Dropbox Spaces looks to declutter your desktop

At the first Work in Progress user conference, Dropbox introduced its vision for the smart workspace in addition to introducing Dropbox Spaces.

The company sees the smart workspace as a digital environment that uses all the contents of a team along with the preferred tools to help users stay in control and focus on the essentials.

Dropbox Spaces is part of the new Dropbox announced earlier this year, and the new feature is an evolution of the shared folder into a collaborative workspace for teams. Dropbox has also used its DBXi machine intelligence platform to add new functionality to its service.

Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox, said in a blog post how Dropbox Spaces is designed to eliminate clutter and distractions to help teams better focus on the task at hand:

"We build the smart workspace because we need technology that helps us to reduce the noise, rather than contributing to it. It starts with the introduction of Dropbox Spaces, which brings your most important content and tools together in one organized location, so you can stay focused and in sync with your team. "

New Dropbox desktop application

Dropbox announced at its user conference that its new desktop app, formerly available as an early-access version, is now widely available and available to users today. The new app includes several new features, including file preview, paper integration into the Dropbox file system, and the ability to search through summary descriptions.

The company even makes it easy for users to search for images by using Machine Intelligence to search for images by searching for the image content. Dropbox Professional users can use this new feature first, but it is also designed for Dropbox Business.

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Dropbox also announced a new "For You" tab on the Windows taskbar and macOS menu bar, offering users personalized suggestions for meeting attachments, meeting note templates, team activity highlights, and files and folders. Just like the company's new image search feature, the Machine Learning tab uses and becomes smarter as users interact with it.

Dropbox Business administrators also receive a number of new updates, including a better overview of teams, members, and their activities through the corporate console.

Finally, Dropbox announced a $ 5 million strategic partnership and investment in BetterCloud to provide Dropbox's teams with enhanced data protection and orchestration capabilities.

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