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The small and elegant Atmos pump easily attaches to most vacuum bags to suck air and compress your objects. We found that it was not as powerful as the vacuum cleaner or the competition in this job, although it compresses most elements to save space. The battery life is correct, but it is a pity that it does not come with some extra accessories or even a travel bag.


  • Decent battery life
  • Works with most vacuum bags

The inconvenients

  • Pretty slow
  • Few attachments

Key specifications

  • Exam price: $35
  • Modes of inflation and deflation
  • Attaching the ball needle and vacuum bag
  • Built-in battery

Vacuum bags are a great way to save space and are perfect for travel bars: you need a vacuum cleaner to compress them. The Atmos pump is designed to solve this problem. This portable vacuum cleaner has a rechargeable battery, so you can carry it everywhere and compress your clothes to pack them, or even use them to inflate a ball.

It’s a good idea to be able to compress vacuum bags, but the results are not as good as with a regular vacuum cleaner and it’s very slow.

The Atmos pump is tiny and has a battery for truly portable use, but it does require some extra accessories.

The Atmos pump is tiny at 91 x 39 x 30 mm. It has an internal battery, which takes a few hours to charge, and then can run for about 10 minutes. You can use the pump while charging, which you can do if you are near a USB port.

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In the box, you get two types of attachments. First, there is the decompression accessory, designed to screw into the valve of a vacuum bag. Second, you get a set of needles designed to inflate a balloon. It’s a shame that there are no bindings for standard pool inflatables or mattresses for camping.

Atmos Pump hero

The range of accessories is lacking

The inflation needles connect only to the end of the pump; the deflation valve is only engaged in the deflation port, so it is easy to determine what happens where.

The Atmos pump works with vacuum bags, but it is very slow and lags behind what a vacuum can reach

Try the Atmos Pump with a vacuum bag and a cushion with a depth of 85 mm. Using a vacuum cleaner, the bag was unzipped in less than 20 seconds, the cushion then only has a thickness of 20 mm.

With the Atmos pump, I struggled a little. The deflation attachment screwed perfectly on the bag, but by lighting the Atmos, nothing seemed to happen at first. I checked the connection twice and made sure that the pump was aspirating and I found that everything was in order.

The reason for the problem is that the Atmos is really slow. Leaving it connected to the bag, it took a little less than five minutes to suck up as much air as possible. The result has been a compressed bag, but that does not go as far as the use of a suitable vacuum cleaner, with the pillow at 35 mm. To be fair, it’s still enough to make the difference but it does not go as far as I would have liked.

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Deflation test: Before deflation (left) vs After deflation (right) – Move the cursor to compare

Atmos Pump Review 1

The battery life was correct and the pump lasted 24 minutes after a full charge – that’s enough to make five or six vacuum bags depending on my tests.

Inflating a balloon is a little better: there is less air to treat, so the Atmos usually works a little faster. Larger inflatable structures are out – both because of the low speed and the lack of attachments.

Atmos Pump Inflator Pump

You can inflate the balls easily with the Atmos pump

Should I buy the Atmos pump?

The Atmos pump is quite slow, although its battery can hold five or six bags under vacuum, which takes less than 30 minutes to be uncompressed. You can also operate the pump during its lifetime. However, its price is reasonable and will save you a bit of space in your suitcase, even if a normal sized vacuum cleaner will do its job better. I found that the similar Pacum pump did a slightly better job, though, and that it cost the same price, making this product a slightly better traveling companion.

Atmos Pump Review
Atmos Pump Review 2

Verdict The small and elegant Atmos pump easily attaches to most vacuum bags to suck air and compress your objects. We found that it was not as powerful as

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