Google wants to make sure your passwords never get hacked

Google wants to protect the users of its Chrome browser with a new security tool that monitors whether passwords have been compromised.

The company's password verification feature can compare user-set passwords with any accounts that are affected by large hacks or data breaches, and identify potential issues.

Launched for the first time this year, the tool currently works on the Google Web dashboard and on Android devices. However, it will be added to the Chrome browser later this year.


The service will be available through a stand-alone website,, which syncs details when a user links their Google Account to Chrome.

Users can then view a list of all passwords used and stored in Chrome. These are checked against Google's internal database, which contains around four billion details that have been found to be affected by past attacks and violations.

Google alerts users when their data is in the database and asks them to change their passwords as soon as possible.

Password Checkup will also be available to mobile users through the official Google Android app and is now available for download on Chrome Canary. A comprehensive version will be available shortly.

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