EGO Power Multi-Tool MHSC2002E kit Review


If you have a lot of terrain where growth is varied, the EGO Power Multi Tool Kit MHSC2002E is highly recommended. This battery-powered kit can work as a grass trimmer, brush cutter, hedge trimmer and all-in-one window saw. Surprisingly, this battery powered device is as powerful as a gasoline device, but quieter and gives off fewer vapors. Whether you are a professional gardener or you just need a flexible tool for all these jobs, the EGO Power Multi Tool Kit MHSC2002E is highly recommended.


  • Superb power and running time
  • Charging time of 45 minutes
  • Duration of 1-2 hours
  • Selection of versatile tools
  • Good scope
  • Excellent build quality

The inconvenients

  • Heavy and a bit heavy
  • Pole use only

Key specifications

  • Price of the opinion: £ 729.00
  • 56V system
  • 5Ah battery
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Column saw and hedge trimmer
  • Brushcutter and strimmer
  • Border tool
  • Ultra fast charger
  • 2 + 3 years warranty

EGO Power has been advocating battery gardening tools for many years and has been a hit with commercial users. In areas such as schools, parks and everywhere where two-stroke fumes and a high noise level are frowned upon, EGO manufactures cordless tools for work-sized gasoline tools. So it’s no surprise that the complete EGO Power Multi-Tool Kit MHSC2002E is a bit of a dumb because it contains everything you need for the majority of gardening work.

The EGO 5Ah / 56Volt monster battery and its powerful brushless motor successfully deliver all the power of gasoline and excellent running times. Each of the five tools provided is robust and efficient, and the tool change is not a fault either. This is not a lightweight tool for compact gardens, however; total weight and construction mean that only intensive users need to apply

EGO Power Multi Tool – What You Need to Know

  • Loading and execution: The ultra-fast charging in 45 minutes and the powerful battery 56v / 5Ah allow a range of 60 to 120 minutes depending on the tool.
  • Pruning performance: The good range of the poles, as well as the powerful chain saw and hedge trimmer, allow an unmatched size of the wireless poles.
  • Cutting and trimming performance: The massive 38 cm hedge trimmer and brush blade give excellent results, although the length of the boom makes the operation a bit cumbersome.
  • Handling and maintenance: It’s as big and heavy as a gas machine, so it will take a powerful arm. Yet with extremely low running costs, minimal maintenance and first-rate green benchmarks compared to gasoline equivalent, the EGO Multi-Tool is another blow to fossil fuels in garden maintenance.
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Commercial power, run time and build quality, the EGO Power multi-tool delivers professional results for people with professional-sized arms

The EGO Power multi-tool is a Swiss army gardening tools knife. The MHSC2002E being tested is the fully loaded model and is far from suitable for your pocket. The basic multi-tool powerhead fits into a 56-volt brushless motor with a two-speed gearbox, a variable trigger trigger trigger, a short mast section with steel shaft drive and a handle adjustable buckle to support the other hand. . And you will need it because the battery is a monster of 5 Ah weighing more than 2 kg.

EGO Power Multi-Tool MHSC2002E kit Review 1

You can buy the powerhead and add the necessary tools, but our fully loaded kit comes with all the toys. This includes a quick-release line cutter (STA1500), a brush cutter blade (ABB1203), a hedge trimmer (HTA2000), a jigsaw (PSA1000), a lawn mower (EA0800), a battery of 5 , 0 Ah and a fast charger (CH5500E). The charger is a rugged, fan-cooled docking station with four charge level indicators. The pack of 5.0Ah goes from flat to complete in 45 minutes ultra-fast.

EGO Power Multi-Tool MHSC2002E kit Review 2

The chainsaw has a 25 cm bar and a small oil tank, while the hedge trimmer features diamond-cut, diamond-trimmed 51 cm blades with an adjustable neck to even out the top of your hedges. The brush cutter is a 35 cm tri-blade deal and the wire cutter has a 38 cm cutting diameter with a bump feed head. The ripping tool is new, but uses a 20 cm horizontal blade and a guide wheel to prevent it from digging its own trench.

EGO Power Multi-Tool MHSC2002E kit Review 3

The five tools are built on another shaft drive pole and are coupled to the read head by a spring clip clamp, secured by a lock nut. Both trees are tools that must realistically be preceded by the word “pole” because they all have an extended scope.

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It is a double-edged blade, as it offers good reach for tall branches and a large arched arc for tools at ground level, but it is not easy to get closer and closer to objects cut. It is difficult to prune low hedges and it is almost impossible to saw the logs of the sawhorse.

A big battery gives the Ego Power multi-tool a better balance for the shave on the ground

Leave one of the tools in action, ideally with the supplied shoulder strap, and the Multi-Tool gains a better balance. The big battery placed behind the main handle counterbalances the head of the tool and the long rod, making it a pretty handy unit if it is still very heavy.

EGO Power Multi-Tool MHSC2002E kit Review 4

The controls are large and include a slide switch to select one of two gearbox speeds, a thumb lock release and a variable speed release. The level of control of the speed of the trigger is limited, but it allows about three levels of approximate consumption. And the EGO is certainly not short of a good idea.

The hacksaw and hedge trimmer, in particular, are very powerful for battery tools, quickly cutting larger branches and large hedge branches that would stop smaller wireless units. When you are exhausted, you feel the momentum of all that weight, but if you have a powerful arm, the units are not heavier than the two-stroke gasoline equivalents.

EGO Power Multi-Tool MHSC2002E kit Review 5

The length of the tool with the blade and brush cutter means a shallow angle of attack and the head is well away from you if, like me, you are a little bit vertically challenged. This is not a compromise, but the shallow angle makes handling one tool or the other a little heavier than the one you might find with a shorter handle. It was not a problem with the edge tool because the wheels easily guided the head.

This EGO Power multifunction tool set is large, heavy, robust and powerful and is a tool for almost any scenario. If you do not need all the parts, or if you can use one of the other optional tools of EGO, such as a short hedge trimmer (HTA2000S), a cultivator (CTA9500) or an extension (EP7501) for even greater range, you’d better. to build your own configuration.

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EGO Power Multi-Tool MHSC2002E kit Review 6

Whichever tool you choose, the Multi-Tool delivers remarkably powerful performance and inspiring build quality. The quick charger, lasting less than an hour, allows you to get away with a single battery and the occasional lunch break for a whole day in the garden. Consider the price of the MHSC2002E kit, which is about the same as that of a professional gas trimmer, as well as the very low operating and maintenance costs, and the EGO Multi-Tool is a good deal, no matter how configuration.

EGO Power Multi-Tool MHSC2002E kit Review 7

Why buy the EGO Power Multi Tool Kit MHSC2002E?

EGO Power has delivered a versatile cordless, powerful and rugged tool, featuring all the power and versatility of a commercial grade gasoline tool. The 5 Ah battery and the powerful 56V motor give the jigsaw and hedge trimmer unmatched wireless cutting power while allowing the brushcutter blade to spin through extremely difficult meadows. The 38 cm trimmer is powerful if you improve the line provided in a diamond profile or edge cord, and the lawn trim tool is probably very useful … if you have formal edges to cut.

Running times are exceptional, ranging from one hour to two hours depending on the tool. The excellent running time is backed by one of the fastest chargers we’ve seen, able to charge the 5 Ah battery in less than 45 minutes!

We would have liked to be able to attach the tools of the hedge trimmer and the jigsaw directly to the handle for close-up work because the length of the pole limits their overall capabilities. If you’re ready to physically use the EGO Multi-Tool, it’s an extremely powerful and versatile garden gear that eliminates the problems and running costs of gasoline. Completely recommended.

EGO Power Multi-Tool MHSC2002E kit Review
EGO Power Multi-Tool MHSC2002E kit Review 8

Verdict If you have a lot of terrain where growth is varied, the EGO Power Multi Tool Kit MHSC2002E is highly recommended. This battery-powered kit can wor

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