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With its great price and next-day installation option, smart use of BOXT by local installers and suppliers helps you quickly install a replacement boiler. With the intelligent controls installed as standard using the modulating interface, the installations are finished to allow you to achieve the best energy savings. The service is simple to use, although if you recommend a boiler more powerful than what you currently have, a quick call may be needed to confirm exactly what you need. Overall, BOXT’s service is faster, more reliable and more reliable than the competition we used before.


  • Good price
  • From the installation of the next day
  • Intelligent modulating controls equipped

The inconvenients

  • Does not work as well for complicated installations

Generally, your boiler breaks down when you need it most. Finding someone who can replace you quickly at the right price can often prove almost impossible, and that’s where BOXT comes in.

A new service, BOXT, gives you a fixed price quote for a new boiler installation, often offering overnight installations, using a network of local suppliers and installers. Best of all, installers are all smart house savvy, so they are cabling smart controls properly. Currently, the company offers a contract where you get a free Nest Learning Thermostat and Google Home Mini with each combi boiler.

BOXT – The service makes it easy to choose the boiler you need and lets you choose the date of installation

BOXT is the simplest service I used to find the right boiler. Starting with the simple wizard, you answer a few simple questions: the number of baths, showers and bedrooms you own and the location of the boiler chimney. At the end, if the installation is simple, BOXT offers a selection of boilers, each with a fixed price facility next door.

If the answers to your questions show that the installation is a little more complicated – for example, you are moving a boiler and you need the chimney to come out of the roof – you are asked to call BOXT as it can not recommend a boiler on your information.

For my home (a three-bedroom, two-bath home), prices started at £ 2440 for a Bosch Greenstar 36CDi Compact Worcester combi boiler. Using the British Gas online quote tool with the same options, the quote was £ 3245, although the online quote does not specify which boiler would be installed.

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Having a list of boilers to choose from allows you to search for reviews for each model and choose the one that suits you best. I went with the Greenstar 36CDi because it said it could be placed in a kitchen cabinet just like the current boiler.

Before making a decision, it is useful to check the type of boiler you have installed and to see its size, expressed in kW. Depending on the answers to your questions, BOXT may recommend a bigger boiler than you currently have, but you may not necessarily need it.

For example, if you do not use a spare bathroom, a smaller boiler may be enough for your needs; If you want to use multiple bathrooms and faucets simultaneously, a larger boiler will usually be preferable.

Once you’ve got your list of boilers, if you find that they are much larger than today, it’s worth giving BOXT a ring to discuss the installation.

Once you have chosen your boiler, you get a list of possible installation dates on a calendar from which to choose, from the next day’s delivery. Just go with the one you want, and you will get confirmation of who will come to you, plus how they like their coffee and even their favorite cookie.

BOXT Installer

It’s the personal touch that sets BOXT apart from the competition

BOXT – You need to perform some preinstallation checks before installation, but you can do it over the phone.

Before your boiler can be installed, BOXT may need additional information asking you to send photos of your current boiler. This ensures that engineers arrive with all the components they need. If you can not get pictures, then BOXT will call you before installation to discuss the installation.

In my case, I could describe where the current boiler was installed, where the flue went out of the house: it is a fairly simple installation with plenty of room to work. If you do not give the right information or can not send photos, this could delay the installation of your boiler.

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If you want to move your boiler to a completely different location, for example, you’d better hire a local heating engineer who can inspect the site and advise you on the best way forward.

BOXT – All facilities are scheduled for one day

On the day of installation, the BOXT engineer must arrive from 7:30, although you usually receive an SMS the previous night to tell you the time of arrival. My engineer said he would arrive at 8:30 and he was on time.

It is expected that the boiler will arrive at 9:30, which means that the engineer can start working and remove your old boiler before the new one. After dealing with many smugglers, it left me a little worried: what would happen if the new boiler did not arrive?

Fortunately, BOXT reassured me over the phone that this had never happened before and that the engineer would ensure that a new boiler would work before he left. When the engineer arrived, he told me that the boiler came from a local company that he knew well, so in the worst case, he went in person to pick it up. The boiler arrived at 9:25 anyway.

BOXT – Smart controls are installed as standard using the OpenTherm interface

From there, it is a standard installation, the old boiler being replaced by the new one. My installer was able to install the new boiler in the same cabinet as the old one, although the magnetic filter had to be placed underneath and I had to pack it myself – this is not covered by the ‘installation.

Comparison of the boiler: Old Boiler (Left) vs. New Boiler (Right) – Move the slider to compare

BOXT Review 1

The only other minor problem was the chimney requiring a cage around it, but this one was installed at the end of the installation with the intervention of the engineer to get the room and the insert it again the same day.

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One of the big differences with BOXT is that it fits and provides intelligent controls as standard, choosing to use the OpenTherm interface for modulating boilers in order to get the most out of it. optimize the use of gas. Currently, BOXT will give you a Nest Learning Thermostat for new mixed boilers, the Nest Heat Link wiring at OpenTherm interface.

BOXT Nest Learning Thermostat

A Nest Learning Thermostat is offered for free with new combination boilers

I had existing smart controls on the old boiler, the engineer asking me if I wanted to keep them or exchange them for the Nest; I went with him. BOXT ships the Nest Thermostat with the optional stand. If you want to mount the thermostat on a wall, you will have to do it yourself or see if your installer does not mind to drill the holes for you. You also get a Google Home Mini for voice control of your new heating system.

BOXT Google Home Mini

You also get a Google Home Mini

Should I use BOXT?

Compared to the last two boiler installations I had, the use of BOXT was much simpler. I knew from the start what boiler I would have when the engineer arrived and I knew that the smart controls would be properly installed without any confusion. Come on the day of installation, and everything went well.

If you need a more complicated installation or if you move your boiler elsewhere, you may find that a local installer can more easily explain the options. That said, most boilers installed are an identical exchange, replacing a used model with a new one. It’s here that BOXT excels in giving you a simple online quiz to find the model you want.

Much cheaper than its competitors, with customer service, BOXT has a TrustPilot score of 9.9 / 10 with the “worst” rating: some good reviews. Given the ease of use of BOXT and an installation with intelligent controls, the service is highly recommended.

BOXT Review
BOXT Review 2

Verdict With its great price and next-day installation option, smart use of BOXT by local installers and suppliers helps you quickly install a replacement

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