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In all respects, the GoCycle GX is a quality electric bike, relieving cycling and facilitating speeding up, distance and ascent of hills. This model retains everything that has made previous GoCycle bikes a pleasure to drive, from sleek design to flexible engine that starts when torque is enough. In addition, you get an excellent folding bike that you can quickly fold up and keep in a trunk or on public transport, offering you the best of both worlds: an excellent road bike and an excellent city bike.

Key specifications

  • Price of the review: £ 2899
  • Three speeds
  • Disc brakes
  • 40 mile range (7 hour charge time)
  • 500 W motor (limited to 250 W in the EU) with torque detection
  • Maximum speed 20 mph (15.5 mph in the EU)
  • Smartphone app

GoCycle, one of the pioneers of the electric bike, has turned to the commuter market to offer a bike easier to fold for transport on the train or metro. Although it is easier to replicate than its predecessors, the GoCycle GX retains the same quality of driving as its siblings. Fun to drive, smooth on the road and responsive power assistance, the GoCycle GX is the ultimate folding bike.

GoCycle GX – It retains the futuristic look, but folds in half for easy storage

The important thing about GoCycle’s electric bikes is that they were built from scratch to be electric, instead of just adding an electric motor to an existing frame. This gives the GoCycle GX the same futuristic look as the other models in the range. From the hidden powertrain (there is no need to dirty your gear when rubbing against an oily chain), to the rear suspension and twisting gear, the GX is designed to be electric first.

GoCycle GX transmission

Hidden transmission makes the journey clean

The only disappointment, especially considering the high price of the bike, is that you do not have fenders as standard and you have to pay extra.

Although the GoCycle GS can be folded up if you remove the wheels, the GX is designed to fold quickly, much like a Dahon or a Brompton. When the stand is lowered, the bike folds in half and the handlebars fold to sit next to the front wheel, held in place with a rubber clip. The pedals then fold to keep them away. With a little practice, you can fold or unfold in 20 seconds.

GoCycle GX folded

Folded, the bike is very small

Once folded, the seat remains upright, but you can use it as a handle to tilt the bike back to push it. You will want to do it because the bike weighs 17.8 kg. You can lug it up the stairs, but the GX is not particularly easy to transport. It is therefore better to roll it.

GoCycle GX shot

It’s heavy, but being able to ride the bike makes traveling easier.

The seat can come off and you can store it between the two halves of the folded frame if you need to reduce the bike a bit, for example to put it in a car trunk.

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GoCycle GX – With big wheels and big tires, it’s more than a city bike

GoCycle has equipped the GX with all-weather tires of 20 x 2.25 inches. These thick tires ensure a smooth ride and cycle more than just a bike to drive these last streets to the office. In fact, as much as on other models in the range, the GX is suitable for cycling wherever you want it. The suspension also helps smooth the road.

GoCycle GX Review 1

Big tires ensure a smooth ride

It’s the electric drive that makes GoCycle GX a pleasure to drive. As with the GS, the GX has the same 500 W engine with traction control, although it is limited to 250W in the EU. Although the bike is capable of driving at 10 km / h, it is limited to 15.5 mph by European regulations.

During initial setup, you need to select your location, with the smartphone app downloading the corresponding firmware on the bike. This part of the application is pretty awful: it looks like the developers have written some basic test software and forgot to put a more polite front end.

Fortunately, the configuration should only be performed once, after which you get a smarter application interface, allowing you to control the driving mode. The mode sets the time the motor goes into action using the pedal’s torque sensor.

City mode is the default mode, requiring little effort to start the engine, allowing the bike to be powered up to maximum speed. Eco mode is similar, but requires more pedal effort. Then there is an on-demand mode, where you have to press the red handlebar button to start the engine (this button works in any mode to give you a boost when you need it). Finally, a custom mode allows you to configure the bike as you wish. For most people, City mode will do the trick.

GoCycle GX boost button

The boost button activates the engine on demand

It must be said that flying GoCycle GX is incredible. With this torque sensor, the engine starts when you generate enough power to keep you going. On the flat, you accelerate quickly, stay up to the cars on the road and become fast. On the hills, you just have to pedal and the engine does the rest for you, which makes it easy to climb the steepest slopes without real effort.

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On my test route, which included some steep hills, the power of GoCycle GX allowed me to finish the route faster than a car, able to move safely in traffic jams and quickly evacuate fires.

You have the choice of three speeds that you select by turning the right handle. The transition is so smooth that you can not even feel it and move effortlessly up or down. If there is a minor complaint, it is that the top speed is not fast enough. With the engine in action, it’s easy to go up to 15.5mph, but a higher speed would allow you to push the bike more easily at faster speeds; instead, I felt I was reaching the limit of the bike.

GoCycle GX gears

The gearshift is so smooth

If the app is open when you drive, with your phone in the smartphone holder, you can see your current speed, distance, charge and equipment. In addition, you can change cycling mode on the fly. You can also use any other application on your phone, for example by opening Google Maps for instructions.

GoCycle GX smartphone

The application tells you the current status and allows you to change modes

GoCycle GX – You can get up to 40 km of support from GoCycle GX with a seven hour charge time.

The battery provides you with a range of up to 40 miles (40 miles), depending on the engine workload and the pressure on the boost button. Based on my trips, 40 km are certainly achievable, but with this type of battery, it is safe to say that with an average journey, it is necessary to load the bike once or twice.

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You can charge the battery while it is inserted in the bike, but you can also remove and recharge it separately, if you prefer or do not have bike storage.

GoCycle GX charging point

You can charge the battery in the bike or you can remove it

You get a very basic battery meter on the handlebars, with five countdown LEDs indicating the charge level. Nevertheless, it is enough to warn you when you are too low and you may need to load the bike.

GoCycle GX battery life

The battery status indicator is basic, but displays enough information to tell you when the battery is charging.

Should I buy the GoCycle GX?

At £ 2899, the GoCycle GX is an expensive purchase. It’s even more expensive than the GoCycle GS, which offers the same performance. What you pay here is the smart design, easy to fold, which becomes essential if you intend to take your bike on public transport. Alternatively, you can also save money and opt for the GS.

Aside from a few small complaints (a rather basic application and the lack of faster equipment), the GoCycle GX is an amazing achievement. With its wide and wide tires, the GX is comfortable to ride on all surfaces of the road. But it is the engine that sets it apart from the competition: it allows you to train quickly or make fun of the hills.

The ride being so good, I thought the GoCycle GX was a bike I wanted to drive everywhere, turning an adventure trip into an adventure. So, yes, this bike is expensive, but as you go on with a smile on your face, you will not regret spending money.

GoCycle GX Review
GoCycle GX Review 2

Verdict In all respects, the GoCycle GX is a quality electric bike, relieving cycling and facilitating speeding up, distance and ascent of hills. This mode

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