Best RAM 2019: the best memory for your PC

Do yourself a favor and invest in the best memory you can afford. If you do not, even if you have an absolute one Beast of a computerIt is still likely that you will eventually encounter a kind of slowdown.

Thanks to memory-hungry operating systems like Windows 10 or macOS Mojave Not to mention demanding applications – the best possible memory is more important to your PC than ever before. If your desktop or laptop is not running as fast as it used to, it may be time to find the best memory.

However, keep in mind that there are many things to consider before you get started and buy the first RAM stick you come across. There are many different capacities, speeds and even memory sizes. And if you are not very familiar with the PC component scene, finding the best memory for your rig can be difficult.

Luckily we are dealing too much with PC components. To help you find the best RAM that meets your needs, we've put together the best RAM kits on the market. Whether you're looking for a quick and easy upgrade that will allow you to open more Chrome tabs, or try to start it best pc gamesThis best RAM list is for you.

Best RAM: Corsair Vengeance LED

Corsair is one of the most trusted names when it comes to the best memory on the market. Above all, the Vengeance series offers something for everyone with their LED DDR4 offerings. This RAM not only gives PC developers a touch of vibrant lighting, but also has rugged heat spreaders that maximize cooling for greater overclocking and maximum performance. Corsair's Vengeance LED DDR4 series also offers CL16 latency and impressive 3,466 MHz speeds. It is therefore as fast and responsive as it is aesthetic.

Picture credits: G. Skill

Best DDR4 RAM: G. Skill Trident Z RGB

At this point, everyone knows G. Skill and his Trident Z RGB RAM series. This is one of the best RAM memory, not only because it's fast, but on every DIMM there is also a full spectrum rainbow lightbar, which allows you to customize your RGB lighting for the entire system. The Trident Z RGB DDR4 RAM has CAS latencies between 14 and 19, which is great enough, but with speeds of up to 4,266, it's almost perfect. Regardless of your aesthetics, it is difficult to argue with G. Skill TridentZ RGB for best RGB RAM.

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