Email marketers prefer Gmail, Microsoft and Verizon as their webmail clients

New research by the cloud-based digital marketing provider Mapp has revealed that Gmail, Microsoft and Verizon are the most popular webmail clients, opening emails and newsletters both in the US and Europe.

The company analyzed over 170 million emails and campaign emails from customers around the world to create the Mapp Global Provider Report 2019, which proves that Gmail is the leading webmailer in the UK, US and Europe.

The results of the report show that the major international players also dominated the UK, with Gmail (33%), Microsoft (23%) and Verizon (18%) taking the top spots, followed by Virgin Media (6%) and BT Internet ( 5%) and Apple (4%).

In the US, things are a little different: Gmail is even more involved in the market with 50.1 percent, followed by Verizon with 22.6 percent and Microsoft with 12.4 percent. Comcast (2%), Apple (1.6%) and AT & T (1.1%) also made it into the top 6, but were by far not that popular.

Homegrown ISPs

Mapp noted that the situation in Europe is very different from that in the US or the UK, with domestic ISPs being the most popular. In Germany and France, for example, domestic suppliers, which operate mainly at national level, have significant market shares.

In Germany, 1 & 1 leads Mail & Media with GMX and WEB.DE (39.9%), followed by Gmail (15.3%) and T-Online (11.9%), while Orange (17.8%) ranked third in France behind Gmail (26.9%). ) and Microsoft (25.9%).

According to Mapp, Gmail and Microsoft have a big impact on identifying the latest inbound trends. This means that industry initiatives such as AMP for emails, Brand Message Indicators (BIMI), Domain-Based Message Authentication, and Reporting and Compliance (DMARC) are highly dependent on the extent to which large ISPs and webmailers support and promote them.

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Steve Warren, CEO of Mapp, gave further insights into the results of the report and said:

"The study shows that Gmail is a leader in the UK as well as in Europe and the US. At the same time, however, there are significant differences in the services used in some European markets. Our Provider Report underlines that international companies should not only focus on a few providers, but should also consider the specific circumstances of each country. Those who neglect this risk to a certain extent the deliverability and thus the turnover. "

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