Cross-play comes to PS4 games, just in time for Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Developers working on PS4 games were given the green light for cross-play after an internal beta to test their experiences on various console platforms, including PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Cross-play has been a thorn in the side of Sony for some time now, as gamers are increasingly gaining cross-platform experience, thanks to the compatibility of the Xbox with the PC and even the Nintendo Switch, wondering why Sony was unwilling to go along with a few exceptions, such as Rocket League and Fortnite. But the leaf seems to turn.

As we near the end of the PS4 console cycle, some might say that Crossplay came too late to make a big impact. But with high-profile, cross-platform game versions like Call of Duty's Modern Warfare and Doom Eternal, the stage could be set for a big wave of crossplay games not seen in this generation of consoles. Maybe even Apex Legends?

Hypothetically, this could mean that PS4 is also being played in previously released games, even though we asked Sony for a comment – and we'll probably see more of developers releasing new games.

Even with the PS5 on the horizon – probably with Holiday 2020 in line with Microsoft's plans for Xbox Scarlett – the next generation of consoles will provide a more open space to play together. Also not a moment too early.

Competition of the next generation

The commentary comes near the end of an interview in Wired with Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan after addressing Sony's new competitive pricing for the PlayStation Now video game streaming service.

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Ryan says PS4's current dominant position may not be enough to repeat the PS5 trick. "The success story of the established platform that wins next time is not great." My manager is to avoid complacency. "

The console war is not won by cross-play alone, but it's certainly a good thing for gamers to see it as less a community than a war.

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