Google says Stadia will be ‘faster and more responsive’ than local hardware

In a recent interview, Google's chief technology officer explains that games on Stadia may run faster and be more responsive than on local hardware – such as the one used by the game. Game consoles like the Xbox One and PS4 or a gaming PC.

While this sounds a bit outlandish, Google plans to use a number of techniques to combat latency caused by link speeds.

"Ultimately, we think that in a year or two, games will run faster and more responsively in the cloud than locally," said Stadia's VP of Engineering Madj Bakar, "regardless of how powerful the local machine is."

It's also important to note that Bakar does not say Stadia will be better off the box – he notes that the service is likely to come to that point in the future after Google's team has some time to resolve any issues.

Stadia vs Xbox One and PS4

The quote above is from an interview with Alex Wiltshire of Bakar and Edge Magazine (disclosure: Edge Magazine is owned by Future PLC, the same company as Trustedreviews), in which he explained some of Stadia's technologies used to overcome latency problems.

These technologies include "negative latency," which Google uses to describe the large stream buffer, which increases server-side frame rates to compensate for the slowdown, and a consistent algorithm that predicts which keys you're likely to press next Everything to balance the latency caused by your connection.

When we had the opportunity to play with Stadia at this year's E3, we found it to be an experience largely without latency – even with nervous, responsive games like Doom Eternal.

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The demo, however, took place in the heart of Los Angeles, a major US metropolis, and not in a rural area that is probably further from Google's data centers and relies on lower-speed Internet connections. It remains to be seen how well Stadia will perform under these circumstances, but we will find out when the service goes live in November.

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