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Installed in a drawer, the Gtech HyLite is a remarkably small and space-saving vacuum cleaner. Its intelligent design and telescopic handle make it a regular wireless cleaner. Where Gtech has reduced the size of the vacuum cleaner, it has also reduced its power, and our tests have often shown that the vacuum cleaner left dust, requiring several sweeps to clean it. In addition, there are no attachments to add flexibility. If you need a secondary cleaner for quick jobs – for example after cooking – then the HyLite is a good choice. For deep cleaning, however, it lacks enough power here.


  • Exceptionally easy to store
  • Innovative and attractive design
  • Simple to pick up and use

The inconvenients

  • Lack of power
  • No attachments

Key specifications

  • Price of the opinion: £ 199.99
  • Wireless vacuum cleaner
  • 67 x 268 x 128mm (head), 430-1080mm (handle)
  • Motorized floor head
  • 0.3l disposable bags
  • 20 minutes of execution

What is the HyLite Gtech?

Although wireless vacuums are much smaller than plug-in models, Gtech clearly does not think they are small enough. Now, the company has the HyLite Gtech: a cordless vacuum that can be packaged and stored in a drawer. You can use it as a hand cleaner for small jobs, but its telescopic handle intelligently converts the HyLite into a full-height vacuum when you need it.

At first glance, Gtech’s vacuum cleaner is impressive – nothing looks like the HyLite. However, once you have gone beyond the limits, you will quickly realize that lack of power makes the HyLite better as a secondary cleaner.

Gtech HyLite – What you need to know

  • General Aspiration Performance – The HyLite Gtech is small and handy, making it easy to store and use on most surfaces. The big motorized head and the lack of accessories make the cleaning of the details difficult
  • Carpet test – Most of the debris was picked up, but the cleaner took some good shots to pick up everything
  • Hard floor test – By pushing our spilled rice around, the HyLite was slightly frustrating to use on hard ground
  • Animal Hair Test – The HyLite is not designed for the recovery of pet hair: it has sucked most of the surface damage, but it has left hair clogged in the carpet fibers
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Gtech HyLite Design – Its size is the first thing you’ll notice

If nothing else, you will have a hard time not being hit by the compact footprint of Gtech HyLite. The vacuum cleaner is built into the floor head, which can be grabbed, eraser-type whiteboard, and used by hand. This part of the vacuum cleaner contains a rotating brush, designed to agitate the dirt so that the vacuum cleaner can suck it up. Gtech easily provides a small razor to cut the hair wrapping around it.

Gtech Hylite brush bar

Rotating brush bar can agitate dirt for easy pickup

There is also a telescopic handle that closes at the back, extending the vacuum cleaner to any height for cleaning the floor. As Gtech proudly claims, both sides are small enough to fit in a drawer.

In portable mode, the vacuum weighs only 1 kg. This makes it one of the lightest vacuums I’ve tested; with the handle, only 1.5 kg remains. Once you have joined the head and handled it, the narrow width of the vacuum allows you to quickly navigate around the usual household obstacles.

Gtech Hylite under the table

In full mode, the vacuum is easy to move

Fast navigation is facilitated by its movement as well as its compact size. The unique connection point between the handle and the suction head allows you to turn and reposition yourself easily.

When you go around the house, the vacuum is extremely light, but heavy enough to stay on the ground and react to the blows as you wish.

The head of the HyLite is rather high, making it difficult to access some sofas and low furniture. The lack of attachments means that there is no way to tackle this problem.

Gtech Hylite by sofa

The head high enough will not find its place under all the furniture

Gtech HyLite Performance – The HyLite often needs a few sweeps to pick up dust

The Achilles’ heel of the Gtech HyLite is a lack of power that often makes the vacuum less efficient than its competitors.


The HyLite worked quite well in our carpet test. Here, I poured flour on the floor and I walked the area with a single pass of the vacuum cleaner. With a lot of visible debris left behind, the Hylite clearly lacks the power of other wireless cleaners.

Gtech Hylite clean carpet

A single pass is often not enough to pick up all the dirt

A second shot often does the job, so the HyLite is able to pick up dirt; it’s just that you may need some sweeping with the vacuum to get everything. It’s a pity that there is no boost mode to provide the extra punch that is needed for more difficult jobs.

The test on hard ground showed that the HyLite was quite frustrating. We scattered rice on the ground and then let the vacuum pass through the middle.

About half of the rice has been picked up, the rest being simply pushed by the HyLite. Vacuuming the rest of the rice after the test was nothing short of a nightmare. The grains were constantly pushed around the ground, turning what should have been a 30-second job into a frustrating period of minutes to complete.

Gtech Hylite clean hard floors

Dirt on hard floors is often pushed

With this level of power, the Gtech HyLite is perfect as a secondary vacuum cleaner: a device that you can quickly remove to pick up a little mess – to clean it after cooking, for example.

The built-in battery is designed to last 20 minutes on a single charge. Since I had to spend several times on each area to pick up all the dirt, this load should cover two rooms. Once this is done, the battery takes 2 hours to recharge and can be charged when removed or in the body of the HyLite. This gives Gtech the opportunity to sell additional batteries to extend the operating life, although none are currently on sale.

Gtech HyLite Accessories – The simplicity of the vacuum cleaner is both a blessing and a curse

Where the Gtech HyLite gains points in size, it loses flexibility and functionality. Due to the vacuum design, there is no option for accessories; it lacks even the most common ones, like a crevice tool. This makes it difficult to access certain areas and others impossible. For example, with dirt on the edges of the room, the head is not always flexible enough to pick everything up.

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In the same way, in portable mode, the HyLite is ideal for giving the sofa cushion once, but if there is a ridge on the side of your soft furnishings, or if you want to fold on the underside, the void turns out too big to handle it more finely. detail.

Another disadvantage is that the HyLite has no way of informing you that the bag is full unless you notice a decrease in performance. Although the bags have a capacity of only 0.3 liter, Gtech indicates that the short airflow (only 1 cm from the ground) allows the vacuum cleaner to compress 1 liter of dirt per bag. The type of dirt you pick up will affect the quality of the compression. Gtech indicates that its bags (at a reasonable price of £ 12.99 for a pack of 15) should last more than a year.

Gtech Hylite removal bag

The bags are easy to replace and a 15 pack should last more than a year

Should I buy the Gtech HyLite?

Size is the main benefit of HyLite. Small enough to fit in a drawer, it’s a vacuum that you can have close by, ready to work when you need it. He does not quite have the power of his rivals, he needs some extra passages to make everything perfect during my tests. In addition, the main vacuum is not particularly flexible, it lacks the necessary accessories to clean a wide variety of surfaces. As such, the HyLite is not a unique cleaner for all jobs.

If size is not such an urgent problem, similar price vacuum cleaners, like the Dyson V6 packs a bigger punch, offering a greater number of options for dealing with hard to reach dirt. the Vax Blade 2 Max is another good choice, shipped with many accessories that make it exceptionally flexible.

Gtech HyLite Review
Gtech HyLite Review 1

Verdict Installed in a drawer, the Gtech HyLite is a remarkably small and space-saving vacuum cleaner. Its intelligent design and telescopic handle make it

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