Gears 5 Review


Gears 5 is the most ambitious entry in the series so far, bringing an endless wave of revolutionary ideas that the franchise has desperately needed for years. The Coalition has finally made its mark. This is an issue that emphasizes the narrative importance, alongside brilliant and energetic mechanisms, that show that Gears 5 can happily confront other blockbusters of this generation.


  • A long, varied and ambitious campaign
  • The characters have a certain narrative depth
  • A lot of variety in gunplay and other mechanisms
  • The world is huge and full of potential

The inconvenients

  • The greatest moments of the campaign are somewhat disappointing
  • The camera still feels too insulating

Key specifications

  • Price: $ 49.94
  • Platforms: Xbox One, PC
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Release date: September 10, 2019
  • Developer: The Coalition

When the credits rolled Gears of War 4 One thing was clear: the Coalition had not done enough to change a formula that had remained virtually the same since its inception in 2006. Despite the introduction of new stellar characters and captivating narrative, it remained firmly rooted in the past – so much so that it has become an injury. His linear focus hurt his world, which clearly sought to overcome its own constraints.

It was a perfectly solid third-person shooter, but not the one that Microsoft needed to integrate this franchise into the next generation. I’m glad to say that after years of waiting, Gears 5 is that game. It is an experience that makes the series evolve in a colossal way, distorting its world and its mechanics so much that it can never look back. Taking obvious clues of those who love Unexplored and God of the war, this is probably the best release of the series so far.

This is a fantastic song for the Xbox One, which offers superb exclusivity in a completely empty year. An emotional campaign and a creative multiplayer mode combine to form the extension of a series once plunged into hyper-masculine conventions. Now, it’s something more.

Gears 5

The relationship between Kait and Del in Gears 5 is a strong narrative point, and it is clear that they have lived many things together.

Gears 5 starts right after the events of his predecessor. After discovering her mother’s fate, Kait desperately seeks to uncover the truth behind her family and understand how it might relate to The Swarm’s threat to the safety of humanity. However, you do not put on your shoes for the moment. The first act belongs to JD Fenix ​​- the young son of a military hero, who has too much faith in him.

Throughout these early stages, things go on as usual, with a clear sense of purpose. The levels are relatively narrow, flooded with walls as high as a torso, perfect for shelter, while grasshoppers are multiplying towards you in hordes poorly coordinated. He’s the shooter we’ve known for decades and it’s always incredibly fun, whether alone or with a friend. But that’s not what Gears represents.

The first part ends with some major revelations that I will not let you disturb, but that will incite the protagonist to change his character for Kait as we embark on a global journey to discover his heritage. When the hero rocks, the ambition at the heart of Gears 5 also disappears. At the beginning of the second chapter, a vehicle, a goal and a vast vast world are available to you.

It is both liberating and intimidating, a true moment of fish out of the water that seems foreign to this franchise. Where is the blanket? Why do not I shoot at anything? Why do the characters take the time to converse and disclose micro-stories that I legitimately care about? These are all polarizing questions that resolved when I took my first steps in this new vision of Gears of War. I sincerely hope that the series will continue to refine with future participations.

Gears 5

Having devastated the previous entrances, the Hammer of Dawn makes an explosive comeback in Gears 5

The Skiff, your preferred means of transportation, can be used to fly over gigantic landscapes filled with hidden collectibles and optional side missions. In Gears 5, you’ll see two places: an ice-covered lake in the middle of towering mountains and a blood-red dessert laden with black shards reacting to lightning, forming beautiful sculptures in the earth. The latter was once an ocean, but the degradation of the environment during decades of war has turned it into something much more ominous.

The optional quests in these areas are pedestrian-friendly, but wonderfully innovative in the context of Gears 5. They take you away from arson battles to find knowledge nuggets and get new essential improvements for Jack – a robotic companion that is another element transformer for the franchise. Previously, it was nothing more than a sophisticated keychain, it’s now an integral part of Kait’s growing arsenal. It is also exceptionally adorable, the band often mocking its buzzing and treble.

Jack is a force to be reckoned with, passively zapping the bad guys as you unveil a selection of different skills and abilities. My personal favorites include a possession ability that allows Kait to turn against each other, cracking a bad egg between two hordes of evil drones. It’s super satisfying, a feeling that fits much of Jack’s repertoire. They can all be upgraded with components, one of the major collectibles to discover in Gears 5.

Apart from Jack and the open-ended implementation, the shooter in Gears 5 remains largely unchanged. If it is not broken, do not fix it; The mechanical capabilities of the coalition help make this game one of the most satisfying third person shooters. Each weapon is amazing and most players quickly commit to a few favorites that they constantly trade in their inventory.

Gears 5

The segments of the open world are breathtaking, filled with quests and collectibles to discover

The sections of the open world of Gears 5 are fascinating by their unexpected presence, but end up not being compared to the behemoths that inspired them. He does not have the spiritual charm of Uncharted nor the poignant emotion of Kratos and his son in God of War. It’s far from being a lazy imitator, but it’s very clear that this is the first rodeo of the Coalition. That being said, I still adored them; they turned out to be a break with the linear acts that surround them.

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The hours spent in arctic deserts and arctic wastelands provide the characters with the space they need to develop, reflecting on their personal problems and the consequences of actions they have not yet accomplished. The Hammer of the Dawn, an emblematic weapon of the tradition of the series, is at the center of many arguments. They need it to defeat The Swarm, but a small mistake could erase entire cities from the map. Such ethical dilemmas are often mentioned, but unfortunately are not exploited in the final act of the campaign.

The scene is ready for an epic conclusion in Gears 6, with major decisions made by the player that changes the battlefield in a way that I really did not expect, both in terms of storytelling and gameplay. The Coalition wants you to participate in this story, lost in its world and invested in its characters. He does a remarkable job, even if some of the script writing leaves something to be desired. In the end, this is a strong point for the trilogy.

By putting the single-player campaign aside, Gears 5 is full of multiplayer offers, with a host of favorites and a new mode in the form of Escape. It features a group of players and you are fighting to get out of a sprawling establishment full of randomly generated enemies. Ammunition is limited, enemies are numerous and a poisonous gas slowly captures the entire area. You must work quickly to reach decontamination rooms evenly distributed on the map. Finally, you will reach an extraction point.

Gears 5

The Horde is back and better than ever thanks to Gears’ 5 focus on class skills and abilities

This mode is solid and the goal seems to be to reach the goal as quickly as possible. Given its procedural nature and the addition of new cards to come, I can see that it is a pillar of the series for the future. You also have the Horde, which is bigger and better than ever thanks to a new focus on skills and abilities, which gives each player a distinct role in endless waves of locusts, robots and other horrible villains. . I managed to reach Wave 41 during the reporting period and I will be back for the better after its release.

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Other multiplayer modes are expected, but offer a robust progression path that will undoubtedly keep players invested for the coming months. There are weapon skins, custom banners and daily rewards for you to come back for more. Micro-transactions are present and we do not know how they will be used. Hoping that they give special importance to cosmetics instead of having major effects on the gameplay. Oh, and I have to particularly congratulate the obscene number of Pride flags available in multiplayer. Marcus Fenix ​​is ​​all about trans rights.


Gears 5 is the most ambitious entry in the series to date, bringing an endless wave of revolutionary ideas that the franchise has desperately needed for years. The Coalition has finally made its mark. It’s a question that emphasizes the narrative importance, alongside a brilliant and energetic mechanics that shows that Gears of War can happily stand alongside other blockbuster movies of this generation without fear.

Although some sections still feel too linear and the elements put in place are disappointing, Kait Diaz’s journey is one in which I am well invested and I can not wait to see it continue.

Gears 5 Review
Gears 5 Review 1

Verdict Gears 5 is the most ambitious entry in the series so far, bringing an endless wave of revolutionary ideas that the franchise has desperately needed

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