Evapolar evaChill EV-500 Review


Designed for use on a desk or bedside table, Evapolar evaChill EV-500 Evaporator is a personal cooler for one person. Using its water tank, this model can effectively reduce the air temperature by blowing colder air than can a standalone fan. It is easy to fill and has a single control button – but beware of expensive water cartridges that need to be replaced every three to six months. Still, if you want a small cooler for your personal use, the Evapolar EvaChill EV-500 integrates well and does a good job.


  • Small
  • Energetic efficiency
  • Cools the air quickly

The inconvenients

  • Costly replacement cartridges
  • No indicator to indicate that you need a new cartridge

Key specifications

  • Exam price: $99
  • Evaporative desktop cooler
  • 172 x 170 x 170mm
  • 4 speeds
  • 800 ml (cooling for three to five hours)

When it’s very hot, your priority is to keep yourself cool, especially when you sleep or work. Although a fan can help, it only blows air at the current room temperature. An evaporative cooler, such as the Evapolar evaChill EV-500, is different because it uses a water tank and the power of evaporation to cool that supply air.

Designed for one person, evaChill is a simple and compact way to keep your cool when the temperature starts to heat up.

Evapolar evaChill EV-500 – What you need to know

  • Fan performance: Excellent short-range performance for one person, effectively reducing the air temperature with its water tank, but the minimum speed is a little useless
  • Sound performance: Strong enough to hear but not too much, you can concentrate while working at a desk
  • Use and features: Very simple operation with a single button, this fan lacks some of the more advanced features of its more expensive rivals, but it has the basics, just beware of the cost of replacing the water cartridges.
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Evapolar evaChill EV-500 is tiny but flexible

The Evapolar evaChill EV-500 is really a small box (172 x 170 x 170 mm), which occupies little space on a desk or a bedside table. New in this version, compared to the old Evapolar Personal Air Cooler, are controllable flaps on the front grill that allow you to direct the flow of air. This is convenient because you can get the air exactly where you need it.

Evapolar evaChill EV-500 hero

You can use the grill shutters to direct the air where you want it.

There is no oscillation on this model, although you can simply turn the EV-500 to where you want it to be. Just be careful not to tilt the fan, you could spill water through the 800 ml internal tank.

This tank is not removable on the evaChill. Instead, you must lift the entire unit using the lift handle and fill it under the faucet. There is even a practical spout that you can attach to stop leaks. I really prefer this method. With the personal air cooler, the tank was removable, but it was tedious to wear it and put it back in place without spilling water.

Evapolar evaChill EV-500 fills up

This model is easier to fill than its predecessor and it is more difficult to spill water

Once you lift the handle, you can access the water cartridge. Rather than using a pump to move water, evaChill uses a cartridge that draws water by capillarity. Each cartridge will last three to six months, after which you will need to replace it with a new cartridge for £ 35. Unfortunately, nothing tells you that the cartridge has expired, but you notice that the air that blows you is no longer cold.

EvaChill EV-500 Evapolar Cartridge

The cartridge sucks the water to evaporate to cool it down

Once in place, Evapolar evaChill EV-500 is controlled by the single button located at the top. One press puts the fan in minimum mode, then you can continue to press to switch to medium, high, and turbo fan modes. You can also press the button and hold it down to turn on the LED lighting.

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If you want to control the fan with the help of a smart plug you will be happy to know that he remembers the last power setting used before the power failure.

This evaChill does not have customizable lighting, night modes or temperature readings (ambient and output) from the largest personal air cooler. Aside from the temperature readings, I do not miss these settings and prefer the smaller body of the evaChill and its handle to prevent spills.

The cooling performance of Evapolar evaChill EV-500 is excellent

The Evapolar evaChill EV-500 is only a personal cooling system, designed to be used close by, so it does not work in a particular room. Starting with the speed of the fan, I measured it at 3.8 m / s 15 cm and 1.3 m / s at 1 m, which shows the speed with which the flow of air flows . From 15 cm, the fan reaches 65.8 dB, which is not so bad.

At the minimum speed, there is almost no fan movement and my anemometer did not detect any airflow. At medium speed, the air flow increases to 1.4 m / s, which is a very gentle breeze for days of low heat.

Evapolar evaChill EV-500 Controls

You must use at least one average fan speed to feel anything

The cooling performance is very good, with the cartridge sucking the water and the fan blowing it. Performance varies depending on conditions, with hot and dry being the best and the environments very wet the worst. Measuring a relative humidity of 53.7% at an ambient temperature of 28 ° C, the evapolar evaChill EV-500 evaporator managed an air flow of 23.5 ° C – a reduction of 4.5 ° C. 43.7% humidity at a temperature of 32 ° C, the ventilator fan power was 25.2 ° C, a reduction of 6.8 ° C.

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The water tank will last from three to five hours, depending on conditions. However, you can extend the operating time by about one hour by leaving the impregnation cartridge for 20 minutes and then filling the water tank.

Impressively, I measured the fan as using only 6.2 W at full power, which means that you can run it from a USB power bank, using the USB-A to USB cable -C supplied in the box.

Should I buy Evapolar evaChill EV-500?

I was impressed when I examined the Evapolar Personal Air Cooler, but the evaChill Evapolar EV-500 system is in many ways a better product. It loses the LCD screen and the customizable lights of its big brother, but compensates by being cheaper, smaller and with fins that allow you to direct where you want the air to go. This model is also easier to transport and reposition thanks to its handle.

Thanks to its excellent cooling performance, Evapolar evaChill EV-500 is a brilliant companion to your desk or bedside table. Pay attention to the costs of the replacement cartridge, as they can add up if you use the air cooler a lot.

If you are looking for a fan and want to purify it, the Dyson Pure Cool Me is an excellent choice. If you want something that can lower the air temperature, the Evapolar evaChill EV-500 is an effective and inexpensive way to do it.

Evapolar evaChill EV-500 Review
Evapolar evaChill EV-500 Review 1

Designed for use on a desk or bedside table, Evapolar evaChill EV-500 Evaporator is a personal cooler for one person. Using its water tank, this model can effectively reduce the air temperature by blowing colder air than can a standalone fan.

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