Cyrus soundBuds Review


The first true wireless headphones from Cyrus Audio, the SoundBuds, are relatively affordable. Elsewhere, however, they do not really meet expectations with a design that could be improved and a sound that does not do justice to Cyrus. Cambridge’s Melomania 1 and Sony’s WF-1000X are just a few more alternatives and a better choice.


  • Better battery life than the claims
  • Pretty affordable
  • Its not inflated

The inconvenients

  • Medium-hard
  • Slightly unrefined design

Key specifications

  • Price: £ 79
  • Battery compartment
  • True wireless
  • Up to 4 hours of autonomy
  • Ear loop stabilizer

Cyrus SoundBuds are an affordable purchase from one of the biggest names in the hi-fi system. Responsible for bringing expensive hi-fi separators to market, these true wireless headphones stand out from the brand’s usual line of products.

However, there are signs that these ears in the ears are one of Cyrus’ first ultra-traditional purchases. The design is a bit lo-fi in the pieces, and it’s not a product as polished as the competitor Cambridge Audio Melomania 1.

You should not take the sound notes that expect the type of sound quality that makes Cyrus famous. Although the tonal balance is relatively neutral, the raw mediums will not satisfy the difficult listeners. Nevertheless, at £ 79, Cyrus evaluated these headphones at a fair price.

Cyrus Soundbuds

Cyrus SoundBuds system design and features – easy to install but simple enough in design

Most of Cyrus’ hi-fi equipment may seem quite expensive for newcomers. However, SoundBuds are relatively affordable at less than half the cost of Sennheiser True Wireless.

In return, you get a pair of headphones with a rather prosaic design. Black plastic patches, they are recognizable only Cyrus logo affixed to the back of each atrium and a silicone ear loop.

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This hooks under the cartilage in your ear to ensure shape remains stable. And, exceptionally, this loop is part of the tip itself; you can not wear the tip alone.

Cyrus Soundbuds

The silicone is at least nice and soft and I found the Cyrus SoundBuds easy to install. I wore my ears during a few races; they were comfortable throughout the race, their position being rock solid.

There are problems, however. Each SoundBuds earphone has a Clicky button on its back, but it only serves as a power button and play / pause button. In addition, it has such a resistance that you end up pushing the tip in your ears with each pressure. There is no volume control on the bud here, the type you will find on a lot of real smaller wireless headphones.

The Cyrus charger case for SoundBuds is also not the last word in stylish design. In purely practical terms, it’s great. It has a translucent black top layer so you can see the small front LEDs that indicate the level of charge. Additional LEDs at the top indicate that the listener is being loaded.

Cyrus Soundbuds

The case is also a good size, compact enough to fit in most pockets. Its 400mAh battery will last approximately three additional recharges of the headphones. You’re charging the case itself via a micro-USB cable – an obsolete standard now that most Android phones use USB-C.

Cyrus’ information about battery life varies. The box that was sent to me suggests two gloomy hours; some ads say three hours. Since neither of these two solutions is good, I submitted the soundBuds a 100 flat test to determine their performance in reality.

Cyrus Soundbuds

They lasted 4 hours and 20 minutes of music at normal listening volume, which is great for a real wireless pair. The results seemed a little too good, in fact, so I did the test again, this time in one non-stop session.

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The SoundBuds were removed from the case and charged to play at 8:11 pm. They died at 12:09. It’s 3:58 of music – a little less than the first time, but much better than Cyrus claims.

The battery of reports is terrible, though. On some phones you will see a small battery icon in your notification bar, on others you will not. I used BlueBatt to control the level and the Cyrus indicates a charge of 60% just minutes before the death of the battery.

You will hear beeps about a minute before the charge is exhausted, but that’s it.

Cyrus Soundbuds

Sound Quality Cyrus soundBuds – In terms of audio quality, these headphones do not meet expectations

The soundbuds come from a true brand of enthusiastic hi-fi. As a result, the expectations for sound quality are very high, even if they cost about 10% of the price of the average Cyrus product.

You will therefore be disappointed to learn that they do not meet these expectations, but not in all respects.

Cyrus SoundBuds have good tonal makeup. I compared them to the Sennheiser IE 40 Pro, a pair of “pro” wired earphones from one of the leading helmet makers. Side by side, the two pairs sound rather lean and clean, without the puffy bass and smoothing used to make the headphones more consumer-friendly.

Of the two pairs, the SoundBuds display less controlled bass, but these headphones are intended for more general musical listening.

Cyrus Soundbuds

There are also bigger problems with average quality. Cyrus sounds quite often induce wavering between the upper and the middle, and the intermediate details are limited and rudimentary.

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The vocals sound rather basic with these headphones. The separation and refinement of the texture is also limited, which gives an arrangement that may seem a little muffled, without the dynamics and lightness that you will often hear in more efficient headphones.

I compared the soundbuds to SoundMagic E11 40 € of headphones that seem a fair comparison – even if SoundMagic has not yet manufactured genuine wireless headphones. This pair displays much smoother mediums and a more consistent tone. If you wanted to be generous, you can say that the Cyrus approach is more ambitious. However, the high mediums on the cob mean that many will not appreciate this ambition.

Cyrus Soundbuds

Should I buy the Cyrus soundBuds?

Cyrus headphones are truly affordable wireless headphones. Although most do not consider the impulse buying market at £ 79, you can easily spend twice as much for a pretty mainstream set.

It’s a bit odd for one of the most respected brands among audio enthusiasts. Some parts of the design could easily be improved and the sound is a bit too refined to do justice to Cyrus’ name.

The original Sony WF-1000X, now available for $196.20, are a better buy for most if you can afford the extra. That said, at least the life of the Cyrus battery is better than the one announced.

Cyrus soundBuds Review
Cyrus soundBuds Review 1

Cyrus SoundBuds are an affordable purchase from one of the biggest names in the hi-fi system. Responsible for bringing expensive hi-fi separators to market, these true wireless headphones stand out from the brand's usual line of products.

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