IFA 2019: 10 insane innovations from the backrooms in Berlin

Berlin's huge technology exhibition IFA was marked by the presentation of cell phones and giant televisions by the major brands, but behind the headlines are hundreds of eye-catching new ideas. Has a digital tea gone crazy? Possibly. How about a portable air purifier, a digestion tracker and a Wi-Fi hotspot with a camera? Or do you want your next child to put a cradle camera on you?

What seems strange today is normal for the next week, and many of the ideas first launched at the IFA may later become or inspire the next generation of must-have gear and gadgets. Here is our selection of the most interesting new technologies to see at IFA 2019 this year.

(Credit: Essen Marble)

1. FoodMarble AIRE Personal Digestive Tracker

Take a deep breath. Now exhale. Yes, you should not have eaten. The AIRE by FoodMarble, a pocket-sized breath tester, identifies which foods you can not digest. AIRE is the first "Personal Digestive Tracker" that targets every eighth person who consumes food that is not compatible with their digestive system. This can lead to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

"Users log food, sleep, stress, sleep, and symptoms in the app and perform regular breath tests throughout the day," said Aonghus Shortt, CEO of FoodMarble. "Each breath test measures the degree of fermentation in your gut, which indicates how well a particular food is digested. Our users come to us because they are tired of guessing which foods cause digestive problems for them. "Yuck.

FoodMarble AIRE is now available for £ 149 (approximately $ 180 / AU $ 270).

Samsung AirDresser

(Credit: Samsung)

2. Samsung AirDresser

Samsung has become a bit crazy. At the lengthy press conference, AirDresser was introduced, a "personal clothing solution" that releases powerful air jets to dust and clean clothes. This solves a problem that no one believed they had.

For those who need to "freshen up and revitalize" their clothes or are tired of spending so much time in dry-cleaning, the cabinet-shaped AirDresser dispenses "jet steam" from an opening on the floor to absorb bacteria (?) And heat Remove the pump to dry it out and remove odors. Yup. It is available in the color "Crystal Mirror" which makes it look a bit like a fridge. It is probably intended for smoggy cities in Asia, because Samsung has also devised a "wind-free" air purifier. Samsung solves the big problems?

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Aalto Explorer FIND-X 3 Underwater Drone

(Image credits: Aalto)

3. Aalto Explorer FIND-X 3 underwater drone

The ocean covers almost 70% of the earth, but 95% of it remains a mystery. Why do not we discover it … together? The Finnish company Aalto has developed the world's first underwater expedition platform, where everyone can log in and enjoy live streaming videos in real time from the bottom of the ocean via a virtual reality headset.

The vehicle that explores the depths on several expeditions will be the new Aalto Explorer FIND-X 3, a remote-controlled vehicle – yup, a drone – with a 360 ° camera and a floating 4G (and soon 5G) mobile above it, Tied over an umbilical cord. The passenger sees what FIND-X 3 sees via a web browser or a telephone. At the moment, everything is in the prototype stage.

Barisieur alarm clock for tea and coffee making

(Picture credits: Barisieur)

4. Barisieur alarm clock for tea and coffee

Are you old enough to remember the teas? Popular in the UK in the 1960s and 1970s, the automatic alarm clock for making tea and alarm clock has not been seen for decades, yet the stylish return to IFA 2019 seems inevitable.

Mind you, the barber is a far superior animal than the analog brewer of yore. Coffee and loose leaf tea are prepared with a reusable stainless steel filter, with the water heated to 94 ° C in 3.5 minutes using induction technology. It uses infrared to detect if milk is present and cools it to 3-8 ° C. The barber also has drawers for coffee, tea, sugar and spoons.

And if anyone was under the illusion that this is a new kind of tea, then it's really just a digital overhaul. The barber gives the caffeine addict the opportunity to wake up with a drinkable cup, or he can delay at five, 10 or 15 minutes after the alarm. Barisieur is available in black or white and costs £ 345 (about $ 420 / AU $ 620) and is available now.

Véritable Connect Smart Garden

(Image credits: Véritable)

5. Véritable Connect Smart Garden

In the UK and concerned about the impact of Brexit on fresh food? Probably not, but why risk risking this (ironically) France-made Véritable "Smart Garden" helping you grow your own aromatic herbs, edible flowers and baby vegetables year-round?

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Véritable Connect is completely autonomous and promises to create perfect growth conditions for the organic seeds of basil, parsley, chives and cherry tomatoes.

The device automatically provides plants with light, irrigation and nutrients, and an app notifies you when the water tank is empty (this happens every three weeks). All you have to do is reap and devour everything. Véritable Connect costs £ 245 (about $ 300 / AU $ 440).

Babeyes Baby POV Camera

(Credit: Babeyes)

6. Babeyes Babys POV Camera

What does the world – and how do we see it – look like from the perspective of a baby? Most of us have never thought of that. At least we would never have thought that we have to record for posterity. That was until Babeyes came along with the slogan "babies first memories forever".

Essentially a baby ego camera, a small camera hidden in a teddy bear badge attached to a baby. It then records every detected movement in Full HD 1080p quality. Once the content has been transferred to a computer, the software searches for faces and displays only those clips. Although it sounds like the baby, it's actually about showing the parents' recordings of themselves. Creepy stuff. It costs $ 139 (about £ 110 / $ 200).

Portable Air Purifier Airvida C1

(Image credits: Airvida)

7. Portable Air Purifier Airvida C1

If Babeyes is essentially a parenting gadget rather than a kid, it's all about the kids. The Airvida C1 is the only (obviously) portable air purifier in the world specifically designed for children aged three to ten years. It generates 2,000,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter around the face of a baby every 0.6 seconds. This is 100 times more than the "natural Waldionenkonzentration", so the manufacturer, which of course makes perfect sense.

It is designed to reduce pollen formation, allergies and allergens in the air that a baby can breathe. Is not that just for a sick child? It may seem intrusive, but weighs only 22g.

Ski goggles BONE Tech IceBRKR

(Picture credits: BONE Tech)

8. Ski goggles BONE Tech IceBRKR

It's another crazy statement. Here are some ski goggles that let you listen to music and even chat with your friends on the slopes up to a mile away without your ears.

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There are two technical parts behind the IceBrkr goggles from BONE Tech. The first is bone conduction, which eliminates the need for in-ear headphones. Instead, vibrations in your ski helmet send low-frequency sounds directly through the jawbone into the inner ear. This is something AfterShokz has been doing for several years. The advantage of this technique is that you can also hear what is going on around you. This is crucial when you are on the slopes.

The second secret is Bluetooth 5.0 MESH, which allows you to create an intercom with up to 17 other people within a mile who also have devices with the same technology. This sounds great to keep in touch, which is very difficult in large ski resorts. It is now available at Kickstarter for about 100 USD / 80 GBP / 140 AUD.

Kapsulier REVO coffee packaging machine

(Picture credits: Capsulier)

9. Capsulier REVO coffee packaging machine

Do you love good coffee, but do you hate bad coffee capsules? Coffee capsules that land in espresso machines are extremely practical and extremely wasteful. They are also committed to buying a brand of capsules, often at a high cost. So why not just do your own?

With this capsule packaging gadget, coffee capsules can be individually mixed in a few minutes, immersed in espresso machines and any kind of mixture that a coffee lover can dream of. Capsulier uses stainless steel capsules that can be used indefinitely. Expect a finished version of the REVO in mid-2020.

World Smart Belt

(Image credits: world)

10th World Smart Belt

When it comes to technique, the wrists are so passé. Sure, we've all tried and loved (and then quickly got bored) to use a Fitbit around our wrists, but then retired to using fitness apps on smartphones that just can not be reliable. So what about a comfortable house half way? Made in South Korea, the micro-USB charged world is a belt that measures the size of your waist when it expands and contracts, uses a pedometer to measure your activity – just like a Fitbit – and also takes into account how much you are eating , Then you will be informed via a telephone app about what you want to do or not.

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