Headphones, speakers, and soundbars: the best audio tech we heard at IFA 2019

The IFA is always a good time to catch up on the latest developments in headphones, speakers, soundbars (and almost any other audio device you can think of), and the IFA 2019 was no exception.

We have not seen much of groundbreaking, unprecedented innovation. Instead, the trend at IFA 2019 was for small and large brands to build on existing technology and make their products as good as never before.

Well, without further ado, here's the very best audio technology we've seen at Europe's biggest tech show this year.

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The best speaker: Sonos Move

Sonos offers everything from soundbars to impressive wireless architectural speakers. So far, however, no portable Bluetooth speaker has been released.

After waiting so long, Sonos had to release something special to fill that gap in its assortment. The Sonos Move impressed us with its flexibility, ranging from mobile playback on the move to participation in an in-the-store home multi-room setup.

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Headphones, speakers, and soundbars: the best audio tech we heard at IFA 2019 1

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The best soundbar: Anker Nebula Soundbar – Fire TV Edition

Amazon is not content to be embedded in smartphones, tablets, web browsers and the smart speakers of your house, but continues its efforts on TVs and, surprisingly, on sound bars.

The Nebula Soundbar – Fire TV Edition integrates Fire TV so you can watch Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and more. It also contains the smarts from Amazon's voice assistant Alexa, so you can use your voice to navigate through your TV alone.

Soundwise, it has two built-in subwoofers, so it should sound pretty bassy, ​​while a 2: 1-channel design delivers a room-filling sound.

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The best turntable: Audio-Technica AT-LP5x

We have had only the shortest sessions with the AT-LP5x, but even at this early stage it is hard to find mistakes – there is a commitment to good material, the ability to digitize your recordings and the flexibility to add other audio components Your choice for a turntable that grows with your love of vinyl.

The lack of Bluetooth connectivity can deter those who want to avoid spoiling their speaker configuration with annoying cables, but wired connectivity is generally seen as a plus in the audiophile community, many of whom believe it has a higher audio quality. Level offers quality.

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Sony headphones

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The best headphones: Sony WI-1000XM2

Sony has an excellent reputation as a noise canceling headphones manufacturer and the brand hopes to continue its success with the new wireless neckband WI-1000XM2 earphones.

Built on the same high-end design as its predecessors, the new headphones feature an updated noise reduction processor-the same one used in our ever-popular true wireless earphones, the Sony WF-1000XM3s.

The noise cancellation is excellent, and the sound quality offered seems indeed to be very good, based on the short amount of time we spent testing it – but battery life could be better.

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Headphones, speakers, and soundbars: the best audio tech we heard at IFA 2019 2

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Special mention: Philips OLED + 984 TV

It may surprise you to find a TV in an audio summary, but the Philips OLED + 984 is uniquely equipped with the most advanced sound system ever connected to a TV.

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The OLED + 984 stands out from your average device with a protruding tubular tweeter housing nestled in a soundbar-style main driver array created in collaboration with British audio specialist Bowers & Wilkins.

This unique design means you do not need an additional soundbar, making it easier than ever to create a fantastic home theater setup in your living room.

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