How to watch Giants vs Cowboys: live stream NFL football today from anywhere

The NFL is back and this weekend the New York Giants will compete against the Dallas Cowboys at the regular season opener in 2019 at the AT & T Stadium. There is no reason to miss one of the league's longest-standing rivalries. Find out exactly how to get a live stream of Giants vs Cowboys no matter where in the world you are in this guide.

New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys – When and Where

The Giants and Cowboys open their 2019 season in a game against each other on Sunday, September 8, at the 100,000-seat AT & T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The start time is set to 15:25 local time (16:25 ET, 21:25 BST, 6.25 AEST).

This is the 117th time the Cowboys and Giants meet on the field. Like many of their games, this weekend's showdown will take place on the opening weekend of the season. The two teams have been rivals since the cowboys rose in 1960 with former Giants defensive coordinator Tom Landry as head coach of the team in the league. The Giants were once an NFL powerhouse and dominated the Cowboys in the early years of the rivalry. The cowboys, however, reversed things and maintained the lead over the giants for most of the two decades.

Last season, the Giants fought and the team finished the year 5-11, while Dallas has a 10-6 season behind them and the team hopes to survive the second round of the playoffs this year.

Cowboys fans will be pleased to hear that the All-Pro, who runs Ezekiel Elliott back, is back after completing his contract just in time for the team's game against the Giants. In the meantime, fans of Giants can rest assured that the team's starting quarterback, Eli Manning, is not retiring so soon and is back for the 2019 season.

Whether you're a Giants fan in New York, a Cowboys fan in Texas or just trying to pursue one of the best rivalries in the NFL this weekend, we'll show you exactly how you hit the Giants against Cowboys this weekend Stream does not miss a minute of action.

Watch the game Giants vs. Cowboys online from outside your country (or blackout)

Do you see this game from the US, UK, Canada or Australia? We'll explain how to track the NFL game later in the article.

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But if you're anywhere else in the world – or if you can not watch television in the US due to a reporting failure – there's still a way to stream Giants online against cowboys (and you do not even have to mess around with it being a grainy, illegal one Feed that you found at Reddit). Instead, you could use one VPN – or Virtual Private Network – to change the IP address to an address in another state or country where a stream exists. And it's not even hard to do.

We tested over 100 VPNs to agree on the best ones ExpressVPN is the undisputed champion. It's fast, secure, and compatible with many devices (including Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.). You can even try it for 30 days for free. That's why Express takes all the praise.

Sign up for ExpressVPN For 12 months you get 49% discount on the normal price and a further 3 months FREE. Great value for such excellent service.

From there you simply open the VPN app, click on "Select location" and select the appropriate location – that's easy. Select a country that displays a live NFL stream and watch as if you were in that country.

How to watch Giants vs Cowboys: live stream NFL football today from anywhere 1

How to see the Giants vs Cowboys in the US

How to watch Giants vs Cowboys: live stream NFL football today from anywhere 2

If you live in the US and have a TV, you can watch this NFL game while it airs on Fox. The network shows the game at 16:25 ET / 13:25 PT and you can also stream it on your mobile devices, Roku, Xbox, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV Fox Sports Go App,

Do not you want to pay for an expensive cable subscription just to see the NFL? Do not worry, there are now a number of different streaming services that allow you to see this game at different prices. We've listed some of our favorite NFL streaming options below to make your job easier.

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Can I watch TV with the NFL Game Pass?

Well, it's a no and yes. With the NFL Game Pass in the US, you can only see one replay of the game, but not the live action.

Interestingly enough, an International NFL Game Pass looks different, with all 256 regular season games being absolutely live. Too bad you do not have official access to it if you and the IP address of your laptop are in the US.

In other ways, cable cutters can stream NFL live online

Sling TV $ 40 per month – Sling TV splits its live NFL options to $ 25 per month (Blue Plan) and $ 25 per month (Orange Plan). Combining them gives you a $ 10 discount and access to Fox, NBC, ESPN and the NFL network.

Hulu with live TV $ 40 per month – Hulu with live TV includes CBS, Fox, NBC and ESPN, but is not shipped with NFL Network.

FuboTV $ 35 for the first month – With FuboTV you get the first month at a discounted price. Thereafter, the price rises to $ 45 per month. The service includes CBS, Fox, NBC and the NFL network, but is not delivered with ESPN.

DirecTV now $ 50 per month – DirecTV now includes CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN and for $ 5 you can add the NFL network. However, with this service you can only watch football live on local TV channels.

YouTubeTV $ 40 per month – YouTubeTV gives you access to CBS, Fox, NBC, and ESPN. Just like Hulu with live TV, there is no NFL network.

How to watch Giants vs Cowboys: live stream NFL football today from anywhere 3

How to see the Cowboys vs Giants in the UK

How to watch Giants vs Cowboys: live stream NFL football today from anywhere 4

The diehard fans of American football do not have to look any further than those of the NFL International game pass That costs £ 143.99 for every single regular season game or just 50p per game!

UK viewers can watch this game Sky sports and the network will show the Giants vs. Cowboys at both the Sky Sports Action and the Sky Sports Main Event from 9:10 pm.

If you do not just want to sign up for Sky to watch this game, you can watch it at any time Now TV with Sky Sports day ticket for £ 9.99. However, there are also weekly and monthly passes if you would like to see other sports / games.

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This weekend not in the UK? If geoblocking prevents you from tracking the NFL action, you can try it Download and install VPN as described above on the page. Then you can change your IP address in the UK and see it as if you were back home.

Canada flag

Get a free NFL live stream in Canada

How to watch Giants vs Cowboys: live stream NFL football today from anywhere 5

While TSN is the exclusive broadcast partner of the NFL in Canada. Unfortunately, the network does not show the game Giants vs. Cowboys.

Luckily the streaming service DAZN has covered you, as every Dallas Cowboys game during the preseason 2019, the regular season and the playoffs will show. With DAZN, you can watch the game online, on the go, and on your favorite streaming devices, as the service supports Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, Xbox One, and PS4. It costs $ 20 a month or $ 150 a year, but there is one FREE TEST PHASE available if you want to try it yourself to see the game on sunday.

Australia flag

Live Stream Giants vs Cowboys in Australia for FREE

How to watch Giants vs Cowboys: live stream NFL football today from anywhere 6

If you want to track the NFL season 2019-2020 in its entirety, you need to know about that International game pass, This is the obvious first option that lets you see all the regular season games for $ 274.99

You can also watch the Giants vs Cowboys on your TV Foxtel From 6.25 am AEST sends the network NFL games via ESPN. However, you need the Foxtel sports package to watch. You can also use the game on the phone with the game Foxtel go App.

Alternatively, the over-the-top service Kayo Sports shows the game. It costs between $ 25 and $ 35 per package, but new customers can avail themselves of the 14-day service FREE TEST PHASE to see the Giants vs. Cowboys.

How to watch Giants vs Cowboys: live stream NFL football today from anywhere 7

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