Best open world games 2019: get out and explore

The plot may not have made much sense, but Hideo Kojima's latest addition to the Metal Gear series was a legend about layered mechanics of the open world, which is why we're so excited Death Stranding,

In the twin deserts of Afghanistan and Angola, Big Boss – or Venom Snake – has a number of goals to fulfill. As he wander the areas on foot, on horseback or in a selection of ground vehicles. You can arm yourself with deadly or non-lethal weapons and bring a variety of AI companions with you.

The world of Metal Gear Solid V is extremely bleak, weatherproof and heavily guarded. Uniquely, it learns from your behavior – abuse of a particular tactic, and your enemies will adapt. For example, rely too much on headshots, and they'll start wearing metal helmets.

Away from the front, you can build Mother Base by building new facilities and removing enemy soldiers, prisoners, resources, vehicles, animals, and anything else you want from the battlefield to upgrade your armory.

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