Google Pixel 4 may launch with Live Caption feature from Android 10

It looks like we'll know about another important Google Pixel 4 feature before launching on October 15, and it's a previewed concept Android 10 in May.

According to the results of Live Captions is expected to finally debut with Google's new phone XDA developers, It can automatically create real-time subtitles for audio and video.

The Live Caption feature is similar to another Google-introduced tool: Live Transcribe. However, when Live Transcribe hears what your environment says and prints it on your phone's screen, Live Caption processes the audio from videos, podcasts, and other sources to provide you with real-time subtitles. This feature can help all hearing impaired people who are in a situation where they simply can not increase the volume.

However, Google already announced the Live Caption feature Google IO 2019 In May, the feature was not available in the live version of Android 10 yet. However, the XDA developers have managed to get the live subtitle feature to work on a Pixel 2 by installing APKs coming from a Pixel XL device called Device Personalization Services. Enable the Accessibility tool.

With the APK installed, Live Caption was able to provide text captions for sources from YouTube and Netflix to Google Podcasts and Google Photos. In the labels, the dirty word identifier may be omitted, and controls may be displayed in the volume control. The labels also appear as an overlay, which you can move by tapping and dragging or by swiping off the screen.

Given that the feature can be activated via APKs that come from Pixel 4, it is a good bet that Pixel 4 is started with the feature enabled. The new phone is expected to be available on October 15th. Whether other devices with Android 10 get the function "Live Caption" will be announced shortly.

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