CISOs believe data breach experience makes them more employable

According to a new survey by Optiv Security, more than half of CISOs believe they will be more attractive to prospective employers as a result of data breaches.

To compile the new State of the CISO report, the company surveyed 200 CISOs and senior security personnel with equivalent responsibilities from the US and the UK.

The Optiv survey found that the perception of cybersecurity by leaders and board members has changed radically. 58 percent of respondents said experiencing a data breach makes them more desirable to potential employers, which is the most surprising.

This idea is in stark contrast to the situation a few years ago when privacy breaches for CISOs were often considered punishable.

Change cybersecurity settings

The Optiv report also shows that cybersecurity attitudes are changing. 96 percent of respondents agree that executives understand cybersecurity better than five years ago.

The company also found that 67 percent of cybersecurity companies took precedence over all other business considerations as cyber attacks became more common and more severe. The cybersecurity risk has become so important that 76 percent of respondents believe that CISOs will soon be appointed CEOs.

Optiv found that a significant number of CISO's did not meet cybersecurity best practices. For example, more than half (54%) of US CISOs and 44% of UK CISOs stated that they implement their incident response plans at least once a year when industry best practices require more frequent incident incident testing and response procedures ,

Of all Optiv's surveyed CISO, 88 percent agreed it would be a good idea to have a global Cybersecurity Treaty, similar to the Geneva Convention, where countries agree to a set of principles governing their online behavior.

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