, but using the slow app is a problem if you've lost your keys. An integrated Siri is a game changer for both Tile and our peace of mind.

Siri Shortcuts go well beyond this example. Apple allows all sorts of formulas. The app can suggest coffee orders from the place you always order, and you can trigger contacts to let you know you're late.

There is also kayak-based flight information that you can retrieve by voice. By pressing the Add to Siri button, you can then say "Travel Plans" and Siri will retrieve information such as your hotel address.

Apple's IFTTT-like Siri Shortcuts App will launch along with the final iOS 12 software. However, not all shortcuts are found in the new app. Some companies, like the Tile mentioned above, will host shortcuts in their own app, so be careful.

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iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 12

7. Group FaceTime (will be started later)

  • Group FaceTime for up to 32 people with dynamic user interface
  • Can use Animoji and Memoji in FaceTime
  • Will not start on the first day with the final software

Group FaceTime comes with up to 32 participants on iOS 12, and you can switch directly from a group chat to a Group FaceTime in the News app.

To update: Apple has delayed the launch of group alerts for iOS 12. This is from release notes that suggest they will come out in the fall. For us, this sounds like a launch of iOS 12.1 – Apple Pay, Apple Cash, AirPlay 2, and other features did not bring it to LIVE on the first day in previous OS updates.

People can get on and off at any time. The UI is filled with tiles that can be expanded, and "the list" for everyone else in the Group FaceTime chat. When people start to talk, their window grows even if they are in the bottom list of participants. It works on iPhone, iPad and Mac, and you can even answer on the Apple Watch and the HomePod with only audio.

Animoji comes to FaceTime and Group FaceTime. Of course, you need to upgrade to iOS 12 and an iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or an iPhone XR to make that magic happen.

iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 13

8. Screen time – less with your iPhone

  • Reports include a weekly summary of activities for using iOS 12
  • Breakdown: app usage ranking, phone pick-up times (and which app will attract you first), and apps that will send you the most alerts
  • Set your own time limits for reminders and temporary app blocking
  • Limit child time in apps by category or by individual apps using family sharing

Apple can use the screen to limit the use of your iPhone. It calculates how much time you spend on apps, which apps you use most often, and which apps send you notifications most frequently. Screen time is not lying.

For those without self-control, Apple has created app limits. You can set your own limit by receiving a notification informing you when the time is almost up. The message "Time is up" is displayed when you have reached your self-imposed limit supported by Siri.

Parents can set boundaries for children with allowances, daytime downtime, and category controls. Educational apps and apps for important news can also be lit in green thanks to always-allowed settings.

The best part? Setting limits for your kids is done using Family Sharing, so you can manage everything remotely from your parental device – you do not have to pick up your 12-year-old's phone to run on these new iOS 12 controls ,

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iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 14

9. Do not disturb will be visible in iOS 12

  • Please do not disturb while sleeping to hide the visual display of notifications
  • It has a clean lock screen that only reminds you that DND mode is enabled

Apple has enhanced its Do Not Disturb features with a cleaner Do Not Disturb bedtime mode. This mutes not only the notification sounds, but also the visual notifications that can distract you when you try to sleep.

The lock screen remains free until you unlock your iPhone in the morning. You can allow certain apps to break, just as they do in DND mode. Apple calls these important alerts and they activate themselves.

We like the solo DND notification hanging on the lock screen. It's peaceful without distracting the visual clutter at night, and it reminds us that DND mode is on. All notched iPhones have no DND icon above, so it was always hard to spot before iOS 12.

iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 15

10. Instant tuning for ax notifications

  • Instant Tuning to silence or turn off future notifications
  • Siri can suggest which notifications should be muted due to usage

Instant Tuning is an iOS 12 feature that you'll love if you've ever received a notification from an app that you seem to have always dismissed (HQ trivia, recent news notifications, etc.), but have no time for future Notifications in to disable the many submenus of settings. With Apple, you can control individual app notification profiles directly from the lock screen without leaving what you're doing.

Deliver quiet is an option in Instant Tuning. By default, you can set notifications to be silently delivered in the background so that they are not interrupted by alerts on the lock screen. It is a nice option for in between.

Siri helps you clean up your messy lock screen with notification delivery suggestions, depending on how you interact with notifications. Siri will understand which notifications are important and which must be sent to the Notification Center. It's like the version of iOS 12 of "Clean Up Your Desktop."

iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 16

11. New & # 39; Measure & # 39; app and USDZ file format

  • New USDZ Augmented Reality file type
  • Measure App replaces your old-fashioned tape measure

& # 39; # Measure & 39; gets its own AR app. It uses the sensors of the iPhone and iPad to measure objects in front of you, including cases as shown in the first iOS 12 demo. All you need is tapping and dragging around the edges of the object on the screen.

It also automatically detects the approximate dimensions of a photo – we bought a photo frame with it when we could not find the old-fashioned tape measure. iOS 12 to the rescue.

For AR developers, Apple has created a new file type called "USDZ". The company has been working with Pixar on USDZ, and Adobe also supports this. The file format can be used for files, emails, messages and Safari. This is an important step forward for developers working on AR apps.

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iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 18

12. Apple News, Stocks, Voice Memos and CarPlay

  • Apple News: New Browse Tab and Sidebar Navigation
  • Equities: Robust chart design and integration of stock news
  • Voice memos: simpler menus, iCloud support, on the iPad (finally)
  • CarPlay: Support for third-party apps like Google News and Waze

Apps are indeed updated with iOS 12, starting with Apple News. There is a new "Browse" tab and a sidebar for better navigation. Stocks is finally being rebuilt with a helpful message design containing charts and Apple messages integrated into stocks. The top stories are business news curated by Apple News editors.

iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 19

Voice Memos is available on the iPad (and also on macOS) and is supported by iCloud, long overdue changes. Now you no longer need to make AirDrop calls between devices to listen again. With a redesigned voice memo, it's also easier to name your voice memos.

Apple Books is the new name for iBooks, allowing you to continue reading where you left off, and with a new store interface for browsing e-books and audiobooks.

CarPlay now supports third-party applications, with Waze and Google Maps displayed on the screen. Apple did not name Google's own apps by name, but they appeared on the screen. This was a big highlight of iOS 12.

13. Some NFC functions work even when the battery is flat

Apple offers a clever trick with NFC that lets you use a subway pass or student ID in the Wallet app, even if your iPhone has a dead battery.

Power-reserve Express Cards keep you out of a train station or dorm because your phone is still low-power. This is one of our biggest concerns for users who regularly rely on NFC.

Apple fixes this problem, and while there is not enough energy to give you visual feedback, you'll get a haptic response when you touch an NFC-equipped terminal with your dead iPhone. And it works like magic.

Just do not expect this new feature to work with Apple Pay. This requires facial recognition. So you need to have a powered on smartphone for this to work.

iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 20

14. Closing apps in multitasking mode is easier

In versions 12 and 13, iOS 12 fixes some annoying features we hated about iOS 11. These are the issues only known to iPhone X users in the first year.

Closing open app windows in iOS 12 is easier. All you have to do is open an open app to remove it from the multitasking menu. With iOS 11, we pressed the app until a bunch of red close icons appeared over each app. Then tap on these little red icons to close the app. That was unpleasant

15. Unintentional screenshots are rarer

Every time we picked up our iPhone X, we inadvertently pressed the volume button and the power button. This is the new keyboard shortcut to take a screenshot on the iPhone X. Apple has disabled this action when the phone screen is off. Our iOS 12 Photos app is no longer filled daily with faulty screenshots.

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iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 21

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iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 22

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iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 23

16. ARKit 2 and multiplayer games

  • ARKit 2 enables & # 39; shared experiences & # 39; in AR multiplayer mode
  • Lego, Fender, Adobe and Pixar are working with Apple on AR

iOS 12 cemented Apple as a leader in Augmented Reality (AR) with the introduction of groundbreaking multiplayer features called shared experiences in ARKit 2.

These multi-user virtual environments enable multiplayer games and experiences across iPhones and iPads. iOS 12 provides a more collaborative (and competitive) way to experience AR.

Lego unveiled a 4-player game at WWDC in June, promising that this will be the case when it comes to Apple's "creative play opportunities". The players were involved in building an AR city. It was as if the Sims had been rethought for the future.

According to Apple, ARKit 2 opens hundreds of millions of users of AR, making iOS 12 the widest AR platform in the world. We got a taste of AR last year, but multi-user virtual environments offer more advanced tools and better gameplay.

iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 24

17. Changes to the camera app

Smart DHR is reserved for iPhone XS and iPhone XR phones with A12 chip. However, IOS 12 also optimizes the standard camera app on older devices with new tricks.

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First, the portrait lighting mode (on newer iPhones with dual-lens cameras) looks more natural. The software will be able to define sharper edges by effectively separating a person from a background scene. Apple also allows third-party apps to use the software to separate foreground and background.

Second, it's the end of an era where we'll learn how to scan a QR code from your iPhone and iPad guide. The standard camera in iOS 12 allows the automatic reading of QR code.

Third, RAW photos, while not part of the camera app, can be imported and managed on an iPhone and iPad. In addition, RAW photos can be edited on an iPad Pro.

iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 25

18. Photos App is now smarter with iOS 12

  • Betters search and a new tab "For you"
  • Suggestions with whom to share photo collections
  • Share your suggestions with friends to send you photos

The Photos app expands its search capabilities to compete with Google Photos. It now detects photos by events and indexes them accordingly. According to Apple, more than four million events are considered, with the Aspen Ideas Festival being a very niche example.

This allows you to search for events without having to do a thankless manual marking. The search for events combines with other smart suggestions, including filtering for people, places, and relative dates (searching through Siri works with all of them and is very useful in our experience).

The search capabilities for iOS 12 photos have been expanded to allow you to use multiple search terms at the same time. If you're looking for "dog, beast," you should sort out all your gourmet hotdog results (this is a real problem we've just tested on Trustedreviews).

A new "For You" tab is part of the iOS 12 Photos app and includes personalized suggestions on how to improve and share your images. Sharing has become smarter so you can share in full resolution and suggest who you want to share those photos with.

Suggestions for retransmission are a nice way to send photos to friends. She uses machine learning to use to send photos she taken to you. Bonus: The iOS 12 photo-sharing features use iMessage end-to-end encryption.

19. The iPad switches to iPhone-like gestures

It is confusing to have both an iPad and a new iPhone X now, as returning to the Home screen and opening the Control Center are performed by various gestures.

The iPad takes notes from the iPhone X with the iOS 12 update: Swipe from the bottom up to return home, and check the Control Center by dragging it down from the top right corner.

This could be a prelude to the iPad Pro 2018, which is said to contain Apple's TrueDepth camera for Face ID, Animoji and Memoji.

iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 26

20. Siri translates new languages, learns motor racing results

  • Siri can now translate over 40 language pairs
  • Motorsport results, schedules and statistics
  • The knowledge about food and celebrities has been expanded
  • The password search is now part of the tasks of Siri in iOS 12

Ask Siri to translate something into Spanish. It works and with iOS 12 it becomes even more robust with over 40 language pairs to support your international travel.

So far, Siri will translate English (US) into Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Spanish. We sincerely hope Siri can translate foreign words into English. That may have to wait for iOS 13.

Siri will also learn the language of motorsport per se. When Siri asks for Formula One and NASCAR information, the live stand, schedule, roster, and statistics information are listed.

Food knowledge and celebrity facts are also part of the Siri update. If you now ask for "How healthy is fish", you will get some search results and need to open Siri. In the future, the USDA database will provide specific responses to foods, including calories, vitamins and overall food health.

According to Apple, searching for passwords is now in Siris' reach and you can search for stored passwords. This applies to both apps and websites.

21. Just in time for 911 calls in the US

IOS 12 means you do not have to worry about specifying your location when calling 911 in the United States. This will help you to determine your whereabouts for emergency calls.

Apple says that it releases its iPhone location "automatically and securely" for first responders, but only for these and only for such emergencies. It's an effort to reduce response time while maintaining your privacy.

22. Compatibility with iOS 12

  • Compatible with iPhone 5S, iPad mini 2 and iPad Air and later
  • 11 iPhones, 10 iPads, 1 iPod touch – the most comprehensive iOS update so far

iOS 12 runs on all devices with 64-bit chipset. It will work on the iPhone 5S and newer, while the iPad Air and iPad mini 2 are the oldest iPads compatible with iOS 12.

This means that this update supports 11 different iPhones, 10 different iPads and the only iPod touch of the 6th generation that is still alive. Dies ist die umfassendste Unterstützung für ein Software-Update, die Apple jemals angeboten hat. Dies ist einer der größten Vorteile, die Apple gegenüber Android-Handys bietet.

iOS 12.4.1 release date and all iOS 12 features explained 27

23. Wetter-App warnt vor ungesunder Luftqualität

Apples offizielle Wetter-App enthält neue Nachrichten, die die Luftqualität in Städten anzeigen. Hier befinden sich normalerweise die Nachrichten „Sonnig“, „Bewölkt“ und „Teilweise bewölkt“. In iOS 12 wird es an einer Stelle angezeigt, an der Sie es häufiger sehen, im Gegensatz zu einer separaten App für die Luftqualität.

Die Prognose von New York City zum Zeitpunkt des Schreibens dieses Berichts besagt beispielsweise, dass das Gebiet eine „ungesunde Luftqualität für sensible Gruppen“ aufweist. Menschen mit Asthma möchten daher möglicherweise im Haus bleiben.

Wann wurde iOS 12 gestartet?

  • 4. Juni – Entwickler-Beta gestartet (für bezahlte Apple-Entwickler)
  • 25. Juni – Öffentliche Beta für iOS 12 gestartet (kostenlos)
  • 17. September – die endgültige iOS 12-Software (noch kostenlos)

iOS 12 wird am Montag, dem 17. September, nach dem iPhone XS-Startereignis veröffentlicht, bei dem Apple den offiziellen Starttermin bekannt gibt. Sie können es jetzt herunterladen.

Tatsächlich gab es drei Phasen für den Start von iOS 12: eine für Entwickler, eine für öffentliche Betatester und eine endgültige Version, die Mitte September gestartet wurde.

Zunächst wurde die Entwickler-Beta bei WWDC gestartet und häufiger aktualisiert, aber es handelte sich um frühe Software. Sie müssen ein registrierter Apple-Entwickler sein. Die jährliche Mitgliedschaft kostet 99 US-Dollar. Es ist für Leute, die gerne mit Xcode basteln und Apps erstellen.

Zweitens wurde die öffentliche Beta für iOS 12 am 25. Juni gestartet und war völlig kostenlos. Es war weniger problematisch als die Entwickler-Beta. The disadvantage? Es war immer ein Schritt dahinter, worauf die Entwickler Zugriff haben.

Drittens, die endgültige Software, die für alle gedacht ist und am 17. September veröffentlicht wurde. Es ist nicht erforderlich, durch die Rahmen zu springen, um sich für eine Beta anzumelden. Pünktlich zum Erscheinungsdatum des iPhone XS ist iOS 12 nun in seiner endgültigen Form verfügbar.

Das ist ein Wrap für neue iOS 12-Funktionen.

Die beiden größten Highlights waren Gruppierte Benachrichtigungen und Group FaceTime mit Memoji. Natürlich ist der Start von Group FaceTime noch nicht geplant, was bedeutet, dass iOS 12.1 und mehr Updates für uns unumgänglich sind.

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