Don’t expect a 5G BlackBerry phone anytime soon

BlackBerry may not be the big name in the smartphone industry, but smartphones will continue to be made. However, a recent comment from a corporate director indicates that 5G will not be as fast as some other companies.

Next-generation Internet technology is now included in a variety of top-end phones, but according to PocketLint, a senior executive at TCL – the company behind the current BlackBerry mobile phones – does not intend to include 5G in a BlackBerry product.

Stefan Streit, TCL's General Marketing Manager, said in front of an audience, "It's not an entertainment device, and you can get your emails quickly. We can have a lot of fun with 5G and where we can use it – maybe in an 8K TV or a fridge … just not in a BlackBerry. "

This may seem strange, considering that BlackBerry users are often business oriented and benefit from the speed, but TCL is currently focusing mainly on midrange and below mobile phones, while 5G continues to be a flagship.

That said, TCL does not oppose the 5G technology on cell phones and confirms that it plans to produce affordable devices with the technology that will be available next year. It is expected that we will see a 5G Alcatel phone in 2020 – a brand also managed by TCL. So it's really just BlackBerry that we have to do without for the time being.

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