Get unlimited minutes, texts and 100GB data with EE’s new big data SIM only deals

When it comes to pure SIM deals, there seems to be more and more choice, more deals and more networks promising the best rates – which also makes it harder to choose the right one.

If you are looking for an affordable SIMO from a known name, EE's SIM-only offerings are currently a good choice. All plans offer data speeds up to 60 Mbps, and only EE allows you to reach the fastest 4G speeds in the UK.

With its latest SIM only rates, EE consumes all the data with an option that offers up to 100GB for one month – perfect for any heavy streamer who does not run out of data with this tariff. Or, if you're looking for something cheaper and with less data, EE also offers 20 pounds for 20 GB and unlimited SMS and calls.

If this sounds ideal to you, read on because we're introducing three EE SIM offerings that are all around the best – but two of them are only available for a limited time. Or compare them to the best EE SIM offerings available today.

These great EE SIM offers are only available

Get unlimited minutes, texts and 100GB data with EE's new big data SIM only deals 1

EE 50GB data SIMO plan | 12 months | 50 GB data | Unlimited calls and texts £ 25 per month
With this offer, you will receive more than double the above data for only 5 euros extra. Not to mention that you can keep the unlimited calls and SMS benefits. It is excellent value for money, but do not take it until you have read our favorites below …
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Get unlimited minutes, texts and 100GB data with EE's new big data SIM only deals 1

EE 100GB data SIMO plan | 12 months | 100 GB of data | Unlimited calls and texts £ 27 per month
This offer is only for SIM cards and is perfect for all the strong streamer and tech savvy people. With this offer, you get an exceptional amount of data for just £ 27, just £ 2 more per month for double the GB! For the UK's fastest 4G network, this is a pretty sweet deal. And just like the other offers, this SIM card gives you a free 6-month trial of Apple Music.
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What if I want a shorter-term SIM card?

If a whole year is too long to be bound by a contract, do not fret. We have another option for you: Smarty. It's a relatively new player, but has very cheap and short-term contracts.

The company is currently lowering its prices and offers a 30-day flexible unlimited data plan for only 18.25 GBP per month thanks to the current 25% discount. Not only is it significantly cheaper than what EE can afford, it also provides unlimited data with no obligations and no speed limits.

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