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With water leaks that are expensive to repair and damage, the Geo Waterlock system is an essential part of the kit. As with other water leak detectors, the system uses remote flood sensors to identify leaks. The Waterlock is the only way to automatically turn off the water in your water distribution network to avoid other problems. In addition to floodwater, the system can warn when the temperature reaches the freezing point and that there is a risk of burst pipes or high humidity indicating a leak, allowing you to manually close your water for total protection.


  • Quickly close the water
  • Gives you remote control of your water valve
  • Humidity and temperature sensors provide more details

The inconvenients

  • Communication errors of intermittent applications

Key specifications

  • Price of the review: £ 349.95
  • Remote controlled water valve
  • 3 x wireless water leakage sensors
  • IOS and Android app control

Water leaks can be extremely costly to repair, with the Association of British Insurers (ABI) stating that £ 1.8 million is being paid to customers every day as a result of damage caused by water damage. water. The Geo Waterlock aims to reduce the damage caused by warning you in case of a problem and automatically cutting off the water supply.

After a professional installation, Waterlock is largely an incisive system that monitors problems and resolves them before they become a real danger.

The Geo Waterlock – It requires a professional installation, but it can be finished in one hour.

The Geo Waterlock system costs £ 349.95, which gives you everything you need to monitor an average home, including three water leak sensors, the hub that connects the system to the internet and the controller. valve.

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Requiring a professional installation, included in the price, the valve controller connects right after the main shutoff valve and can control the flow of water to your property.

Geo Waterlock Valve

The valve is remotely controlled, allowing you to shut off the water from the application or, automatically, in case of water leakage

You need copper or plastic pipes, and you need to order the right kit for the size of your pipe (15 mm or 22 mm). Geo has a helpful video that gives tips for getting the right size.

Once you have downloaded the application and registered the concentrator and water valve, you receive application-controlled water from your home, which allows you to activate and deactivate the water tap. The water control takes about a minute to completely close the valve and then restart it.

In my home, the stopcock is located under the floorboards, which allows the Geo Waterlock to cut water faster and easier; it proved useful when a plumber had to repair a toilet.

Waterlock Geo Control Water

You can cut your water manually whenever you want

Soon Amazon Alexa support and Google Assistant, which will make things even easier.

You can also press the button at the front of the controller for manual control. The valve controller is powered by two AA batteries, which should last about two years before needing to be replaced.

If the controller fails or the batteries are discharged, you can bypass the valve using the supplied kit: be sure to keep it in a safe place.

Geo Waterlock – With its water sensors, the Geo Waterlock proves itself and prevents water damage

Geo Waterlock system cones with three wireless water sensors. Each is powered by two AA batteries, which should last two years, and must be paired with the system following the simple instructions provided with the application.

Geo Waterlock wireless sensor

Wireless sensors should be level on the floor and detect standing water, temperature and humidity measurements

Once added to the system, you can rename each sensor so that it makes more sense in the context of your home. For example, I have one called “dishwasher”.

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The sensors should then be placed around your house in the areas most exposed to leaks. I’ve put one under the dishwasher; one by the washing machine; and one under the boiler. Additional sensors can be purchased at £ 24.95 each, if you have other areas to cover.

Geo Waterlock sensors

You can rename your sensors to make more sense.

Each sensor can detect three things. For humidity and frost levels, you receive an in-app notification that allows you to investigate the problem or manually stop your water supply. For standing water, the system sends you a notification and automatically turns off the water.

You can select the desired notifications in the application, but you can not change the option to close the water valve.

Once the problem is detected, it takes about one minute for the valve to shut off, which significantly reduces the amount of water that can leak. Once the valve is closed, you must resolve the problem before you can reactivate the water, to avoid any damage caused by a remote user who would override the setting and open the main water valve.

Water Geo Waterlock detected

When there is standing water, your diet is cut off quickly

I found that there were some communication errors with the application. After testing the system by placing a sensor in a sink, the application indicated that the valve was offline. However, the restart of the application showed that this was not the case and that the valve was both online and had closed the water. This is a problem that Geo is experiencing and a firmware update will fix the problem. Fortunately, errors in applications do not interfere with the proper functioning of the system. They are therefore rather embarrassing at the moment.

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Note that the Waterlock system is completely automated, which is exactly what you want in such a product.

Should I buy the Geo Waterlock?

The Geo Waterlock is worth every penny. Its application is simple, but it performs brilliantly simple work: it detects problems and, in case of water stagnation, closes the main water valve to limit the damage.

Compared to the competition, as the Honeywell Lyric W1 detector or Samsung SmartThings water leak sensor Waterlock is much better because it can take action; Other products warn you of a problem, but can not do anything about it. Notifications are acceptable if you are at home, but the action of Waterlock will defend your home, even if you are on the other side of the world on vacation.

Given the prevalence of water leakage in the UK, the Geo Waterlock should be considered an essential part of the kit.

Geo Waterlock Review
Geo Waterlock Review 1

Verdict With water leaks that are expensive to repair and damage, the Geo Waterlock system is an essential part of the kit. As with other water leak detect

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