Hoover H-Lift 700 Review


Great cleaning results, a Lift-Out mode and an attractive price make the H-Lift 700 a great deal in every way. This model approached our dirt testing with ease, worked well on carpets and hard floors, allowing for quick testing of animal hair. Thanks to the Lift-Out mode offering great flexibility, this cylinder cleaner is transformed into a portable model ideal for cleaning stairs or difficult areas of access.


  • Great cleaning of animal hair
  • Good results on carpets and hard floors
  • Use upright, glue or lift
  • Many tools with storage on board
  • Easy to empty and clean

The inconvenients

  • Heavy on the arm
  • Turbo tool so-so

Key specifications

  • Three cleaning modes
  • H13 HEPA filtration system
  • Cleaning hard floors and carpets
  • Waste bin with a capacity of 1.5 L
  • Energy class A +
  • Lifting cylinder
  • Mini turbo nozzle
  • Long slot and extension tube

The Hoover H-Lift 700 is the industry’s first bagless, bagless vertical vacuum with three modes of use; stand, lift or glue. It has a large headboard, a powerful rotating brush bar in carpet mode and a large capacity tray that empties easily. The pipe and cable are oversized, making it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas – but it’s certainly not lightweight.

This is an impressive vacuum cleaner that produces excellent cleaning results on carpets and hard floor coverings. The different configurations make it versatile. Built-in tool storage and generous reach are winning features. It’s a bit heavy on the arm in vertical mode, and the turbo tool is not the best. However, these are minor caveats to what is otherwise a highly valuable and highly effective vacuum cleaner.

Hoover H-Lift 700 – What you need to know

  • General vacuum cleaner – Easy to use, versatile, lighter on hard floors and excellent edge cleaning
  • Carpet test – The powerful suction has given excellent results on different areas covered with carpet around the house
  • Hard soil test – A slow pass over oats gave us 99.9% recovery, which is impressive
  • Collection of animal hair – The H-Lift 700 has eliminated animal hair like a pro, attracting the fibers even deep inside the carpet
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Hoover H-Lift 700 Review 1

Hoover H-lift 700 design – A list of suitable tools and an impressive suction make it a versatile versatile device

The Hoover H-Lift 700 is not lacking in features and accessories, it is packed with tools and impressively offers three different cleaning modes. It can be used as a vertical vacuum cleaner on carpets and hard floor coverings, as a light lifting machine for cleaning stairs and as a stick cleaner. The latter was ideal to suck the mud of tight spaces as under our sofas.

The floor has a tilting and swivel neck for greater maneuverability. We found it particularly useful for vacuuming forgotten crumbs under and around furniture such as tables and chairs. A flexible hose 2.5 m long and a cable 8 m long offer great freedom of cleaning. The cable easily wraps around the main body for storage or storage if you vacuum on a small area.

Hoover H-Lift 700 Review 2

The H-Lift 700 has a fixed power level and a switchable brush bar: lit for carpets; off for hard floors and cleaning details with the hose.

The H-Lift 700 includes a decent list of tools that can all be stored on its main body. At the top of the selection is the Mini Turbo Nozzle, designed to detach and straighten rebellious animal hair from rugs and furniture. It is a basic model without any articulation in the neck, but it did wonders on the beds of our dogs. There is a 2-in-1 crevice brush and dust collector, a longer service tool for deeper crevices and an extension tube for increased reach. All tools can also be used in vertical mode or in lift mode. Great thing.

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Hoover H-Lift 700 Review 3

For the floor head, two wiper blades can be split in front of and behind the brush bar to concentrate the power of suction. This is a difficult task to install and remove, and really only serves to increase the stickiness of carpet on the carpet. They went straight back into the box.

The 1.5L capacity bin is of good size and was easily emptied by pressing the blue button, although we had to manually pull out pet hair balls stuck around the filter. H-Lift 700’s H13 HEPA filtration system is designed to trap tiny particles instead of recycling them into the air, making them an excellent choice for people with allergies. Both filters are washable, so there is no consumable cost.

Hoover H-Lift 700 Review 4

Robust and solid, the H-Lift 700 feels well made and its ready-to-use assembly is simple. It is a big vacuum cleaner, so it’s not surprising that it is rather heavy on the right arm. This is not a problem in Lift-Out cleaning mode, since the weight goes from 7 kg to 3.5 kg.

Tools and accessories come on and off easily, and it’s not a noisy cleaner, despite its 700W engine. We measured only 74 dB, which was 6 dB less than what is stated on the energy label. It’s about the same volume as light music in your living room, even if it’s not likely to make the charts.

Hoover H-Lift 700 Review 5

For the price, this Hoover offers great versatility, tools and features, as well as solid cleaning results. He cleverly picked up dirt during our tests of hard floors and carpets, leaving very little damage in a single pass. It can not quite match the complete cleaning power of the AX950UKT Shark – but its probably easier to use and much cheaper.


Hoover H-Lift 700 Review 6

Should I buy Hoover H-Lift 700?

If you are looking for a versatile vacuum cleaner with many cleaning options, a wide range of tools and the ability to remove the most difficult pet hair, the Hoover H-Lift 700 is a great option. It has had excellent cleaning results on all types of floors and has not been a problem when cleaning stairs with the Lift-Out mode.

The void is a little heavy, and the overall design could be more neat. However, its ability to perform vacuum cleaner work in hand, whether it is a vertical cylinder, a rod or a jack lift, is admirable at the price. It does not confer too much cleaning performance to competitors such as the Shark’s DuoClean Powered Lift-Away and is much cheaper, which highlights its great value.

Hoover H-Lift 700 Review
Hoover H-Lift 700 Review 7

Verdict Great cleaning results, a Lift-Out mode and an attractive price make the H-Lift 700 a great deal in every way. This model approached our dirt testi

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