Hisense A5800 (H32A5800UK) HD LED TV review


The Hisense H32A5800UK does not have the contrast to satisfy AV fans, but it is bright, colorful, clean and powerful enough to be a pretty effective set for a kitchen or porch.


  • Bright and colorful images
  • Exceptionally strong sound quality
  • Solid suite of streaming applications

The inconvenients

  • Levels of black without interest
  • Some backlight inconsistencies
  • Slow operating system

Key specifications

  • Exam price: £ 199
  • 32-inch HD-Ready TV
  • Smart features such as Netflix, Amazon, Youtube and Freeview Play
  • USB multimedia playback and recording
  • Two HDMI inputs
  • dbx-tv sound system

The Hisense A5800 (H32A5800UK) is a 32-inch TV at 199 £ offering more features than most modern small screen models.

These include a solid selection of streaming applications, a built-in “soundbar” technology and a fast response time for gaming. If a small inexpensive TV for a second room is on the wish list, could the Hisense A5800 meet these requirements?

Hisense A5800 design and build quality – the construction does not display the common fragility to the cheaper models

The Hisense A5800 is very well designed for such an affordable TV. The narrow frame is denser and heavier than the light, plasticky strains of most today’s 32-inch TVs. The inclined neck support and the metal front support bar ensure that this TV will not be easily knocked over.

Hisense A5800

The Hisense H32A5800UK looks a bit like a monitor

If I was picky, I would say that the design of the H32A5800UK is slightly similar to that of a monitor, but the nice support saves the day.

The TV comes with a surprisingly effective remote control. Again, this looks well done and enjoys convenient direct access to YouTube, Netflix, all connected media sources and the collection of applications on your TV.

Hisense A5800 features – the list is solid

The Hisense A5800 display is illuminated by an on-board LED lighting system – but, as expected for this part of the market, there is no local dimming. Its native resolution is 1366 x 768 rather than Full HD, and there is no HDR support, no more.

It does, however, have some amazing options for image flexibility, which come in the form of detailed color management tools and white balance. However, in reality, it is difficult to imagine that many users are calibrating such a TV so thoroughly.

Standard MPEG and noise reduction tools, as well as dynamic backlight and adaptive contrast control functions, are more useful.

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The H32A5800UK offers a complete set of smart features for an affordable TV. Powered by a fairly low version of Hisense’s VIDAA smart platform, applications include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Rakuten TV, Freeview Play and Deezer.

Hisense A5800

The Hisense H32A5800UK TV offers a complete set of intelligent features

As always, Freeview Play offers all catch-up services to major British broadcasters in the UK. There is also a multitude of applications in the Hisense store, but many of them are of limited interest in the UK.

The H32A5800 incorporates a PV recorder for recording (on USB storage devices) from its digital tuner and claims to use a “Natural Color Enhancer” to provide a wider color gamut than that achieved with a 32-in. inches.

In general, sound quality is ignored on small screen TVs. Not here, though. Hisense A5800’s 2 x 6 W loudspeaker configuration is optimized by “dbx-tv” soundbar technology, which uses a variety of sound processing technologies to create a richer, deeper sound with sharper highs and a wider sound stage.

Finally, the connections of the H32A5800UK are about equal for a TV 32 inches at average price. They include two HDMI, two USB ports, an Ethernet port, Wi-Fi, a composite video input and the inevitable RF tuner port.

Hisense A5800 setup – It’s a pretty simple process

The initial installation routine of Hisense A5800 is simple and useful. Its main menus of options are then a bit cramped, but nevertheless easy to follow.

Hisense A5800

Hisense H32A5800UK TV

As for the parameters to monitor, I would say that you only use the two NR options with highly compressed SD or medium quality SD, because they tend to look rather smooth and processed.

There are not really many other settings that are worth the trouble. The separate Dynamic Backlight and Adaptive Contrast control features promise to generate high levels of black, but even if they have multiple settings, they do not really make a big difference. For what it’s worth, I’d choose Low for the first and middle for the second.

Hisense A5800 performance – The operation is slow, but the image quality gives a brilliant performance

The operating system of Hisense A5800 is rather slow. Its quad-core processor clearly has trouble managing the smart engine and the operating system, resulting in frustrating breaks while you wait for the TV to catch up on your buttons. Application load times are also slow.

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The system seems stable, however; I had no crashes during the tests on the TV.

The image quality of the Hisense A5800 is random, with successes occurring with clear images and absences with dark shots.

Hisense A5800

The Hisense H32A5800UK is well-designed for such an affordable TV

The picture is incredibly bright thanks to the 32-inch SDR television standards. The images capture the screen with enough energy to resist the light levels you get in porches and kitchens, two choices commonly used today for 32-inch TVs.

The claims of the H32A5800 concerning an extended color gamut are also confirmed by the fact that the colors in the light scenes are generally rich and vibrant rather than faded and tasteless. In other words, the colors have the tonal range to follow the brightness of the screen.

The colors of the light scenes also have a natural and nuanced appearance. This is especially true with skin tones, which avoids the transparency and smoothness of the plasticky often seen in relatively affordable TV images.

Another impressive point for such an affordable TV – especially for those who do not offer Full HD resolution – is the sharpness and sharpness of the H32A5800 images in general. If the noise reduction settings are not enabled, this is.

Hisense A5800

The Hisense H32A5800UK offers a solid foundation that reduces the risk of TV rollover.

There is a slight loss of sharpness when movements occur on the screen, but this is not excessive in light of the 32-inch affordable television standards.

If you’re probably using the H32A5800 as a game screen, you’ll be happy to hear that rendering its images takes only 20ms. We’ve seen slightly lower measurements on some high-end televisions this year, but 20 ms are low enough to provide no excuse for the vast majority of your call deaths.

What could provide a greater excuse for game failure, however, is the contrast performance of the H32A5800. Or, to be more precise, it is a reproduction at the level of black.

Playing dark game sequences or movie scenes on Hisense’s latest 32-inch TV reveals a distinct gray over anything that replaces the black tones that should be present. This can leave dark images looking flat, lacking detail and generally unconvincing.

It also means that dark colors tend to be faded and less natural than bright colors.

It also does not help that dark scenes reveal a border around the image one centimeter wide, as well as a slight extra cloud of extra light in each lower corner. Such problems with dark scenes are a barrier between you and the immersion in what you are looking at. And as mentioned earlier, none of the available parameters offer meaningful solutions.

Hisense A5800

In general, the Hisense H32A5800UK displays vivid images

Of course, the problems encountered by the Hisense A5800 with dark scenes will no longer matter, if you’re looking for only a TV on which to watch mainly TV shows. This content is almost exclusively bright and colorful. If you’re looking for a movie and a game screen, the H32A5800’s uninteresting black levels will be a problem.

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Looking in a well-lit room reduces to a certain extent the impact of these problems. However, this does not mask them completely – especially the inconsistencies on the edges of the photo.

It’s also worth noting that black levels drop much further if you have to look at the screen at an angle of more than 20-25 degrees on each side. The H32A5800 clearly does not have any new wide angle LCD technologies being infiltrated Samsung and Sony High-end televisions.

Surprisingly, given the thinness of its frame and the lack of visible (front) speakers, the audio is a high note for the Hisense A5800. It produces a much fuller, more dynamic and balanced sound than the vast majority of its 32-inch peers.

Hisense A5800

The level of black drops in the corners and when you watch the TV from an angle

The voices are always clear and clear, even when there are many elements in the mix, and you have enough power and dynamic range to fill pretty big rooms without the speakers falling into distortion or unhooking.

In short, dbx-TV technology seems to be seriously intelligent and also deserves to be watched by other TVs.

Should I buy the Hisense A5800?

The Hisense A5800 is potentially a great option for the kind of occasional situations in the second room where there are many 32-inch TVs. Its brightness, its rich colors and its powerful resist well in large bright rooms.

However, it would be advisable for AV enthusiasts and more serious users who are looking for a 32-inch TV for darker environments such as bedrooms to find an extra £ 100 to £ 150 for the more contrasting Samsung UE32M5520 .

Also do not forget, especially if you are a gamer, that Sony offers a model of about £ 300, the KDL-32WE613BU, which supports HDR playback.

Hisense A5800 (H32A5800UK) HD LED TV review
Hisense A5800 (H32A5800UK) HD LED TV review 1

Verdict The Hisense H32A5800UK does not have the contrast to satisfy AV fans, but it is bright, colorful, clean and powerful enough to be a pretty effectiv

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