Free fibre upgrades for BT Broadband users seeks to usher in the digital future

By June 2020, 700,000 existing residential and business customers of BT Broadband are to be converted to superfast broadband for a small fee from … zilch. Nada. Nothing!

This is part of the group's transformative plans to maximize the UK's digital potential and promote a "more connected and competitive UK".

This upgrade to super-fast fiber-optic broadband promises thousands of people faster and more reliable connectivity. The average speed increased from 10 MB at any location up to 50 MB. For the 10% that currently can not get a super-fast BT connection, BT states that existing technologies like 4G and 5G broadband are used to get the best possible speed.

All of this is part of BT's ambitious vision of "Beyond Limits". Philip Jansen, CEO of BT, said, "We help families and communities across the UK and companies in the UK and around the world eliminate the barriers of today to unlock tomorrow's potential."

The announced upgrade is designed to help UK connect better and overcome, for example, geographical differences. This marks an important step in this vision and the future launch of millions of even faster fibers in 2021.

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