Dualit Cafe Cino Capsule Machine Review


Compact yet feature-packed, the Dualit Cafe Cino capsule machine is more than the average pod coffee machine. It is less easy to use than some but offers a lot for the price.


  • Give hot and cold frothed milk
  • Breasts tea too
  • Compact

The inconvenients

  • Limited cutting space
  • Can be noisy
  • Compatible pods only

Key specifications

  • Price of the opinion: $237.99
  • 800 ml water tank
  • Pump at 19 bar
  • Milk frother 500ml (volume of air)
  • 250 x 180 x 370mm

Anyone who has ever tried to froth milk with milk knows how ungrateful it is. How far should the baguette go in the milk? Is this noise noise a good or bad thing? And why is it so often to disassemble it carefully to clean it properly? Fortunately, the Dualit Cafe Cino capsule machine is there to help you with a simpler system, allowing you to play the barista at the touch of a button.

With the possibility of making tea at the right temperature, it is also a machine that will suit all members of the family.

Dualit Cafe Cino Capsule Machine – What You Need to Know

  • Espresso: He infused coffee with impeccable cream with Nespresso-compatible pods and no damage
  • Foaming milk: Making hot and cold frothed milk was easy, although the cold version does not hold its foam well when poured
  • Easy cleaning: Unusually, even the drip tray, capsule basket and waste water tank are dishwasher safe, making cleaning easier.

Mixed household of tea and coffee drinkers? The Dualit Cafe Cino capsule machine is made for you

Although Café Cino is mainly coffee-based, which gives it an advantage over many other machines is its ability to make tea from its own capsules. The dedicated tea bud increases the heat of the water, which means that your cup of tea has the taste that it should have – rather than being prepared at the lower temperature required for the coffee. For tea, it also dispenses 180 ml rather than a shot the size of an espresso.

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Dualit Cafe Cino Capsule Machine Review 1

An excellent cappuccino or latte remains the main reason to buy Cino coffee. You can press the coffee button on the machine once for an espresso and twice for a lungo with Dualit or Nespresso compatible capsules. In addition, each dose can be reprogrammed. However, there is no automation when inserting the pods – you will always have to manually close a lever to hold it in place and lift it to release it – but that is for its function of foaming milk. This happens in a pot that rests on its own platform on the side and that is equipped with a steam hose and a whisk that eliminates the problem of lathering the milk at the same time. help with a wand.

Dualit Cafe Cino Capsule Machine Review 2

Three buttons control the foamer – cappuccino, café au lait and one for cold frothed milk (ideal for milkshakes). The two warm settings also have a temperature increase function if you like your very hot latte, and that’s all there is to it – no spurts and no complicated steams to cope with. Barista’s standard milk pouring techniques are optional, but with a little practice, you could make hearts and leaves in no time. After rinsing, the foam was ready to prepare the next glass. We found that each cup of coffee was exactly as it should be: rich, aromatic and with a good thick cream.

Its other useful features include an eco-friendly automatic shutdown after 10 minutes, as well as a warning light to warn you when to descale.

The Dualit Cafe Cino capsule machine guarantees almost a good cup of coffee, but its compact size can be limiting

Although its minimal proportions are a blessing for people with a small workspace or small kitchens, the Café Cino might well be binding for others. Its 800 ml tank will provide enough water for an espresso without filling but the cups of tea require a lot more. The capsule container used inside is just as small. Even if you do not need to add water, you will probably have to empty it every day.

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Those who brew in cups may also have trouble installing them under the spout. If you remove the drip tray, you get enough height, but there is still a small platform on which the mugs need to sit at an awkward angle. In addition, the vibrations of the machine forced us to hold them in place during distribution.

Dualit Cafe Cino Capsule Machine Review 3

Should I buy the Cino Dualit Cafe Capsule Machine?

Coffee Cino requires little maintenance and its compact size (it slips comfortably under wall cabinets or at the back of a worktop) means it is brilliant for small households or individual households as well as for home offices. It is more expensive than similar pod coffee machines, such as Nespresso Pixie but its built-in milk foaming feature gives it a lot more appeal, especially if there is no spare plug for a separate foamer.

The possibility of making tea is also a winning solution if you do not wish to have a kettle or a steam bath in your home office. In addition, a large selection of pods is available – Dualit alone makes 10 of its own delicious coffee capsules and five teas to keep. interesting things. If you prefer big cups, that does not bother you, but for espresso lovers and lovers of long coffees, this is proof that good things are offered in small packages.

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