Google Pixel Watch could be coming alongside the Pixel 4

The Google Pixel Watch could come next to the Pixel 4 on the market, when Google introduces its new technology, such a knowledgeable source.

This unidentified source spoke to Nikkei Asian Review, a site that was closely scrutinized before the technology was launched. So the rumor is worth taking seriously. According to the source, there will be Pixel 4 and 4 XL, a Google Pixel 4 5G, a new notebook and a smartwatch.

While the Google Pixel Watch is not named, Google is likely to be the portable pixel clock when it comes to introducing a new smartwatch.

Rumors from 2018 indicated that Google was ready to launch its first pixel smartwatch, but it was speculated that the company had decided at the last minute not to reveal the wearable.

The Google Event will be held October 15 in New York City. There we expect the new hardware from Google. Trustedreviews will be on-site to test all new products, including the watch (if any). So check if the expected watch is up.

What's so important about Google Pixel Watch?

The Google Pixel Watch would give Google the opportunity to present its Wear OS operating system as intended for its own proprietary hardware.

The same was true of Google Pixel smartphones, many of which consider them the purest way to experience Android, since both the hardware and the software come from the same company.

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