Google Nest Mini: here’s everything we know about the Google Home Mini 2

Google is reportedly working on a new, bite-sized smart speaker, the Google Nest Mini, which may be the next generation of the Google Home Mini.

According to 9to5GoogleThe Google Nest Mini has better sound than its predecessor and a built-in wall mount.

If the name of the new Smart Speaker has puzzled you, let us explain it. the recent one (Re-) acquisition of the smart home device manufacturer Nest by Google in 2018, the renaming of smart smartphones from Google, starting with the awkward name Google Nest Hub max,

So far we have not met any new speakers in the Google Nest product line, and reports have not yet been confirmed by the technology giant. Still, here's what we know about the Google Nest Mini.

(Update: Google has just received FCC certification for a new "media streaming device" in the US according to My Smart Price, which shows that the Google Home mini-style speaker can be wall-mounted and connected to a wall 3.5mm speaker has jack input.)

Cut to the hunt

  • What is it? The Google Nest Hub Mini – or the second generation of the Google Home Mini.
  • When will it be published? Still TBC, but our money is for a release in October 2019.
  • How much will it cost? Probably about the same as the Google Home Mini (49 USD / 49 GBP / 79 AUD).

Google Nest Mini: Release Date

Currently, we have no official release date for the second generation Google Home Mini. However, there is a possibility that the Google Nest Mini will be released later this year (possibly in October) along with the Pixel 4 phones.

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As a rule, Google hosts this year's annual Made by Google hardware showcase. An official date will be announced.

A recent FCC certification also indicates that Google Nest Mini will be released soon, making a release date in October more likely.

Google Nest Mini: Price

Nothing is confirmed yet, but we would not expect Google Home Mini 2 to be much more expensive than its predecessor (49 USD / 49 GBP / 79 AU USD).

Even if the price increases to reflect the alleged additional features, we would be surprised if it exceeded $ 80 / £ 65 / $ 120.

Google Nest Mini: Design

As the name implies, the second generation Google Home Mini will probably have the same compact design as its predecessor.

However, a "reliable source" confirmed 9to5Google that the loudspeaker can also be wall-mounted, unlike the original Google Home Mini. It's not yet clear how this affects the design, but the variety of third-party wall mounts available online could give us a clue.

This rumor was supported by FCC certification documents, which have a hole for wall mounting on the back of the unit.

The source also said that "the plan for the updated Nest Mini contains new colors," but no exact details are yet known. However, this means that we can look forward to a departure from the pastel shades Aqua, Chalk, Charcoal and Coral, to which we have become accustomed.

The Google Nest Mini will also feature a 3.5mm audio jack that puts the new smart speaker in direct competition with the Internet Amazon Echo Dot; It remains to be seen if this jack will function as an audio input or as an external speaker output.

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Again, this was confirmed by the charts in the most recent FCC submission, suggesting that the inclusion of a 3.5mm input is likely.

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(Image credits: Google)

Google Nest Mini: Features

One of the coolest features of the Google Home Mini 2 is the integration of proximity sensors, similar to the Google Nest Hub Max and JBL Link View,

Motion sensors on smart displays are useful as they wake up the home screen when users come closer. However, the Nest Mini speculates that the proximity sensors will only be used to show the current volume level on the device.

We'd love to see Google Nest Mini get the portability its predecessor has never had. Given the small size of the Google Home Mini, the lack of portability seems to be an oversight by Google, as the mini needs to be plugged in to work.

At the moment, the Mini can not hold any charge, although some companies have developed battery stands that allow you to remove the Smart Speaker on the go. We would like to see the Google Home Mini 2 with an internal battery or for Google should bring out its own battery level.

We also want to see a better Bluetooth pairing. although it is Because it's possible to pair Google Home Mini with your smartphone or laptop via Bluetooth, it's been determined that this feature is not designed for ease of use.

We want every time you upgrade Google Home Mini to have Bluetooth pairing in the app. Finally, we imagine that many users still like to manually browse Spotify or Youtube to find their music as using the built-in Google Assistant.

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Otherwise, we expect many of the features of the original Google Home Mini to be transferred to the Nest Mini. As the Google Assistant updates and improves on a regular basis, the Smart Speaker becomes more and more intelligent over time.

Google Nest Hub Max was the first Google Nest spokesperson.

Google Nest Hub Max was the first Google Nest spokesperson.

(Image credits: Trustedreviews)

Google Nest Mini: sound quality

The main problem with the original Google Home Mini was the overwhelming audio quality. Therefore, it was not particularly suitable as a standalone speaker and more suitable as a buddy at the desk.

According to 9to5Google, the Nest Mini has improved bass, higher maximum volume and overall better sound than its predecessor.

Although we do not know the exact details, Google could do that by including some separate tweeters in the Google Nest Mini, which will make the treble clearer, make the overall sound a little bit sharper, and allow for a fuller 360-degree soundstage.

This is another area that Google needs to improve in order to make a real impact with the second-generation Google Home Mini. Although we had a 360-degree sound stage, we found that the original Mini was flat in this respect. If at least two separate tweeters were added to the speaker, the sound would feel much fuller.

This is because heights tend to be more directional than the depths in the middle, giving the impression of stereo sound.

Of course, we'll have to wait and see if our desires for Google Home Mini 2 come true – but if this is announced at the next Made by Google event, we will not have to wait long.

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