Did Apple just accidentally leak the macOS Catalina release date of October 4?

We have been waiting for the official start date of macOS Catalina and it seems that Apple accidentally announced this on its Danish website, with macOS Catalina apparently starting on October 4th.

The macOS Catalina website discovered by MacRumors announced that Apple Arcade will be available on October 4 in the macOS Catalina App Store.

"Exceptional Gameplay – Find it on the App Store on October 4," it said on the original site – although references to October 4 have now been removed.

This could mean that Apple noticed the slip and quickly removed it. Or it could have been a mistake and October 4th will not be the release date of macOS Catalina. However, if that's true, we'll have only one week left until the official version of macOS Catalina is released.

(Photo credits: Apple)

Release date of macOS Catalina – will it be the 4th of October?

How likely is it that the release date of macOS Catalina is October 4th? The brief appearance on an official Apple website is convincing proof.

This also fits in with the fact that Apple merely stated that the release date of macOS Catalina will be in October.

However, MacRumors notes that Apple generally releases its MacOS updates on Mondays or Tuesdays. The release of MacOS Catalina on October 4, a Friday, is therefore somewhat inappropriate.

The website suggests that macOS Catalina could be released earlier in the week, and Apple Arcade later on macOS Catalina.

Hopefully we will not take too long to find out.

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