CES 2020: Everything we expect to see at the world’s biggest tech event

It is no longer after his consumer electronics show Monicker, but CES Here you can still discover the latest and greatest technology companies, be it a 5G phone, a transparent Ultra HD TV, a personal drone that you can fly around with, or something completely unexpected like one robot dog,

While this year's show will not be too different from previous trade fairs, it will focus more on travel and tourism, data analytics, and improving the customer experience. Yes, you will still see dozens of new televisions, speakers, headphones, laptops, and phones, but there are also many discussions about digital health and the marketing of personal information. Most importantly, CES offers something new and interesting to every type of technology lover, whether you're involved in business, sticking to future trends, or just interested in what's next.

Here's what you need to know about the show, including the dates for CES 2020, how to get tickets, and our predictions for some of the equipment we'll most likely see at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

When is CES 2020?

This is confusing, but if you follow the official data, CES 2020 will expire Tuesday, January 7 to Friday, January 10, 2020,

However, a few days earlier, journalists will pour into the city to report on the upcoming press conferences Sunday, January 5th at 12 o'clock PST and on until Monday and Tuesday. During this time we hear from Sony, Samsung, LG and several other electronics manufacturers, as they introduce us to their keynotes on the stage new products.

Traditionally, the biggest of these keynotes take place on Monday as LG, Samsung and Sony hold their events. However, they will hear from CES on Sunday evening when the conference starts spreading news.

How do you get tickets for CES 2020?

Registration for CES 2020 is now available on the Internet CES 2020 website, Early bird tickets are available for just $ 100 if you only want access to the show floor from 7-10 January and the keynotes. However, as of December 18, 2019, up to $ 300 will be due.

If you want more than the basic passport, you can purchase the CES 2020 Starter Conference Pass with a curated list of events on the show's biggest show for $ 700 or the Deluxe Conference Pass with more than 14 partner sessions for $ 1,400.

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Journalists, analysts, influencers and bloggers have free access to CES. However, you must register via the CES website prior to the event and provide evidence of their eligibility.

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How big is the CES and where does it take place?

CES is massive and takes over the vast majority of the Las Vegas Strip and surrounding streets. In fact, in terms of exhibition space, there are 2.75 million square meters of net exhibition space between the Las Vegas Convention Center. The sand. Mandalay Bay and The VenetianAlmost all of them are the venue of the congress and its exhibitors.

Entertaining fact: Vegas has about 160,000 hotel rooms and about 180,000 visitors per year. As expected, the hotels are filling up fast and the streets to the convention center are pretty busy this week. Luckily, the CTA (the company that organizes the show) offers a free shuttle service to almost every major hotel on the Strip from the Convention Center, and buses run to and from Sands between 9:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

Everything that is said is ready to go. The congress center itself is huge and The Sands too. Walking can easily take between an hour and two, and you can easily walk three to four miles on your pedometer.

Which companies participate in CES 2020?

Almost every major technology company will be there, except Apple. (For a complete list, see the CES 2020 website.)

Confirmed exhibitors include Amazon, Canon, Facebook, Intel, LG, Lenovo, Microsoft, MSI, Nikon, Samsung, Sony and many more.

Granted, not everyone is there to show off new products. A fair majority of businesses are there on business, while others are there to gather feedback and be present rather than making a new debut. Nevertheless, there will be hundreds of new products in almost every category this year that are celebrating their debut.

In a meeting with Trustedreviews, the CTA outlined a number of trends that would be central to this year's show. The list included transport and tourism (Delta Airlines will be the first in the history of the show this year), data analysis and privacy, digital health, the global race for 5G, the consumption of AI and of course 8K displays.

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These are fairly dense, multi-faceted themes, and although they are hugely important, they are not the kind of things you'll see on the exhibit floor. If you want harsh product news, it comes from many of the same suspects as last year, all listed below.

CES 2020: Everything we expect to see at the world’s biggest tech event 1

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AMD at CES 2020

We assume that AMD one Series of high-end GPUs Next year – maybe even as of CES 2020. In recent years, AMD has come on stage to hold a keynote address on Monday and could possibly do so again this year. Last year, AMD unveiled its first 7 nanometer GPU, the Radeon VII, at CES 2019. So, expect great things this year.

CES 2020: Everything we expect to see at the world’s biggest tech event 2

(Picture credits: LG)

LG at CES 2020

Like Samsung, LG's plans are easy to predict new series of OLED televisionsAlso, provide an updated release date for the past year rollable OLED, CES 2020 is likely to be the place where LG makes its official debut transparent OLED prototype that it was seen behind closed doors last year … although initially it will probably only be for business.

LG also uses CES for the debut new equipment line These include intelligent washing machines and dryers as well as sophisticated household appliances such as air purifiers and robotic vacuum cleaners. Last year, we've seen a home-wall system and a smart cabinet that dampens your clothes. With a mirrored door with integrated display, automatically moving hangers and a smart steam system, it was a completely different product from what we expected at a technology show.

CES is also the time when LG launches its midrange mobile phones. Last year, we saw the LG V40 ThinQ, while LG 2017 released the Stylus 3. Do not expect flagship phones at this year's event, but it's Android phone fans should expect something,

CES 2020: Everything we expect to see at the world’s biggest tech event 3

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Nvidia at CES 2020

After half a dozen leaks is the next Nvidia Shield is guaranteed to be represented at CES this year. We do not have any confirmed information yet, but we suspect the new micro console will connect to Google's upcoming game streaming service Stadia, which may provide Apple TV support.

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Last year, Nvidia unveiled its GeForce RTX Mobility graphics cards and the RTX 2080 and other gaming laptop cards at CES 2019. Will CES 2020 bring more of this? We just have to wait to find out.

CES 2020: Everything we expect to see at the world’s biggest tech event 4

(Credit: Samsung)

Samsung at CES 2020

The CES is always a big show for Samsung. It's the place where the company introduces its latest QLED TVs, concept screens and tremendous customization. Last year, the company introduced a new 219-inch TV named The wall and gave us an updated look at his Tizen operating system that included Apple TV. This year, our money is new QLED TV with zero frame – A rumor recently confirmed by a patent pending at the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

On the computer side Samsung debuted with the Notebook Flash and Notebook 9 Proand could offer updates on them this year.

Samsung has also done much more with its monitors and solid-state drive categories. So pay attention to those who are at the fair.

CES 2020: Everything we expect to see at the world’s biggest tech event 5

(Credit: Sony)

Sony at CES 2020

Sony did not have many new products to offer in the last year, but brought its new ones Master Series Z9G TV to the show and debuted his new 360 Reality Audio format, We're likely to see more of it this year, as well as some new TVs in the 950, 850, Z and A series, as well as some new 2.1 soundbars featuring Dolby Atmos.

Outside the AV area Sony will probably tease some PS5 news before his official debut and speak his gaming peripherals like that PlayStation VR, A complete debut of the new console is unlikely, especially given the difficult past that Sony consoles have with CES. However, we would not be surprised if it is mentioned at least during Sony's keynote on Monday night.

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